Gun Control

Obama on Gun Control: 'This Is Not About Politics' …Unless You Disagree With Me



This evening in Hartford, Connecticut, President Obama continued to argue that anyone who opposes his "common-sense gun safety reforms" is doing so only for the crassest political reasons. "There is only one thing that can stand in the way of change," he declared, "and that's politics in Washington." His motives, by contrast, are completely pure:

This is not about me. This is not about politics. This is about doing the right thing for all the families that are here that have been torn apart by gun violence. It's about them and all the families going forward, so we can prevent this from happening again….Every once in a while, we set politics aside, and we just do what's right.

Who could possibly disagree? In Obama's telling, only "powerful interests that are very good at confusing the subject, that are good at amplifying conflict and extremes, that are good at drowning out rational debate, good at ginning up irrational fears." That's pretty rich, coming from a man who claims that massacres like the one that took 26 lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, last December have become "routine," who falsely asserts that the man responsible for those murders used a "fully automatic weapon," and who in response to that horrible event pushes policies that could not possibly have prevented it, while citing the grief and outrage it generated as if they were arguments for the same gun control policies he has supported all along.

The choice for members of Congress, Obama says, is simple: "What's more important to you—our children, or an A grade from the gun lobby?" Evidently this is what Obama, who emphasizes that "we have to be able to put ourselves in the other person's shoes," considers an exercise in sympathetic imagination.

The text of Obama's speech is here.

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    1. Well, I can see that there’s no need for me to comment.

      +1 AR-15

      1. Watching the championship game tonight sloopy?

        Sorry, couldn’t resist.

        1. I don’t know what you’re referring to, sorry.

          1. You can smile now, that team from up north lost.

  1. He can go fuck himself.

  2. What can I say that Irish and Onco haven’t already?

    1. I kind of wish that no one else had commented on this, so that our simultaneous ‘fuck Obama’ posts could have stood in perpetuity.

    2. This:
      The man is insulting! To put out such crap and hope someone takes it seriously is just flat insulting!
      Oh, and fuck him with shreek’s dick.

      1. You’re still bitter than Dumbya fucked you in the ass and didn’t let you cum first.

        1. Not everyone has a prostate as sensitive as yours, Shriek.

          1. Impressive – I haven’t popped an erection as quick as him since I was 16.

        2. Palin’s Buttplug| 4.8.13 @ 7:20PM |#
          “You’re still bitter than Dumbya fucked you in the ass and didn’t let you cum first.”

          Uh, is there a sentence in there, dipshit?
          Oh, and go fuck your daddy.

          1. Why do you respond to the crazy nutjob as if he were people?

            1. He thinks he’s people!

        3. What are you talking about? Bush was just whoring to his base. Duh.

      1. Nick Gillespie was great in that scene.

  3. Everyone knows nothing will be done to curtail gun rights. Obama knows it, the GOP knows it, etc.

    But Obama has to throw his left flank a few bones on the issue.

    1. Yeah, keep slurping, Shrike.

      “When Obama says something I don’t like, he doesn’t really mean it!”

      “When Obama says something I do like and then does the opposite, it’s because Bushpigs forced his hand!”

      1. About 98% of what these pols do is preen for future voters. Both parties suck in that regard.

      2. You misunderstand.

        Of COURSE Obama is whoring for votes and lying. The whole Newtown charade is about politics.

        1. You’re such a lame, pathetic little shit weasel, shriek. Your protestations to the contrary, Obama has ALWAYS been anti-gun; he simply didn’t think he could get away with until now. This is something he’s doing because he WANTS to do it, not because it’s the smart thing to do politically, because it most certainly is not.

          Pull your head out of your ass, man the fuck up and admit you were wrong, shit stain. All your doing is embarrassing yourself.

          1. You’re an idiot. Obama signed two bills EXPANDING gun rights during his first term.

            He could have lost in 2012 and been known as a champion for gun rights.


              He said the president signed a bill into law about credit card consumer protections that included a measure that allowed people to carry concealed guns in national parks. “President Obama expanded the use of concealed carry on federal property. That’s what’s going on in Washington recently.”

