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Cops Disarmed By Ammo-Hoarding Gun Nuts, Complains Salon Writer


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The thin blue line is getting thinner, warns Salon's Alex Seitz-Wald. It seems that after months of politicians throwing gun control proposals against the wall in D.C. and the various state capitals to see what sticks (and around politicians, lots of stuff gets awfully sticky), gun owners had the unmitigated gall to take them seriously and stock up on guns and ammunition while they can. And now police departments are having trouble buying ammunition. And gun owners are just being nutty, says Seitz-Wald, because politicians didn't mean it. Well, maybe they meant it, but nothing much is going to become law. And even if it did, won't you think of our brave boys (and girls) in blue?

Writes Seitz-Wald:

Dayne Pryor is the chief of police in Rollingwood, Texas, a small suburb of Austin. "I've been in law enforcement for 31 years and I've been a chief for eight years," he sighs. "And it's just one of those things that I never thought I'd have a problem with, especially being in Texas."

Pryor's problem, he explains to Salon, is that he's having trouble finding ammunition and firearms for his officers, thanks to a national shortage. The cause? A run on supply from gun lovers afraid that Congress or state legislatures will impose new gun control laws in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting.

"Everyone is thinking, they're going to stop manufacturing, or they're going to be taxing and all this, so it's just this mentality of, let's all buy up everything now just in case. And it hurts us," Pryor said. "This is ridiculous. This shouldn't be happening to law enforcement."

It's all so unnecessary, says Seitz-Wald. Don't we know that there's nothing to fear?

No one has seriously proposed bans on any kind of guns aside from assault rifles, and even that proposal was dead upon arrival (and now it's really dead). And no one in power β€” Chris Rock doesn't count β€” has proposed major restrictions on bullets, making the run on ammunition particularly unfounded. …

In fact, the "gun control" package emerging in Congress will not even touch a single gun, but deals entirely with the process around guns β€” background checks, trafficking laws, mental health, etc.

Nobody wants to restrict guns. They only want to restrict access to guns. That's entirely different!

I've noted the run on guns and ammunition before. Reloading supplies, too. Then, as now, the run was caused by politicians proposing restrictive laws, including background checks for ammunition purchases. As unlikely to pass as those proposals seem, especially as panic recedes and public support for further firearm restrictions dies down, at least gun owners did politicians the courtesy of taking them at their words. In fact, many high-profile political-appointee police chiefs endorsed those restrictions. Now government officials and their armed enforcers thin blue line against the criminal element are having trouble buying ammunition, just like everybody else. Boo fucking hoo.

Oh wait. Did President Obama just go on television today to reiterate his demand that we all get with the program and support tighter restrictions on firearms? Nothing to see here. Move along. Pay no attention to the man behind the insincere frown of disappointment.

Hey, there's no doubt that gun and ammunition companies are doing booming business at the moment, falling behind on orders because they just can't meet demand. Want that to stop? Get politicians to stop threatening to impose restrictive laws. Until then, people will certainly buy what they can, while they can.

Oh, and if cops are running short on ammunition, maybe they could ask the Department of Homeland Security to share. Fifteen members of Congress recently wrote (PDF) to Janet Napolitano to ask why DHS needs to buy 1.6 billion rounds of ammo when the federal government is pleading poverty.

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  1. I suggest our valiant boys in blue give Big Jan a call. I hear she will always hook you up!

  2. Hmm, Salon didn’t think it was important to mention the 1.6 Billion round “bulk purchase” by DHS?

  3. I’m struggling to find a downside to the civilian populace having more ammo than the police, and coming empty.

    1. Answer: Progressives don’t trust cops unless they’re being used to hunt down political opponents, so those political opponents having lots of ammo is scary.

    2. But who will shoot the dogs!?!

  4. Will people please stop posting Salon and Slate articles? After the ‘Why do Gay People Hate Gaybros?’ article, Amanda Marcotte saying it’s patriarchal when adult women wear thongs but liberating when 15 year olds do, and Matthew Yglesias claiming that property is a government financed illusion, I’m not sure my sanity can take anymore.

    When you gaze into Salon, it gazes also into you.

