More States Turning to Online Voting Registration

14 more states looking to join the growing group


A wave of states in recent years have moved to allow residents to register online and the pace is quickening today as many more are debating the issue — a development that is swelling voting rolls, saving taxpayers' money and providing a welcome demilitarized zone in the raging partisan wars over ballot access.

"It's red states, blue states, small states, big states," said Jennie Bowser, an elections expert at the National Conference of State Legislatures. "It's happening across the board."

Only two states, Arizona and Washington, had online voter registration when Barack Obama won the presidency. Four years later, 13 states had systems up and running by the time Obama won reelection. Now, at least 14 additional states are considering legislation to enact online registration. (Virginia and New Mexico have already sent bills to the governor.)