              Is this one of the two? Because it sounds like he signed a bill about something totally unrelated which contained a minor expansion of gun rights as a rider.

              HAHAHAHA! And according to this, that’s the only bill related to gun rights that he signed as of September 10, 2012.

              So, he signed one bill which contained a slight expansion of gun rights as a minor rider to the bill. Ever get tired of lying, Shrike?

            2. Those provisions were attached to bills that he literally could not NOT sign. He signed those bills in spite of their pro-gun provisions, not because of them.

              And now that he’s in his second term, and not up for reelection, he really doesn’t need to bow to political winds. Which is why he is doing this; if he were giving in to politics, he wouldn’t be doing a hard push for anti-gun policies, because it’s a political loser, and is going to cost his party elections.

              This all adds up to the fact that he is doing it because he WANTS it. Perhaps if you didn’t have your head firmly shoved up Obama’s ass, you’d see that.

              1. You’re an idiot. If you were right he would have attached a signing statement (ala Bush) that said he would not honor that rider.

                He didn’t.

                Now STFU.

                1. You realize signing statements aren’t constitutional, yes? It’s essentially a line-item veto, and those do not pass constitutional muster. Had he tried it, the first park ranger to try and enforce it would be hauled into court and bitch slapped. He most likely didn’t want to lose political capitol over something he knew he couldn’t get away with, especially if it would destroy his ability to do line-item vetoes on other issues that are less likely to go to court.

                  1. Occam’s Razor (I prefer Palin’s Buttplug) says you are digging a hole to nowhere.

                    1. Meaning if it is too complex to write on your hand (See Sista Sarah) it is not true at all.

                    2. Are you saying Obama is too stupid to realize when he should expend his political capital and when he shouldn’t? I figured he was simple minded, but even I don’t view him as being that stupid.

                    3. You’re seriously trying to use Occam’s Razor here?

                      Fine, Occam’s razor.

                      What’s more likely:

                      A. Obama simply signed those earlier bills because there was a mild gun related rider on them and he didn’t want a fight. Later, he showed he doesn’t like guns through everything he’s been saying for the last 6 months.

                      B. Barack Obama is really pro-gun. However, after he became a lame-duck president, he decided that the best way to regain the House in 2014 was to go to war over a deeply contentious issue that even many Democrats disagree with him about. He spent months talking about the need for stricter gun laws, even though he’s secretly pro-gun, in order to win an election that’s still a year and a half away.

                    4. C. Obama is pro-gun but is not a purist NRA nutjob.

                    5. D. Obama is a Martian lizardman with the covert goal of disarming the populace so that he and his fellow Martians can plunder our precious reserves of Earth women.

                    6. Is that from the NRA website?

                    7. E. Obama is a puppet for any left-wing group that will continue to deflect the criticism usually accompanying a horrible economy, a double-dip recession and spiraling government costs.

                    8. Pushing for gun bans is NOT pro gun, no matter how you slice it.

                    9. The NRA isn’t even a particularly radical opponent of gun control. The fact that you think they’re nutjobs says quite a bit

                    10. Palin’s Buttplug| 4.8.13 @ 8:22PM |#
                      “(I prefer Palin’s Buttplug)”

                      Lick what you please, dipshit, just don’t tell us about it.

            3. Palin’s Buttplug| 4.8.13 @ 7:42PM |#
              “He could have lost in 2012 and been known as a champion for gun rights.”

              Most people who post here have some shame. They’ll admit when they’ve championed something that turns out crap and take their lumps.
              And then we have dipshit who posts stuff like this.
              Hey, dipshit! Do they put a funny hat on you and parade you down the street on Pet’s Day? It usually takes a dog to be that shameless.

              1. Keep defending your god.

                You are like a little tribesman in the amazon who is shocked to encounter technology.

                Nothing matters except your god.

          2. … Obama has ALWAYS been anti-gun; he simply didn’t think he could get away with until now.

            I disagree. He thought he could get away with it when he told Sarah Brady that they were working on gun control under the radar. He was, of course, referring (at least in part) to Fast and Furious which was just a false-flag to justify further gun control. Luckily, he didn’t get away with it that time, but I have no doubt that he thought he would.

