North Korea

U.S. Trying to Defuse Tensions With North Korea, Also Held Secret Meeting in March

Time to disengage?


Diplomats from the U.S. and North Korea met around the United Nations in New York City last month, just before North Korea's latest round of saber-rattling began. Foreign Policy reports

file under n for


No real progress was made during the meeting and no new offers were made by the U.S. officials present, the sources said. The U.S. side simply reiterated the administration's call for North Korea to avoid provocative actions as well as its offer for a return to diplomacy if North Korea recommitted to fulfilling its international obligations and pursuing a path of denuclearization. The North Korean side simply agreed to communicate that information back to Pyongyang.

For outside experts critical of the Obama administration's current approach to North Korea, which is based on the principle of "strategic patience," or waiting for Pyongyang to change its calculus and rejoin multilateral talks, the meeting is only the latest indication that the administration's policy is stagnant.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon canceled a trip by the head of U.S. forces in South Korea as well as a ballistic missile test the U.S. says was not related to North Korea. The Pentagon calls them "prudent measures" meant to help ease tensions on the Korean peninsula, while the UN's Ban Ki-Moon is still warning the situation could spiral out of control (unlikely despite likely incompetents on all sides). Nevertheless, nearly 30,000 U.S. troops remain in Korea. As Gene Healy wrote here earlier today, they need to come home, taking away a crutch both the South and North use to avoid reconciliation and their regional responsibilities.

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  1. Where’s Hans Brix when we need him?

    1. In the belly of a shark.

    2. You don’t remember? Kim Jong Il had him devoured by sharks.

      1. Wasn’t that a salmon?

        1. Sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads.

          Wait…I’m confused.

  2. Report: “Intelligence Says There Will Be An Attack on American Soil”

    1. “A dude said they heard that a guy they know who is like tight with his cousin who’s in the military that some serious people think there’s a consensus opinion that Shit Is Totally Going Down…”

      uhm. when ‘’ is in fact the *most* credible source an article links to, you should be digesting a few pounds of salt to go with it


      Anyway, whatever NK does or doesnt do, either way they lose.

    2. It always convinces me when a site references it’s own posts in order to prove a point.

  3. US Secretly Deploys B-1 Strategic Bombers, E-6 “Doomsday” Planes Near North Korea

    1. Can’t be much of a secret if you kow, now can it?

      1. He followed the chemtrails.

      2. Fucking Wikileaks again?

    2. What the hell is an E-6 “Doomsday” plane?

      I presume that they are referring to the EA-6 Prowler which is simply a radar jammer

      1. It’s the big command and control plane – 707 based I think.

        1. Correct. Although it’s actually called the E-6 Mercury.

          1. Ah, the Looking Glass planes, I never knew the shared the same base designation with the AWACS.

            That said I find it highly unlikely that we would send one to Korea, there is simply no strategic benefit to it, Taiwan or Japan would be a far safer bet and still have it in theatre

        2. No that is the E-3 Sentry

      2. No, I think this is what he meant.

      3. Replaced the EC-135.


  4. So, a blog post about nothing happening?

    1. There’s a Seinfeld joke somewhere there.

      1. You know what you are? You’re an anti-dentite!

  5. Diplomats from the U.S. and North Korea met around the United Nations in New York City last month, just before North Korea’s latest round of saber-rattling began

    Man, I sure am glad we don’t have a cowboy foreign policy incompetent in the White House.

  6. Meanwhile, the Pentagon canceled a trip by the head of U.S. forces in South Korea as well as a ballistic missile test the U.S. says was not related to North Korea. The Pentagon calls them “prudent measures” meant to help ease tensions on the Korean peninsula

    Wait, so they were cancelled because of North Korea?

  7. Kim must’ve seen the latest AP report.

    Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle station!
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    1. What’s next, fusion bombs delivered by transporter?

      1. No, re-purposing the main deflector dish to something something tachyon field something something.

        1. Employing some sort of phase modulator? But how do you compensate for the Uncertainty Principle?


            1. Turns out the there’s no warp drive, no aliens, no Federation. There’s just some ships tooling around the solar system with people snorting lithium.

          2. Well, you can either get Troi to read its mind or you can have Geordi make up some technobabble. Your choice. Either way, we’re resolving this plot complication within 48 minutes.

            1. Doctor Bashir: We’re genetically engineered. We do everything fast.

            2. NO!
              This is a two-parter and Wil Wheaton will be the hero.

              1. If ensign Leffler is in it I’ll be there and by there I mean in my bunk

                ** and yes I know she is a big time leftie, I’d still hit it

                1. Lefler’s Law #247: Don’t ruin it by bringing up politics.

        2. Like a balloon and–something bad happens!

      2. That’s the whole thing about Return of The Jedi that still doesn’t make any sense to me. Why the hell did they need to knock out the generator on Endor from the ground? They had giant fricking laser ships that mut’ve had some kind of bombing capabilities.

        Of course than you have no Ewok Christmas so I gues it’s back to Lucas being a greedy moron.

          1. I would pay extra for my ticket if the new Star Wars movie opens up with fireballs raining down on Endor exterminating all carbon based life.

            A LOT extra.

            1. Here’s what Disney should do:

              (1) Totally remove the prequels from sale, and officially declare them noncanon. Basically, Song of the South the whole set of films.

              (2) Do the sequels to the original films in an awesome manner, in line with the original films.

              (3) Re-release ROTJ, but CGI the Ewoks into Wookies and fix the whole mess.

              (4) Do a Knights of the Old Republic-era TV series on HBO.

              1. You could totally CGI the Ewoks into Wookies. And you could, after you exiled the originals, reshoot the prequels later.

                If they do a good job on the last three and they are big hits, you know the prequels are going to get redone. Where do you go after that? You need product. You can’t touch the middle three. That would be like rewriting the bible. But everyone hates the prequels. They are ripe for a remake.

