Second Amendment

Defense Distributed Plans To Have Fully 3D-Printable Gun By End of April

Bite it, Feinstein


Depending on your view of gun rights, Cody Wilson is either a genius or an evil genius.

The Texas law student leads Defense Distributed and its Wiki Weapons Project, with the goal to "create the world's first 100% 3D printable gun" and to make those plans "freely available." …

"Well to have a printable gun – it's my intention to have that done by the end of this month and we're at the end of March now so it's my intention to have it done by April," he said.

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  1. Cody Wilson is neither a genius nor an evil genius. He is a fool – an arrogant, intolerant fool, and a dangerous one because he is also energetic, and probably intelligent. These qualities (see Defense Dist’s website FAQ as support) would make CW a very good operative in al Qaeda, if he could just swing his viewpoint a little 😉 Since terrorists and thugs seem to be likely beneficiaries of 3Dprinted gun knowhow, CW may one day become pals with these guys and realise how much they have in common!

    CW is arrogant in assuming that governments (try to) control guns against the people’s will. Maybe that’s true in the US, but not in Europe, where there is really no substantial active anti-gun-control lobby. We like our governments to control guns! Since the WWW is global, CW is undermining *our* democratically expressed preferences (and yes, we had democracy first and probably operate it better than in the US, despite all those guns in the hands of well-ordered militias!) So CW is a dangerous man, perhaps a terrorist (well-meaning, but they all are). America’s a great society – let’s see a little of the zeal directed at opposing aggressive religious fanaticism redirected onto this home-grown variety!

    (Ironically, the top story as I log in is: “4-Year-Old Girl Fatally Shot While Sitting in Car – 3.31.13 3:22 pm” Would making guns more numerous via 3D printing make this kind of thing more or less likely? Just one case, true.)

  2. Oh and PS – presumably the logic that everyone should have access to 3Dprinting for guns because not having it would infringe their covil liberties would also apply to knowhow on making suitcase nuclear bombs? And there seems be a bit of a leap there from “it will happen anyway” to “so let’s hurry it up”. Strange logic this guy has – he really should call the al Qaeda recruitment office.

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