        2. He’s whoring for votes as a lame duck? If you’re going to whore for votes, something like gun rights is a terrible way to do it, since just as many Americans are pro-gun as anti-gun.

          So Obama is either a liar or an idiot. Or both.

          1. No, he is whoring for 2014.

            1. You’re a moron. This issue is going to get Democrats slaughtered. He’s pushing for his own vainglory, not because he wants his party to succeed.

              1. Yep. This seems to be the issue they are willing to die for.

          2. He is definitely a liar.
            And an idiot.

            He is a politician after all…

    2. No. Fuck Obama.

    3. Barry: Pay no attention to my prophecies of doom concerning the sequestration. Pay attention to this bloody shirt I’m waving instead!

      Wave! Wave! Wave!

    4. Re: Palin’s Buttwipe,

      But Obama has to throw his left flank a few bones on the issue.

      And still do it in a way that is totally reprehensible and excretable, Buttwipe. That is the point the author is conveying.

    5. So, if a GOP pol calls for national abortion legislation, knowing it won’t make it through Congress, would you consider it “throwing his flank a few bones” or would you call him out on it?

      1. Both. Just like I did Obama. Obama never made a peep about gun control until Newtown provided the opportunity.

        1. He sat on the board of one THE largest anti-gun foundation in the US and was fairly vocal being anti-gun prior to running for president, and has ALWAYS publicly supported anti-gun policies like the assault weapon ban. His anti-gun bonafides have always been completely out in the open. To say he isn’t anti-gun is completely and utterly fucking delusional.

          1. Bullshit. Obama is ardently pro-2A.

            1. Okay, now I’m convinced you’re either a sockpuppet or you were kicked in the head by a mule as a child. No one with a working brain could say that with a straight face.

              1. I think what Buttplug means is “Obama is ardently pro-2A, as he interprets the 2A.”

            2. He sat on the board of the Joyce Foundation at a time when the foundation voted to give money for the creation of a book called “Every Handgun is Aimed at You: The Case for Banning Handguns.”

            3. Palin’s Buttplug| 4.8.13 @ 8:04PM |#
              “Obama is ardently pro-2A.”

              Dipshit posted this, and it should be persevered somewhere as the clearest case anywhere of some dipshit lefty claiming “up” = “down”.
              I mentioned Obozo was insulting; well dipshit’s got him covered.

            4. See: The above article.

        2. Palin’s Buttplug| 4.8.13 @ 7:40PM |#
          “Just like I did Obama.”

          I was pretty sure you ‘did’ Obozo, but ya know, I really don’t want to hear any more about it.

    6. Palin’s Buttplug| 4.8.13 @ 7:18PM |#
      “Everyone knows nothing will be done to curtail gun rights. Obama knows it, the GOP knows it, etc.”

      Gimme an O!
      Gimme a B!
      Gimma an A!
      Gimme an end to shreek’s cheerleading, please.

    7. But Obama has to throw his left flank a few bones on the issue.

      And you’re going to lie and say you don’t swallow.

    8. “Everyone knows nothing will be done to curtail gun rights. Obama knows it, the GOP knows it, etc.

      But Obama has to throw his left flank a few bones on the issue.”

      “About 98% of what these pols do is preen for future voters. Both parties suck in that regard.”

      As much as it pains me to admit it (like eating ground glass), there is a miniscule, tiny, almost microscopic bit of truth to this. Obama could give -less than- a shit about guns, it’s a feasible distraction from his failures with the economy, the deficit, and lack of anything even approaching a budget, and the governments’ incompetence in general (as well as the other distractions of: SSM/immigration)… All the back and forth gun bluster is meant to fatigue us into apathy, it’s merely a another piss poor distraction, and low protein gruel (bread is for party members only) and circuses for the hive mind on the left. like a tale told by an idiot…all sound and fury, signifying nothing.

  4. I wonder how much of his own bullshit he actually believes. Sometimes I think he does believe it because he’s such a megalomaniac; other times I think he’s just an utterly venal piece of shit who will say whatever he needs to for more power.