                1. Hate to break it to you but George Lucas edited the fuck out of the Bible.

                  1. He edited it, but he didn’t remake it. They would never flat out remake the originals. But they could the prequels.

                    1. That would be like rewriting Atlas Shrugged. What’s the point?

                    2. I dunno, why don’t you ask Hillary.

        1. a wizard did it.

        2. They actually answered this one. The energy shield that was generated encompassed both the death star AND the shield generator and was more powerful than anything their ships could penetrate

          1. Why not just wave a hand and let the Force do the work? In fact, why not just Force plunge the Death Star into a sun?

            1. Seriously? Luke couldn’t pull his X-Wing out of a swamp what makes you think he could push the Death Star?

              1. There was Yoda. He could’ve done it, right? Size matters not. But no, fuck Alderaan.

                1. Come on, think about it logically. Even Darth Vader couldn’t force push all the tiny rebel ships that were attacking the original Death Star. Luke was the only one there and hadn’t learned to harness his power yet and Yoda was on the other side of the galaxy.

                  For the second Death Star, Yoda was dead and while Luke was more powerful, both Darth Vader and the Emperor were there to stop him.

                  Get with it man, use your head.

                  1. The Force is so much bullshit, dude. You need to get over your hokey religion.

                2. You don’t need to Force-shove the whole thing into the sun; just the switches that navigate the thing. The Force was just as powerful as it needed to be for the plot to work.

                  I love your 4 part plan for what Disney should do with the franchise, ProL.

                  1. How much sex and violence is too much violence? Let’s find out.

                    1. Sorry, too much sex and violence.

                    2. Aren’t they the same thing?

                      *looks around nervously*

              2. And yet there was that game, The Force Unleashed, which is supposedly official SW canon, where the protagonist pulls a fucking Star Destroyer out of orbit. The Force is just a huge McGuffin that is as powerful or as limited as the plot needs it to be.

                1. I played that game and did, in fact, pull a Star Destroyer out of orbit.

  8. Have they tried giving Kim signed copies of Obama’s books?

  9. A message to North Korea =

    “Are you going to bark all day little doggy…?”

    1. I don’t see Kerry as Vic Vega.

  10. “taking away a crutch both the South and North use to avoid reconciliation and their regional responsibilities.”

    Regional responsibilities….WTF? So, the minute the last hated Yankee Imperialst Running Dog boards the C-5 for home, the Norks will have to face up to the fact they need to pick up on their regional responsibilities? Do they have the dish washing and laundry this month, or is it pay the electric bill and make sure they walk the dog?

    Ed, what on Earth are you trying to say here?

  11. Why would NK tell its foreign diplomats to evacuate, thus removing all human shields for an attack on Pyongyang?

    1. That is actually a very good point Tony.

      1. (marks calendar…..checks apocalypse supplies and ammo)

      2. Are you retarded? Since fucking when do tyrants care about anybody, much less thier own people?

        1. Since when do tyrants not care about their capital cities?

          1. I can think of at least one that didn’t. Let’s see if you can guess, moron.

        2. If they don’t care, then why would they bother to evacuate anything? That is the point. They wouldn’t. The fact that they did tells you it is a stunt and they have no intentions of attacking.

        3. At the very least they probably care about themselves and have at least some instinct for self preservation.

    2. Because the US is just full of homeless gays eating birds and snow and can’t possibly win. Also, clearing out spies.

      1. You know why all the birds are gone? It was a fucking commons. If only we had privatized the aviaries, we could still be feasting on starlings and snow-coffee.

        Back to waiting for the delicious provisions from the generous and bountiful PRNK.

      2. It’s tuesday bitches, I got my birds. HA!

      3. That was one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a long time. I’m still waiting for my heroin though.

  12. It is currently 5:09 am Wednesday morning in Seoul. If you are going to launch an attack, five am is the time you do it. So since no attack is happening, it looks like Wednesday is not that day.

    1. That’s a useful flowchart.

      Is it after 5AM? – No – Check again.
      Are we under attack? – No – We’re not being attacked today.
      We’re being attacked today.

      1. That preserved more of the formatting than I expected, to be honest.

      2. That is better than 50% of our senior executives could come up with…

        1. That is good staff work.

    2. Tomorrow’s the New Moon, which is when I thought was the traditional time the U.S. decides to light people up.

      Or the Chinese, now that I think about it, since they have lots of night vision goodies too.

      1. New Moon about thirty minutes before dawn is kind of the traditional time to attack. It is the darkest and people are the most tired right before dawn.

        1. So tune in tomorrow; same bat-time, same bat-channel.

          I don’t think anything’s going to happen—on purpose, anyway—but I wonder if one of the two Aegis destroyers on either side of NK will try and snuff the upcoming NK rocket test? Which will take a pretty similar path that it would if it were going to nuke something in Japan…

          1. We have been waiting almost 70 years for the crazy fuckers to finally blow a gasket. I doubt it will happen tomorrow

  13. Does Kim Jong Un just walk around all day having people explain shit to him? I swear every picture of the guy depicts him mouth breathing while some uniformed official has his hand extended to draw attention to a catering tray of onion rings, or a jungle gym, or firearm, or whatever.

    1. He knows everything already, he’s just testing his military commanders.

    2. “a catering tray of onion rings, or a jungle gym, or firearm, or whatever.”


    3. What of Kim Jong Un is the last Scion of Christ?

    4. “Tell you what I do like though: a killer. A dyed-in-the-wool killer. Cold-blooded, clean, methodical and thorough. Now a real killer, when he picked up the ZF-1, would have immediately asked about the little red button on the bottom of the gun.”

  14. I wish the US would just mind its own businss for a change.

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