    1. The author of said article.

      Like looking at non-Euclidean geometry that makes up the architecture of the city of the Old Ones.



        i think mexicans are getting a raw deal. they are only suffering half the stupid shit the rest of us had to put up with over the 20th century. yet we will occasionally speak in their favor and be treated as traitors. Fuck all you nativist idiots. you appreciate the ground you walk on 1 20th as much as those as who have come here to be free.

        1. …Did you post this on the wrong article?

          1. yes, i just realized that. fuck. dernit.

            1. I was going to say, I don’t know what Mulatto and myself did to deserve being called nativist idiots. That seemed uncalled for.

              1. He said right there that he hates you Irish monkeys.

                1. I’m Irish by descent, not by birth. I think my family is Americanized enough at this point that, if anything, I’d be an American monkey, thank you very much.

                  1. for fucks sake, i was responding to the thread on the PM links. gimme a break already. any mutts should understand the joke either way.

                  2. Oh come on, you can’t possibly think your kind could ever be a REAL American like, well, American (aka Conservative/ Never Again/Gillmore/Willard/ KingoftheAmericans/NewRise /Liberty/etc)

                    1. Dude, ive been REAL AMERICAN for like a decade. no one is more fucking ridiculous than me on that level. i was mocking them before they even existed! i pre-empted the motherfuckers.

                    2. Okay, how many generations back did my family have to move here to be considered as American as American? Because one side of my family has been here since the 1800s, but my British grandma only moved here after WWII.

                      So technically I’m only a 3rd generation immigrant. Am I not American enough? Trying to figure out whether I’ve got enough American blood in me is exhausting.

                    3. I don’t know if you guys know or not, but this isn’t the d-bag gillmore. Different guy.

                    4. Public service annoucement by GBN = appreciated

                    5. I know. GILMORE has been here forever. Gillmore was an American sock-puppet troll.

                      It was funny watching everyone mistake the two back when double L was here.

                    6. FWIW “Irish”, my pops came from Cork in the ’30s, but we had extended family all over the country since the mid 19th century… particularly in NY. He served in the marines in vietnam, and i’ve had something of a bug up my ass about anti-immigants since the day i way born (in NYC). What the fuck are you complaining about? (them) Nothing but good so far has come from it. Why they bitch seems to me nothing other than grandstanding about who got here first. fuck em all. We have done our part more than fair. And we do better than them. Suck it, is how i feel.

            2. This conversation is a lot of fun in light of the announcement of a Gangs of New York TV show.

              We are here to settle for good and all who holds sway over H&R: us Natives, born RIGHT-WISE to this fine land, or the foreign hordes defiling it!

              1. WTF does RIGHT-WISE even mean?

  5. As per an earlier thread today, here is a link to a video of my own personal “myth busters” experiment from my shooting trip to the desert last weekend. Myth: A 9mm won’t penetrate a propane tank. Myth busted.

    1. Dialing furiously about the terrorist using explosives and guns with magazines holding more than seven rounds right now………I’m holding…..holding……it’s a long weekend and homeland security must have all taken long weekends…..still holding……pleasant music in the background… call is important to them……..

    2. HFS. My buddy keeps asking if he can come over to my place and shoot one of my propane tanks. Now that makes me want to give in.

      1. Not a good idea unless the tank is secure. I shot one once and the fucking thing took off like a rocket. I was lucky it didnt come my way.

        Oh, and the 9mm myth….it is a ;myth. The 9mm with hard bullets is a super penetrator. I cast 140 gr round nose bullets from wheel weights, drop them out of the mold into a bucket of water and they are hard as glass.

        They will shoot through a car, side to side, where most pistols wont even shoot through one car door.

        1. This is true. The tank rocketed over the hillside and started a small (large) brushfire that took a few minutes to contain…

        2. I decided to veto bright ideas like this in the future after witnessing a nasty chunk of shrapnel land on the leg (harmlessly thankfully) of the girl next to me…

      2. It was only the 2 pound portable bottle. I will try the 20 lb tank next time if my friends will chip in for the cost too…

        1. Tell your friend to hold the camera steadier next time. And maybe have something solid to shelter behind.

          1. It was my younger brother. And yes, he has been called out for it…

            1. playa manhattan| 3.28.13 @ 9:38PM |#
              “It was my younger brother.”

