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Detroit CBS Runs April Fools Joke Against NRA on April 2; Not Marked As Joke


While the NRA does sometimes come across as less a civil rights organization for the Second Amendment and more a lobbyist for actions to actively help gun makers and users, it struck me as strange that a Detroit CBS news website ran on April 2, not marked as a joke, what was originally pretty clearly an April Fools Joke from Green Car Reports:

According to a new position paper recently released, the NRA intends to pursue a mandate requiring electric cars to offer a mobile source for recharging energy-pulse rifles owned by U.S. citizens.

"As Bushmaster semi-automatic rifles become more and more common in properly armed U.S. households," said NRA executive vice-president Wayne LaPierre, "we see electric cars as a wonderful and portable source of new-generation ammunition."….

He suggested that the NRA will throw its considerable political clout behind similar legislation for the U.S.–though, he noted, the energy-flow rates would have to be far higher to permit rapid recharging of even today's energy-pulse weaponry.

"What could be more important to the safety, security, and Second Amendment rights of normal American citizens," LaPierre asked at a Washington, DC, news conference this morning, "than mandating that carmakers must offer the ability to use the stored electric energy owned by our citizens to protect their families from attacks by the government, trespassers, aliens, the mentally ill, zoning boards, and the other criminal elements that are besieging this once-great nation?"

The laff value of it is in the eye of the beholder, but CBS running this on April 2 with no obvious sign I could see it was a joke seems strange. (I wonder how long the link will live.)

My book, Gun Control on Trial, had some more measured critiques of how the NRA chooses to pursue gun rights.

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  1. Real journalists like those at CBS should not run April Fools jokes. CBS is a serious news source of unbiased facts! Don’t they know such sophmoric antics are for the conspiracy websites like Reason?

  2. Don’t worry, Brian.

    I’m sure CBS will be facing felony charges over this.

    1. What the fuck? Felony charges for stating a plain fact?
      I dont think so. Somebody down there needs their ass kicked.

      1. One retarded local government worker who probably got fooled by the prank stated that it could be a felony. I’d love to see this brought to court… those people would get laughed out of the building.

    2. What the fucking fuck? Well, at least we don’t live in an anarchy. Then, way worse shit than this would happen, and pirates.


      Their shame is delicious to me.

  3. I see a lot of projection there. I dont recall the NRA ever suggesting that govt mandate anything… fact, just the opposite. Fuckin’ progsj are never going to get it….

    “….mandating that carmakers must offer…”

    1. Of course the carmakers should add it as an option. It would certainly be handy.

      1. But only if it’s in the 40 watt range or higher. Those 35 watters are just plain weak. Especially when dealing with those darned alien invaders the article warns us about.

        1. I only use my 35 watters for skeet shooting or varmit hunting.

          1. Well, you know. You really don’t NEED anything bigger than 20 watts. And the battery should only be large enough to hold 7 blasts. Anything more would just be overkill.

            On the note of overkill:

            There is no “overkill”, there is only “open fire” and “reload” – Rule 37 “7 Habits of Highly Effective Pirates”

  4. The media’s statist anti-gun position is clear, Brian. I’m not sure why you would expect anything else. In fact, this is far milder than I would have expected. And, of course, it isn’t even remotely funny, but that is exactly what I would have expected.

    1. No, dude, jokes that make fun of a dissenting group from the perspective of a dominant group are always funny. How about those Branch Davidians? Remember when they got burned alive? LOLZ

      1. *Looks over at Saiga 12 leaning in the corner and wonders who is the dominant groupe here….”

  5. Who reads stories about electric cars, anyway? You’re not reaching any audience not already convinced.

    1. I know I prefer acoustic cars myself.

  6. “The NRA will join with the Plug-In Car Marketing Information Coalition (PICMIC), the Geographic Operating Headquarters of the National Association of Dealers (GOHNAD), the Pacific Progressive Plug-In Propagation Proponents (PPPPP), and other advocacy organizations to push for such legislation.”

    Guess this little gem didn’t tip them off. Nice.

    1. And this

      Peter Robertson, a GM spokesperson in the company’s Washington, D.C., office of Lobbying, Image Maintenance, and Politics (known as LIMP), twitched noticeably when asked for his thoughts.

    2. Also

      “We support the American people,” he whimpered.

  7. Makes me wonder if someone has a very dry sense of humor over there.

    Or alternatively – and sadly more likely, perhaps – if someone really thinks there are “energy-pulse rifles” in the world* let alone that Bushmaster is making them for general sale.

    “Phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range” is a 30 year old joke, guys.

    (*Oh, there are prototype man-portable laser weapons, but none of them are for anything more effective than knocking out sensors or blinding someone, just yet.

    Nor are any for sale to anyone, let alone mass market.

    Turns out the sort of power needed to cause direct energy damage [burns, etc.] is immense, and bullets are just a lot more efficient.)

  8. energy-pulse rifles

    WANT IT.

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