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Some Democrats Want $10,000 Fine for Gun Owners Without Liability Insurance

Apparently not part of the reality-based community anymore


A contingent of liberal Democrats in Congress is proposing a new federal gun control idea: mandatory liability insurance for gun owners.

When New York Rep. Carolyn Maloney introduced the legislation last month with eight other Democrats, she boasted that it is "the first bill to require liability insurance of gun buyers nationwide."

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  1. Time to make a list and keep score.

  2. Requiring insurance is no different than a tax. The Supreme Court has already ruled that a fine for not having insurance is a tax therefor by extension this is also a tax. A tax to exercise a constitutional right is unconstitutional.Shall we now start having poll taxes on voters again. Shall we also tax the free press or my right to assemble or any of the other rights gauranted by the constitution. A tax is an infringement on my ability to be secure in my person and to bear arms for an unloaded gun is not armed.
    I could go on about the many ways that this is wrong but I’m sure others are thinking along similar lines

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