Rand Paul Slams Well-Protected Elites For Trying To Disarm Americans

Hypocrisy has a bodyguard


Dianne Feinstein's ill-fated assault weapons ban included an exemption for government officials, law enforcement and former law enforcement. Few (if any) gun control advocates support getting guns out of the hand of government, and no anti-gun celebrity that I know of has publicly eschewed armed guards. Gun control laws are almost always discriminatory; in New Jersey, where I live, a grocery store can hire an armed guard who can open-carry to protect the store, but I'm not allowed to open-carry to protect my family at the store, or anywhere else for that matter. These kind of laws arguably transform the right to bear arms into a privilege.  Those who advocate gun control but believe in a well-armed government (most of them) and those who push to restrict private gun ownership while enjoying private armed security themselves (like Jim Carrey or Piers Morgan) are promoting a profoundly unequal system, one that subordinates the autonomy and rights of the people in favor of the whims of an elite.