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Vermont First to Reveal Insurance Exchange Rates

Don't yet take into account federal subsidies


Vermont became the first state in the country Monday to release its proposed health insurance rates under the Affordable Care Act.

The rates show what the uninsured can expect to pay for coverage. Individual rates range from an average of $365.76 for the most basic package to $609.47 for the most comprehensive coverage. Family rates range from about $1,000 to $1,700.


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  1. Actually those rates are a lot better then my last job. We got screwed there. Are they heavily subsidized?

    1. Usually your employer is picking up a share of the rates. Where I work they pick up like 3/4 of it.

    2. LOL….are you serious? It’s a government program, of course it’s heavily subsidized. They’ll make up for your cheap rates with less than cheap tax bills.

      1. Those are the full unsubsidized premiums offered by the PRIVATE insurers on the vermont exchange.

    3. Oh, NO! They’re not subsidized at all. Rather, it’s just the generous private sector responding to the needs of a politely requesting government bureaucracy.

    4. Actually those prices are the raw premiums. The goverment will subsidize your premium depending on how much you make so it will be substantially cheaper than that /month.

      Also good to remind there is no underwriting on the exchange so those are the prices you’ll pay regardless of pre existing conditions and issued is guaranteed.

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