              You used your brother for shelter?! Doesn’t he get pissed?

  6. So what if after all this ammo and gun buying crime actually continues to go down? It must be Salon writer’s worst nightmare.

    1. Gun purchases have exploded over the last 5 years and crime has fallen to its lowest rate since 1958.

      The correlation between ‘more guns = more crime’ is basically the same as ‘violent cartoons = more crime.’ There isn’t any correlation.

  7. Fuck the pigs.

  8. I see that the ATF raided FPSRussia. He escaped being burned alive, so that’s good.

    1. He escaped being burned alive, so that’s good.

      ….and the dogs? Are ATF types big on dog killing?

      1. “….and the dogs? Are ATF types big on dog killing?”

        No, although they are not above it. They are mostly into arms trafficking, and extortion….mostly..

        1. Not bad . . . for a Pig.

        2. Err…they’re the ones known for stomping cats to death. They fucking pioneered pet killing.

    2. I though he did all of that stuff in Oregon….

      Either way, it boils down to “he blew shit up without a permit”.

  9. The cause? A run on supply from gun lovers afraid that Congress or state legislatures will impose new gun control laws in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting.

    Lying liar lies. The feds have bought 2 billion rounds of ammo, which may have something to do with shortages appearing elsewhere.

    1. P.S.

      No one has seriously proposed bans on any kind of guns aside from assault rifles

      Lying liar lies some more. DiFi’s list of banned guns includes pistols and shotguns

      1. your links… they need fixin’

        1. Damn you, Android!

      2. No one has seriously proposed bans on any kind of guns aside from assault rifles

        A lie.

        They act like the internet doesn’t exist, and us dumbass gun owners are’nt smart enough to use it if it did exist.

        1. Or they just assume that their readers will accept it as obvious and move on without bothering to confirm it.

    2. 1.6 billion to be exact, and that’s less than 5 rounds for every privately-owned firearm in the US. The DHS buy is worrisome, but that’s not the cause of the shortage — 40-60 million (possibly justifiably) panicking gun owners buying hundreds/thousands/tens of thousands of rounds apiece is.

      1. You don’t think 3.2 million boxes of ammo would contribute to any kind of shortage?

        Even if it only contributes to 5% of the shortage, it’s still contributing.

        1. Shortages occur at the margin. It’s not like ammo manufacturers maintain huge stocks of unsold ammo. It’s bad business. Any major shift in demand will cause shortages. Whether it’s the reaction to the political posturing after Sandy Hook or DHS buying 1.6 billion rounds.

  10. How often does the police department mentioned in the article shoot off rounds? I would think a small amount of ammo would last most police officers a very long time.

    1. So many dogs, so few bullets.

    2. If they have a reasonable firearms training regimen, they should be shooting off lots of rounds. If they have NYC-style bullshit, yeah, a single loaded magazine should easily cover the time between “requalifications”.

  11. Pryor’s problem, he explains to Salon, is that he’s having trouble finding ammunition and firearms for his officers

    I would like to think they are having trouble obtaining firearms because manufacturers are telling them to fuck off, but even if it’s just a case of, “Why sell to you at a discount, when I can sell to citizen firearms enthusiasts at full tilt retail (or more)?” I’ll take it.

  12. First off, this is bullshit since LE agencies are above consumers in the pecking order for getting ammo. So he’s “having trouble” finding ammo — well for us civilians it’s damn near impossible unless you spend all day driving around to gun shops or pay through the nose on GunBroker.

    no one in power ? Chris Rock doesn’t count ? has proposed major restrictions on bullets

    See what he did there? I’d consider the restrictions that NY and CA are putting on ammo purchases to be pretty damn major, and plenty of justification for stocking up. And of course this kind of thing snowballs: 5% of gun owners start buying as much ammo as they can get because they think the feds are going to ban/tax ammo purchases; then another 10% note that ammo stocks are getting lower at the stores and they start buying everything they can find fearing a shortage; and so on, until you have 40-60 million people each buying ammo whenever they see it.

