China Prosecuting Former Bullet Train Head for Corruption


Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown's embrace of China's infrastructure-building rush and construction boom this week just hit an embarrassing bump. China has charged that construction of its high-speed rail system was chock full of corruption, which has been a poorly kept secret.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Prosecutors say Liu Zhijun took bribes and abused his power when he served as the country's railways minister, a job he held from 2003 to 2011.

The powerful ministry run by Zhijun has faced increasing scrutiny and last month the Chinese government said it would be reorganized.

Yang Yang, a professor at the Politics and Public Management Institute at the China University of Political Science and Law, told the Associated Press that "it's not surprising to see such corruption in the railway system that was operated under a monopoly without proper regulatory monitoring."

Ah, but here in the United States we have all sorts of regulatory monitoring — monitoring that's managed by people who have stakes in the project. Oh, I guess that's a different type of corruption.

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  1. So are they going to execute him and send his family the bill for the bullet train?

    1. Damn you, Hugh, you beat me to it.

      I was going to say that California public officials should take notice, because China will execute public officials found guilty of corruption.

      Death… penalty… bitches. Looking at you, CRAs…

        1. They’re still a communist country, which, despite all its concomitant faults, means they take “The People’s Money” very seriously.

      1. Yeah, well so what? Keep in mind that China – communist or not – has an extremely collectivized culture. So bumping off a few officials for show really isn’t that big of a deal.

        The culture of corruption is so complete that whoever is set to replace him as already bribed his way to that point and will be there until he fucks up and gets caught in a way that can’t be ignored.

  2. Sounds like some crazy stuff to me dude.

  3. Whether or not China will dominate this century is an open question. Certainly they have a lot going for them, a very large population, and a very homogeneous one. They have no idiotic liberal or feminist beliefs. They have even allowed themselves to analyze the possibility of eugenics. Yet they are still a third world country, and still posses a third world culture. They still tolerate children dying on their streets. They still give support to the evil North Korean dictatorship. If they do rise, it will surely be because idiots in the so called “west” left a vacuum to fill. This will be a strnage time indeed.

    1. “They have no idiotic liberal or feminist beliefs”
      Uh, what?!

    2. . Certainly they have a lot going for them, a very large population, and a very homogeneous one. They have no idiotic liberal or feminist beliefs. They have even allowed themselves to analyze the possibility of eugenics.

      So fuck, I’m confused, this is about the Jews?

      1. WHERE did you get “the Jews” from that?

    3. …and a very homogeneous one.

      Actually, they are a very ethnically diverse population. That speak a large amount of diverse languages.

      Your argument is seriously flawed. Basically because it is not based on fact. It is based on emotions, motivated by hatred for people you are afraid of. Someday, I hope you overcome your fear.

      Until then, fuck off you collectivist piece of shit.

      1. It’s American. Showing him facts is of no relevance.

      2. Whoa… The dude became an un-Commenter.

  4. …”monitoring that’s managed by people who have stakes in the project”…
    Hey, Zhijun had stakes in the project, too.

  5. Corruption in China?

  6. I do kinda like how they deal with any official who gets them bad press. Its more respectable than the giant CYA, deny, no comment bullshit that happens here. Not that they should be envied in any way, but sometimes… I like their style.

  7. You know who else abused his power to make the trains run faster?

      1. Ah the sweet sweet taste of my own failure.

        Attempt 2:

        1. I thought they were going to make a joke about diesel being a form of vegetable oil.

      1. tips hat… after I wrote “Jerry Brown”, I sat wondering, “who was in that featherbedding story where that guy tried to prove he was better than the automated machine?” but then I said, “too far.”

        1. “Too far”? What is this phrase? I’ve never heard of it. Interesting.

          1. It’s an expression that I coined from a movie back in the 90s(?) about this kid who died and came back as a ghost. I believe the kid was played by Seth Green.

            Anywho, I never saw the movie, but I saw one scene which, as it were, probably the only good scene in the movie where his friend asks him what happened after he died.

            The Seth Green character says, “So like, we saw a bright light in the distance…”

            Other kid: Yeah, and did you walk towards it?

            Seth Green: Pff, too far!

            So I adopted that as an expression to mean anything that was too much trouble to deal with was, “Too far”.

            It’s actually caught on around the office here.

            I could research the movie, but… yeah, too far.

  8. Ah the sweet sweet taste of my own failure.



    “That is so gross.”

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