Imprisoned Environmental Activist Forbidden From Publishing Without Permission From Government

Daniel MacGowan, charged with terrorism and now in a halfway home, has written about being placed in experimental solitary confinement


After more than seven years, the stack of dehumanizing and seemingly unconstitutional interactions between Daniel McGowan and the American prison system is now piled so high it is teetering over into a recursive mess of bleak and Kafkaesque absurdity.

Last Monday, McGowan published a piece on the Huffington Post that laid out much of his situation to date. After years in prison for his role in environmentally motivated property destruction that was prosecuted as acts of terrorism, he wrote, he was finishing up the remaining months of his sentence in a halfway house in Brooklyn.

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  1. Yeah, but David Palmer wouldn’t let that one journalist publish without Sherri’s permission during the first 24 hour period of his presidency.

  2. Gods, but I detest this kind of sh*t. I have NO patience for the kind of activist that feels entitled to damage people’s property in order to announce their moral superiority, and I strongly feel that a number of Environmentalist groups, specifically including the ELF, have stepped over the line from simple vandalism to low level terrorism. And then the State has to pull something like this. Why can’t there be a middle ground between an indulgent “Boys will be boys” attitude and acting like the KGB?

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