    1. Yeah, I love the two-face talk of the gun grabbers.

      On one hand they talk about the murderous gun owners clinging to their weapons of mass destruction, and on the other they say they don’t want to do anything about it.

      If you’re not proposing anything that takes away any guns, or curtails anybody’s rights then how the hell will what you’re advocating make a goddamn difference?

      1. They’re not interested in making a difference. They’re interested in getting re-elected.

        1. They’re interested in getting re-elected.

          I was more speaking of the grabbers in the media and general population. I think they know that they are infringing our rights, but think, via stereotype, that we’re dumb enough to take them at their word.

          See the hamfisted attempt at a “hunter” in the ad I linked in the previous thread.

          They actually think that getting some honky with a mullet sitting on a pickup truck will turn the gun owners’ minds.

          1. I don’t think they believe for one second that some dope in a truck will change the minds of gun owners. That ad was intended to portray all gun owners as ape-draped, pickup driving morons who think nothing of pointing a loaded gun in the general direction of some kids. They’re trying to motivate the left to keep pounding the drum.

            Also, screw the damn server squirrels.

      2. Pretty much:
        ‘There’s nothing wrong with it. We didn’t do it. We won’t do it again. And we hope you believe this.”
        They simply hope those they address are as dumb as they are. See, oh, shithead for example.

  13. I linked to this the day it appeared on Salon. So there πŸ˜‰

    1. I wouldn’t be bragging about reading Salon, dude.

  14. I don’t know if this had been discussed already, sooo…I’ll just leave this here.


    1. “Billy the Fridge!” Gotta love it!

      1. A better version of the video;

        It gets funny at ~13:20

    2. Haha that is hilarious. Too bad it didn’t happen to his dad

    3. I’m much more interested in the live broadcasted crucifixion.

  15. And I just picked up another 500 rounds of Yugo surplus 7.62X39 tonight. Can’t shoot the cheap Russian bimetal stuff locally because of California environmental jackassery, so I have to pay for the brass cased stuff. Getting hard to find the Yugo, though, and I wonder if they’re making it harder to import.

    1. I was told that a lot of the ex-Warsaw pact ammunition (5.45/7.63×39 & 54) was going to re-equip Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, etc… militaries, and not as available for importers because of that. State actors have bigger budgets, for larger orders of munitions. I guess it makes sense…

    2. If you are in socal, I have some 7.62×39 that I don’t need anymore. I tried to buy a WASR10 when it was on sale, and then all of the unpleasantness happened. I had to transfer my down payment to an HK USC because they told me it would be a year before they got another AK in stock…

      1. Ugh. I feel you. I wanted to pick up a Saiga Sporter for the wife (she thinks my SKS is too heavy) but that’s not happening any time soon.

        I actually work in El Segundo, so if you’re serious on the ammo, let me know and I’ll swing by after work one night.

  16. A: Why is Alex Seitz-Wald interested at all in this topic while SCOTUS is evaluating gay marrige at the time.

    and B: this whole denial concerning the fact that we’re all being paranoidabout goverment agencies buying up all the ammo to keep the rest of us from getting any is making me paranoid.

  17. “Now government officials and their armed enforcers thin blue line against the criminal element are having trouble buying ammunition, just like everybody else. Boo fucking hoo.” Thank you Tucille, that needed to be said.

  18. The somewhat viable alternative to the 3D printed gun.



    1. I’ve seen that before and it is awesome.

      People always talk about someone “winning the internet” for some half-assed witty comment, but I think the internet was won long ago with the shovel AK.

      1. I think that forging an A.K. receiver out of a (metal) “gun free zone” sign would be the crowning achievement for my would be arsenal….

    2. The polar opposite of “Beating your swords into plowshares”

  19. The sooner all of us start reloading, the better.

    1. I started saving brass last summer, and fully intend to follow your plan.

    2. I have tons of brass, but can’t find a progressive press in stock.

  20. I was gonna say that ammo stockpilers are not responding to any real looming policy change or political reality, that hey are being made paranoid by ever-paranoid rightwing media and behaving irrationally. But I’ll concede the argument that it’s rational behavior responding to political uncertainty.