    Either way, fuck him.

    1. What’s the old bit about pretending to believe something long enough loses any difference from actually believing it?

    2. I wonder how much of his own bullshit he actually believes.

      Shit Epi it just scrolls out on the teleprompter before the actual speech begins…..“You’re good enough, You’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like you.”

      Of course he believes his own bullshit.

    3. I imagine that he likes the game. He likes campaigning and delivering speeches. The topic and position doesn’t really matter.

      1. What he really likes is the adoration. That shit don’t come cheap ya’know.

    4. Are you describing Obama or his wannabe lapdog, PBP?

  5. Partisans can not think of any position more principled than “you disagree with me because you are against my team”.

  6. Not that it matters, but was Feinstein’s “children were dismembered at Sandy Hook” claim ever verified or debunked?

    1. The children at Sandy Hook resorted to cannibalism after being raped by the NRA, but shortly before being shot 79 times each with a Sig Sauer P290 on full auto.

    2. Doesn’t matter. She is whoring too. They all read the polls and when 92% favor background checks to weed out mental cases those in swing states went that way too.

      1. 92% favor background checks to weed out mental cases/i

        Ah, nothing is more American than attainting people forever.

      2. Palin’s Buttplug| 4.8.13 @ 7:38PM |#
        “She is whoring too.”

        And you’re pimping; go away, dipshit.

      3. So just how do you differentiate between empty whoring and actual policy goals?

        1. Easy. When Team Blue does something execrable it’s empty whoring. When Team Red does something execrable it’s an actual policy goal.

  7. You know who else wanted to take guns away? Or give guns to everyone? (It’s a little muddled on which.)

    So what does Obama get out of all this? Is it blind ideology? Control? Misdirection? Or is it simple politics, another bone to his base?

    1. All of the above.

    2. Stroking his own ego while awaiting the inevitable Yale guest lecturer or talk show gig?

  8. “Every once in a while, we set politics aside, and we just do what’s right.”

    Name one instance in which “we” have done this.

    1. “We” like “The Public” that public servants serve, means “everyone but you.”

      1. Of course. But apparently you can’t think of anything either.

        1. Killing Mooslem?

    2. When we defeated the evil Romney tribe and put back into public housing for another four years…..

  9. “What’s more important to you?our children, or an A grade from the gun lobby?”

    As a gun owner, I’m… I guess… a member of the gun lobby. You want an A grade from me. Trust me.

  10. It’s about them and all the families going forward, so we can prevent this from happening again.

    No, it’s about you infringing on my right of self-defense under color of law. It’s also about you perpetuating a system in which people are stripped of their rights in perpetuity even though they’ve paid their debt to society and been deemed fit to rejoin society.

  11. And that little stunt he’s going to pull–on the taxpayers’ dime, no doubt–of flying Newtown folks to D.C. on Air Force One to put emotional pressure on Congress, nothing political about that, eh?

    1. Well they better pass the laws now then, because the next step is to disinter the victims bodies and start airdropping them over the capitol. That’s not gonna be cheap.

      1. Well, they were dismembered by a weapon capable of shooting down planes, so maybe Barry could swing parcel post.

      2. The health department will have something to say about that.

        1. So just how long can a politician stand upon a properly embalmed corpse?

    2. It truly is outrageous. Cynical Rich also posits that the taxpayer is reimbursing those folks for time off from work.

  12. This might be the moment that Obama loses his mojo.

    It happened to Bush after Katrina.

    I don’t think Obama’s lost on a major issue before. And I don’t think he knows how to lose gracefully.

    You know who else’s mojo depended on making himself seem invulnerable?

    1. He lost on the sequester when it turned out he was lying through his teeth about the damage it would cause. So he immediately went full campaign mode on guns to distract people from the fact that he’d lied to them for two months about the dangers of the sequester.

      1. Certain issues transcend party. Farm subsidies are probably one example. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican; if your seat depends on farm subsidies, you’re for farm subsidies.

