Caroline Kennedy for Ambassador to Japan Would Be a Horrible Choice

Political scion has no diplomatic experience for a region where tensions are high


The possibility of Caroline Kennedy becoming a U.S. ambassador to Japan has sparked debate about whether the political scion—who made a shaky and short-lived run for Senate in 2009—has the expertise to handle the increased turmoil in the region, where North Korea is antagonizing U.S. allies. 

Kennedy indeed has the political pedigree to make foreign leaders feel important to the United States.

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  1. “Caroline Kennedy for Ambassador to Japan Would Be a Horrible Choice”
    Much too long:
    “Caroline Kennedy Would Be a Horrible Choice”

  2. why are you re-posting this from Faux News? i am no flaming liberal, but i still think that the Folks At Fox are understood to be pretty dang biased in their approach. I don’t consider their reporting, in general, and in this case in particular, to be worthy of mentioning.

    1. davethesuave| 4.3.13 @ 1:02PM |#
      “why are you re-posting this from Faux News?”
      Uh, because this is a news aggregator? Are you equally pissed when things are re-posted from MSNBC?

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