    But an ammo shortage for cops is a real social problem. That and the staggering amount of gun deaths in this country might present the necessity for some good strong gun and ammo restrictions.

    1. But I’ll concede the argument that it’s rational behavior responding to political uncertainty.

      So you admit then that an uncertain regulatory environment and uncertainty about future tax rates would result in people refusing to invest in businesses, thus resulting in higher unemployment, lower production and higher prices, correct? Or does political uncertainty only exist when you’re willing to admit it exists?

      1. No I’m pretty sure I was heavily implying that I think they’re paranoid victims of rightwing propaganda, but conceding the point for the sake of argument.

        Sure political uncertainty can affect market behavior. Which is not the same thing as saying that never raising taxes and only lowering them is the only cure to uncertainty.

        1. The restrictive laws passed in NY were just the paranoid fantasies of rednex and teabaggers, right?

          The ramblings of your Dear Leader, his big business cronies, and left wing authoritarians across the country were more hallucinations of the inbred class, as well, right?

          I’m just imagining the commercials I see that seek to infringe on the rights of working-class people,and are sponsored by (and starring) members of the top .01%, correct?

          1. Background checks and even the politically untenable ban on high-capacity magazines and “assault” weapons (untenable means they won’t happen) are not authoritarian moves. Yes, you are paranoid if you think the current movement in gun regulation is equivalent to you being hauled into camps.

            Only good political propaganda can make people so emotional over an issue so as to effect such policy stagnation.

            1. There are already background checks, and nobody said anything about camps.

              And any policy that would actually have any effect on gun violence would necessarily be much harsher than those proposed. You would have to go door to door confiscating firearms to maybe put a dent in gun crime, and even that probably wouldn’t work too well.

              1. Sounds like a good start.

                1. I thought nobody wanted that?

                  I was told that nobody is even considering stepping on anyone’s 2nd amendment rights, and that to entertain thoughts otherwise was “paranoia”.

                  1. Oh people are. I’d like to repeal the damn thing. Just nobody with any ability to actually influence policy.

                    1. So, no legislator (like a long time senator) has said anything of the sort?

                    2. There are tons of people like you in the halls of congress who would want to get rid of the 2nd amendment, but can’t because their party would be doomed to irrelevancy by 100 million gun owners who would vote for their opponent.

                      It’s the ‘paranoia’ of gun owners that is stopping people from being able to pass such a law. If you’re paranoid about something that would happen if you weren’t so paranoid…well that’s not really paranoia, is it?

                    3. As the great Dr. Hunter S. Thompson once said:

                      Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

            2. You are a fool or a liar if you think authoritarianism can’t be incremental. And you’re not very bright if you think background checks and “assault weapons” and magazine bans will have any effect on gun crime and gun deaths.

              1. You are a fool or a liar

                He’s a progressive. He’s both.

                1. By a minute, you irish bastard. I used malarkey in my post, though. I win.

                  1. This is why we double post, you naked fool. When you want to make a quip or a joke, you have to do it quickly, not as part of a longer post.

                    You break that shit up.

                    You are a fool or a liar if you think authoritarianism can’t be incremental.

                    Can’t he be both.

                    This would be one post.

                    And you’re not very bright if you think background checks and “assault weapons” and magazine bans will have any effect on gun crime and gun deaths.

                    Not to mention that WE ALREADY HAVE BACKGROUND CHECKS*.

                    *not yelling at you PSF, just tired of this background check malarkey.

                    This would be your second. Dammit, get this down. Then people won’t beat you to your quip and you’ll be able to post with substance. Come on, Colonel Ass Nudity, you’re better than this.

                    1. Advice taken, but next time include a “PROTIP” at the start to alert the reader.

                    2. If you don’t change your name to Colonel Ass Nudity, you’ve learned nothing.

                    3. If you cover what I’ll lose in prestige and a pay cut, I’ll totally do it.

              2. You are a fool or a liar if you think authoritarianism can’t be incremental.

                Can’t he be both.

                And you’re not very bright if you think background checks and “assault weapons” and magazine bans will have any effect on gun crime and gun deaths.