        I think guns are like that. Yeah, the Democrats may seem monolithic on gun control in the media–but that’s mostly because the media focuses on what’s happening in New York and New England. …gun control doesn’t play as well elsewhere.

        The sequester being a fizzle matters to Republicans, but I think gun control matters to a lot more Democrats–everywhere outside the Northeast–than a lot of people realize. And I think that’s why Obama’s losing on this.

        He overplayed his hand. It had to happen eventually. And once you do that, and everybody knows you overplayed your hand, they start to reassess everything else you did.

        Americans hate losers. Obama better learn to lose gracefully really quick because the only thing Americans hate worse than losers are losers who won’t go away.

        That’s how lame ducks are made.

      2. Yep, today, NPR went on their regular series jaunt: Searching for the Sequester… in which NPR couldn’t even really find any effects of the sequester.

        If NPR can’t drag out a 90yr old grandmother who’s suffering from some lack of government service, you know you’re in deep Kimchee.

    2. It won’t be on this. It could be on cutting SS benefit increases.

      1. Shrike, his approval rating has already dropped 10% in the midst of this and the sequestration.

        The gun issue is already hurting his approval.

    3. Just wait for the moment that he loses his *cool*.

      1. That’s what I’m talking about.

        Americans never think the guy that loses is *cool*.

        In every mass appeal American movie ever, the good guy wins–and he gets the girl.

        Even if you didn’t know who the bad guy in the movie was otherwise, you’d know he was the one that lost. …because nothing’s less *cool* to the average American than losing.

        I don’t think Obama’s ever lost a big fight he committed to before!

        Totally uncool.

        1. What I mean is: Throwing a temper tantrum on national TV or screaming an obscenity at some reporter.

          1. We should pass the hat and establish a bounty. I’m sure one of the Reason interns is up to it.

          2. Oh, that would be awesome!

            Get some of the imperious child like behavior on camera.

            I’ve read about it quite a bit, but he’s always been really smooth on camera.

            That could change though. When things start going wrong, and he’s not worrying about getting reelected.

            If it ever gets to the point where Hillary starts distancing herself from him because he’s so unpopular, and he feels compelled to answer some of the things she’s said? He ain’t no Nancy Pelosi. He ain’t no team player.

        2. “Americans never think the guy that loses is *cool*.

          In every mass appeal American movie ever, the good guy wins–and he gets the girl.”

          Rocky. In the first movie, Rocky loses the climactic fight. A lot of people forget this. I suppose you could say he wins a moral victory, still supporting your point, but I can’t believe you missed that obvious counterexample.

  13. How is the Internet even still working what with the sequester and all?

    1. It might still seem like it’s working, but it isn’t safe.

    2. The tubes clean themselves.

  14. Mad Men spoiler:
    Don does not find happiness.

    Now you don’t have to watch!

    1. That is my quote of the day, well done your Dukeness.

      1. Pants, I leave you this as a gift in return.

        1. Is that your own son? How delightful.

          1. Nope, but holy shit I’m glad the internet wasn’t around when I was a baby.

        2. Jesus, that kid’s a phrenologist’s dream.

          All those lumps are going to equal massive heartache one day.

    2. “Mad Men spoiler:
      Don does not find happiness.”{

      Was this reviewed by the lefty twit who died recently? Is is a good movie?

      1. It’s a “TELEVISION SHOW” that’s been on the air since 2007.
        That’s after Maude was cancelled, so I doubt you’ve seen it.

        1. Archduke Pantsfan| 4.8.13 @ 9:35PM |#
          “It’s a “TELEVISION SHOW” that’s been on the air since 2007.”

          TV. Ah yes.
          There are times when it’s worth it to find the remote and hit the “ON” button. Superbowl most often. Some auto races. And what?

        2. Archduke Pantsfan| 4.8.13 @ 9:35PM |#
          “It’s a “TELEVISION SHOW”
          Seriously, AP, there’s not a lot on TV that is interesting. Brisco County Jr. is probably the last series I watched. Yeah, it sounds ‘elitist’, but there are really few TV programs that’d substitute for other interests.

