Flight Attendants to Protest TSA Knife Policy

Handing out leaflets to passengers who already have to put up with TSA abuse


Taking their battle with the TSA to their passengers, U.S. airlines flight attendants are planning on passing out leaflets at LAX and other airports Monday to demand that small knives be kept out of their cabins.

In Los Angeles, the Association of Flight Attendants are planning to ask passengers to demand that current regulations not be changed.

The demonstration in Southern California will happen at the Bradley International Terminal departure level from 12:30 to 2 p.m.


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  1. Prior to 1975 you could walk onto a plane with a gun. How many problems did they have then?

    1. That’s a dumb non sequitur. Prior to 1975 (or thereabouts) there was no Disco. How safe was dancing afterwards? Hmm?

  2. Nice of the flight attendants to protest passengers (who by the way pay their wages).

    1. I would think passengers would like to be made aware, if they were not already, since they greatly outnumber the attendants, therefore the odds of having their throats slit by the Swiss Army would seem to be greater. But perhaps I air (oops, err).

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