                Not to mention that WE ALREADY HAVE BACKGROUND CHECKS*.

                *not yelling at you PSF, just tired of this background check malarkey.

                1. I understand. And how is it that the very same people who think “universal background checks” are sensible, despite the rather plain language of the 2nd amendment, scream “CIVIL RIGHTS!!” at the thought of requiring people to show an ID to vote?

        2. So you think we’re ‘paranoid victims of rightwing propaganda’, but then you say

          ‘But an ammo shortage for cops is a real social problem. That and the staggering amount of gun deaths in this country might present the necessity for some good strong gun and ammo restrictions.’

          So which is it? Is everybody just paranoid, or do you really want to enact ‘strong gun and ammo restrictions’?

      2. It can’t be paranoia and uncertainty at the same time.

    2. Awww, tony’s jack-booted, baby burning, dog killers won’t have enough ammo, cry me a river…

      What happened in your life to make you such a sycophant to authority? It was something bad in your childhood, wasn’t it? You just couldn’t stand to see other kids having fun without including you, right? Were you were a tattle tale, then later turned to left-wing authoritarianism to quell your neo-puritanical urges?

      I’d almost feel bad for you if you weren’t driven by such hatred and violence.


      1. Corrupt as cops can be and cocky as they always are, I’d rather they have the guns than a segment of regular citizens who happen to skew toward debilitating paranoia.

        Our criminal justice system is fucked, but it’s fucked by politicians. I don’t think you’d want to do without law enforcement, really, ,whatever its quirks.

        1. Gun owners skew towards debilitating paranoia? Because gun owners tend to be older and white, namely a group that is incredibly unlikely to commit any crimes. This means that their ‘debilitating paranoia’ doesn’t actually result in any crime occurring.

          So you’re arguing that guns should be banned based on a mental state that doesn’t result in crime. You’re literally advocating a law based on thought crime.

          Of course, it would be awesome if you could provide any evidence that gun owners skew towards ‘debilitating paranoia’ but you haven’t offered any evidence for your positions the entire time you’ve been here, and I don’t expect you to now.

          1. Well paranoia isn’t a concretely defined pathology. I’m just saying if we’re letting citizens stockpile at the expense of law enforcement, it seems reasonable to assume that the selection of the population doing the stockpiling would skew toward the, uh, overly concerned.

            That’s the big problem with the argument that gun possession rights is about defending against tyranny. Who gets to decide when tyranny happens? The ones who are ready to shoot the first guy who steps on his lawn? No thanks.

            1. We know Tony, only our enlightened Progressive betters (and you!) get to decide when the real tyranny begins.

            2. It’s not my fault if people who you agree with politically are less willing to arm themselves.

              And you are really overgeneralizing about gun owners. I don’t know very many people who don’t own guns. And most of the people I associate with in real life skew pretty left in their politics. There are 100 million + gun owners in the US and they are hardly all right wing paranoid nutjobs.

            3. Our criminal justice system is fucked by politicians, but if only we would just cede to them a great deal of discretion about what we do and things would get better.

        2. Well, law enforcement does keep blacks and hispanics in a endless prison cycle, where they can remain victims (and used by you politically) perpetually; so I see where you’re coming from there.

          It’s sickening and terrible, but at least your lack of morality is grounded in a nauseating sort of rationality.

          Besides, the more you and your klan of privileged, white, neo-puritanical authoritarian scum call for restrictions of people’s rights, the more your claims of “paranoia” lose validity.

          1. Is lack of morality isn’t based on rationality.

            Our criminal justice system is fucked, but it’s fucked by politicians.

            So the same class of people he admits are at fault for the failures of our justice system should have near total control over the lives of Americans. He admits politicians fucked up our criminal justice system, yet he wants our schools, our economy and our lives to be run by these same politicians.

            He’s both irrational and lacking in morals.

            1. I posit, implicitly, that the failures he cites are a intended consequence that could later be used to further more draconian political aims.

            2. Politicians are inevitable, sweetie.

              1. Nobody said they weren’t.

                For all your disdain of politicians, you want to give them more power over our lives.