        3. I hated Maude. It was just feminist for the sake of being feminist. Her husband was a shmuck. Maude was an overbearing twit and the other characters were just…nothing.

          Archie Bunker would have done the world a favor if he’d have beaten her to death in the bathroom of Kelcy’s Bar.

          1. I’m not old enough to have watched Maude

            1. “Archduke Pantsfan| 4.8.13 @ 10:29PM |#
              “I’m not old enough to have watched Maude”

              Me too. Or maybe not. Dunno.

            2. Lucky you. Which also means you’re not old enough to have suffered through any of the Politically Correct Era of Norman Lear TV.

          2. Jeeze, how did you guys have the time to watch all these TV shows?
            Without giving up too much ID, I was:
            (doing stuff that got me laid and increased my wealth rather than watching TV shows).
            So did you all give up on getting laid?

            1. Here’s a trailer for an upcoming film about 2 guys who never had trouble “getting laid”

              1. Any reason it’s of interest? I mean I don’t ‘watch TV’.

                1. It’s not a TV show. It’s a motion picture.

                2. You like to garden, don’t you Chauncey?

            2. Jesus, I was like 2 years old when it came out. I just remember seeing episodes of it when I laid in bed watching television with my wife. It’s not like I’m a TV junkie.

              I mean, for chrissakes, I just made another baby in the first month when you can start making one again after the last one was born. I gets mine!

              1. sloopyinca| 4.8.13 @ 10:44PM |#
                …”It’s not like I’m a TV junkie.”

                Not my point.
                You don’t have to be a TV junkie to watch what you please and I won’t gripe.
                But don’t be surprised when your reference falls flat with someone who watches TV for several sports “events” per year and little else.
                Pretty sure I’m not alone among those who find watching TV less interesting than other activities.

                1. If ironing your socks is considered an activity more interesting than watching tv….then I am with you Sevo.

                  About once a month I turn on the TV to watch news, which I always realize is a mistake 5 minutes after doing it, or twice a week or so I put on a music channel for background noise while I cook.

                  Other than that whatever plays on TV just makes me want to put a load of buckshot through the screen.

                  I guess I am just a misanthrope.

              2. Going for Irish twins eh?

                1. Looks like it’ll be within a few days one way or the other. Based on our math, the due date for this one will be about 4 days after Baby Reason was born. Either way, fuck the IRS.*

                  *If the IRS is monitoring this as well as Facebook, I’m just kidding.

            3. I gave up on increasing my wealth because I got laid anyways.

  15. I went out of the country on vacation for a week and a half, and I’m surprised to say: I can’t believe that anyone is still seriously talking about gun control.

    1. If you don’t want to ban guns then obviously you are nut who wants to shoot people with bazookas.

      This really is his argument at this point. And look! He brought the parents of the white kids that got shot to prove why he’s right!

      (Three black kids just died in New Orleans from handguns that would never be banned as I write this.)

      Our president. Yes surr. And his backup, Shotgun Joe!

      But don’t worry, now that the Pacific theater has heated up, Obama is going to send a new ambassador to Japan that fix things right up. She’s a Kennedy!

      1. Yes, we’ve had a string of murders in my neighborhood wherein the perp builds a secret pillbox type bunker loaded with ammo and a machine gun. the sheriff caught the crazy guy killing indiscriminately with the bazooka last month.
        If we don’t ban these crazy weapons, I fear a nuclear bomb will be next.
        Had we had background checks in place before, North Korea never would have acquired the damn things as it’s quite obvious that the last handful of leaders of the Hermit Kingdom have been unstable.

  16. Has anyone trolled the pro-OSU / anti-Michigan crowd yet? If not, well, GO BLUE.

    1. Oh, I forgot to tell you this earlier: go fuck yourself.

      And at least The Ohio State University doesn’t employ perpetrators of child slavery.

      1. Ohio State’s mascot took a snap from shotgun at the Buckeyes’ Student Appreciation Day and got leveled for his efforts.

        Read more at:…..ker-video/

        1. Ouch!

          FTA: . It appears Ohio State is ready to hit some quarterbacks in 2013 after going undefeated last season and having nothing to show for it.

          I guess beating scUM again and running the Big Ten table is “nothing to show for it”. Fuck that guy.


          1. I’m sure they would’ve shown just as well as that other midwestern school did in the championship game.

            1. Maybe not. They didn’t match up that well with Louisville on the perimeter. And the pace of the game would have been tough for them to dictate.

              Besides, they would have played Louisville on Saturday.

              1. I was referring to the football championship and that OTHER midwestern school.

                1. Oh. I get it now.

                  The funny thing is: Ohio State probably would have played Notre Dame in the NCG, not Alabama.

      2. You say child slaves, I say monocle polishers.

        I’m shocked I didn’t see that story.

        What do msu and umich fans have in common? Neither went to Michigan.

        1. You butchered that.
          What do Duke and UNC players have in common? Both applied at UNC.

          1. Apparently various forms of the joke are widespread. Here it’s mostly a knock on Walmart wolverines.

        2. I thought MSU fans were, by and large, alumni. At least for football since they’re rarely worth a shit. Basketball is a different story, as Tom Izzo will attract fans because he’s just a wonderful coach and a great guy.

          Seriously, if I had a son that was a top notch basketball player, I can think of only one school I’d rather him attend than Michigan State.

  17. One of my theories: Obama is trolling the GOP Senators into doing a filibuster so he can rip into them in the 2014 election cycle for being obstructionists. If the GOP are smart, which they probably aren’t, they’ll let this hit the floor and go to a roll call vote. That way they can play the tape of every Democrat Senator from a red-leaning state over and over and over for the next 18 months and absolutely wipe the floor with them in the midterms.

    But they won’t because they’re too stupid to do it.

    1. Seems like a senator floor vote is good for 10 dem senators in ’14, enough to flip it. Maybe mccain, too.

      All the demos not running for re-election makes me think they’re prepping for it, but maybe they just think they’ll lose.

      How awesome would it be if Reid filibustered his own party, to avoid losing the senate and leadership position?

      1. Yeah, but can’t he just keep it from the floor? I mean, could Team Red and the Feinstein contingent get cloture and force it to the floor? Or just get about 10 GOP Senators to pay lip service just to get it to the floor and then vote against it. mean, it’s dead in the House anyway.

        1. Even though I know it would be dead in the house, it scares the crap out of me. The senate votes on AWB in ’04 were the most exciting cspan I had seen till that point. Scared me how close that came.

          Probably couldn’t be forced without Reid wanting it, if nothing else, the worst anti senators wouldn’t go against him.

          Visualizing him fillibustering his own party is fun, though.

          1. Almost as fun as visualizing him as Bishop near the end of Aliens with Feinstein playing “the bitch”.

      2. I think the Republicans should let the Democrats get the worst bill possible to a floor vote.

        Hang that vote around their necks.

    2. sloopyinca| 4.8.13 @ 9:29PM |#
      “One of my theories: Obama is trolling the GOP Senators into doing a filibuster so he can rip into them in the 2014 election cycle for being obstructionists.”

      Nope. Presumes entirely too much of Obozo (see…..pbooks,261 )
      Whatever positives arise of this re: the GOP, has to do with the media refusing to critically examine what Obozo is doing, NOT his (or his handlers’) acumen.
      Never presume conspiracy when simple stupidity will suffice. So long as the media continues with that bias, Obozo could commit buggery on the platz at noon, and he’d be applauded for improving ‘diversity’.

      1. Dammit, don’t kill my dream of everything being a conspiracy. Besides I just said it’s one of my theories. Another one is that he’s a craven, anti-American, gun-grabbing socialist piece of shit that wants to disarm America so it will be easier to implement his authoritarian statist agenda. And he used F&F as a precursor to enacting strong gun control legislation and that having failed, he’s now doing it on the backs of dead children.

  18. I am not a BB fan (as my lousy H/R entry attests) but I am now pulling for Michigan due to the bench kid with 17.

    1. You’re now worse than Hitler.

      No wait. You’re worse than Episiarch and Hitler’s buttsecks-love child.

    2. Palin’s Buttplug| 4.8.13 @ 10:10PM |#
      “I am not a BB fan”

      OK, you’re a run-of-the-mill ignoramus.
      (WIH is BB?)

      1. basketball

      2. Goddamn. Are you so stupid you can’t determine a post with “Michigan” in it tonight refers to basketball?

        Seriously, at least the other Bush mopes can muster a simple argument on occasion.

        1. Palin’s Buttplug| 4.8.13 @ 10:29PM |#
          “Goddamn. Are you so stupid you can’t determine a post with “Michigan” in it tonight refers to basketball?”

          No, dipshit, your obsession with kids tossing a ball around is irrelevant to me.
          Does a post with “Michigan” and DC refer to dead city?

  19. Oh, shit. Louisville on a run. Their defense has stepped up and the refs are letting them both play physical basketball.

    Good game so far.

  20. The only thing Obama has is politics. The Obama style of politics is division. So, when Obama tells us “It is not about politics”, it is about politics and the demonization of those who disagree with him.

  21. “we have to be able to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes,”

    Haw haw haw.

    Yes indeed, and when he puts himself in the shoes of those who disagree with him, he finds they are racist, sexist, homophobes who want to push granny off the cliff and shoot her grand daughter in the head.

  22. CBS college basketball theme is way too close to the hockey night in Canada Theme?

    1. Kinda.

      You know, Clark Kellogg is a wonderful announcer as long as Ohio State’s not playing. He goes out of his way to not cheerlead when he calls the Buckeyes and it is a net negative.

      1. Helluva game. Hardly ever watch basketball, but this was a good one.

        1. Not really great teams, though. In fact, there wasn’t a great team in tournament this year. Quite a contrast to the Kentucky behemoth last year.

          1. I can’t believe the coaching mistakes in that game. Beilein not fouling for 20 seconds with a foul to give in the last minute is inexcusable. Pitino letting his guys keep jacking up shots when they got offensive rebounds with 2 minutes left and a 4 point lead is just as bad.

            Maybe I’m too critical, but coaches are supposed to know situations better than that.

  23. Restoras tied for first with “GoinForLastPlace,” whoever that is.

    I will recap in the AM Links.

    1. The winning bracket on Yahoo!

  24. In Obama’s telling, only “powerful interests that are very good at confusing the subject, that are good at amplifying conflict and extremes, that are good at drowning out rational debate, good at ginning up irrational fears.”

    One word:


  25. No, it’s not about politics, it’s about human rights. And why Obama hates the idea that anyone might have them.

  26. I don’t think Obama was clear enough on his message. Why can’t he ever be perfectly clear? If he would be perfectly clear, then I think we could understand better what it is he is trying to convey. I just don’t get it.

  27. Accusing the other side of playing politics on an issue is the ultimate mode of begging the question. It assumes that they would not actually oppose the measure at stake except that it somehow gives political advantage. It also ignores the fact that “politics” is the name we give to how government decides things, especially in a representative democracy. It is reprehensible tactics deserving of contempt.

  28. Fuck the 2nd Amendment and the gun industry that whores it out for the purpose of selling guns. The difference between freedom and tyranny is not the ability to shoot 25 people in 5 minutes.

    1. Is freedom disarmament?

      (And… 25 people in 5 minutes?

      That’s one every twelve seconds.

      You could do that with muzzle-loading revolvers.

      Possibly with just one, if you were quick at loading it.)

      I assume, of course, that you do not wish to see police officers disarmed down to the level of flintlock pistols?

  29. The choice for members of Congress, Obama says, is simple: “What’s more important to you?our children, or an A grade from the gun lobby?”

    Someone might want to tell him that the NRA (which is the “gun lobby” that gives grades, and thus obviously his referent) only has power because it is staggeringly popular with actual voters.

    “The gun lobby” is only effective to the extent that it is We, the People. That’s why it has power.

    Votes talk, bullshit walks.

    (Similarly, that’s why the AARP has power, rather than being utterly futile in its demands for more handouts for old folks… but somehow the “old people lobby” isn’t a problem?)

  30. Fuck Obama. In the head. With a chain saw.

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