              2. Shorter Tony: Politicians are inevitable GIVE THEM INFINITE POWER.

                Couldn’t I use the exact same argument for corporations? Corporations are inevitable. WE MUST GIVE THEM TOTAL POWER OVER ALL OUR ACTIONS!

                Dogs are inevitable. WE MUST ASK THEIR PERMISSION BEFORE WE ACT!

                Hell, something akin to libertarianism may very well be inevitable, since it’s existed in some form nonstop since the enlightenment. So, Tony. Should we have infinite power and control over your life since we represent a long lasting, semi-inevitable political ideology?

                Also, way to dodge the point. Clearly I give you too much credit when I argue with you, since you aren’t actually capable of working your syphilis addled brain around a basic argument.

                1. Reasoning with the unreasonable is unreasonable.

          2. But you wouldn’t really know if you were overly paranoid, would you?

            1. Isn’t assuming an entire group of people is paranoid based on a consumer good they buy paranoid?

              It sounds like you’re pretty paranoid about the subject of supposed right-wing paranoia, Tony.

        3. Perhaps an epic ammunition shortage amongst the imposers of the states will might result in a significant drop in the murder rate, especially among the canine populace, oh, and.. people driving the wrong pick-up trucks, people at the wrong address, people answering the door after dark…at the wrong house, laying on ground…handcuffed, people being in the general location of Empire State Building, etc…and become a net positive to society. If it saves just one life, disarming the police must be worth it!….

        4. So, you’d rather have people who skew toward domestic violence have guns than people who, for some insane reason (like reading a history book or watching the news) think that states can be dangerous to their own people.

      2. I like how he never, ever answered your questions.

    3. Doesn’t Tony sound EXACTLY like James Taggart?

      I mean he’s a caricature of a Rand villain.

      1. Lefties are always mindlessly repeating the same tired old smears against Rand (her popularity grows anyway), saying her villains are unrealistic and “simplistic”. Then they almost quote Rand villains verbatim in every public forum, it is fascinating.

        They hate Rand because she had their number, and they know it, hence the daily stream of anti-Rand hit pieces written in the fevered desperation of a villain who knows his day of reckoning is coming.

    4. But an ammo shortage for cops is a real social problem.

      Think of the dogs,runnung wild with nothing to stop them!

      1. Don’t worry, the police can run them down with their cruisers.

    5. Yup. They’re paranoid because you think every law-abiding gun owner in the country is after you.

      Go contract a flesh-eating bacteria.

  21. only steers and queers come from Texas

  22. While gun nuts are typically white, most people who actually commit gun crimes are non Asian minorities.

    In fact, I hear the prison population typically democrat friendly and accepting of homosexuality….. in a way.

  23. “insincere frown of disappointment.”

    O!’s second term summed up, in advance.

  24. He’s a progressive. He’s both.

    Progressives are always looking at the end game. In this case the end game is total confiscation of firearms. They will never admit this, because that would be honest. So they take incremental steps saying it’s for the children or some other bullshit, when they know that their restrictions will not achieve their stated goal. That is because their actual goal and their stated goal are not the same.

    So yes. Liar and fool. Liar because they lie about their stated intentions vs their actual intentions, and fool because even when they achieve their actual goal it will not make anyone safer. All it will do is appease their fragile emotions that go crazy when they see a non-cop with a gun.

  25. Lets rollem up dude. Wow.

  26. Since the feds apparently have dibs on near term production, maybe the cops should go talk to them about that. Although I would prefer they don’t.

  27. “And it hurts us,” Pryor said. “This is ridiculous. This shouldn’t be happening to law enforcement.”

    Its ridiculous how shocked some people get when it becomes difficult to get something that they were not entitled to in the first place.

  28. I have read an article that Obama has purchased a great deal of trucks with DHS funds to fill them with ammo he has bought up from the stores with the gov officials. Why would he do that? Does he ‘really’ care about Americans or is he hell bent to destroy all of them? I have also read where he made a law to kill Americans with a DRONE should he decide to. Now I know why the illegals don’t want to become Americans!

  29. Now government officials and their armed enforcers thin blue line against the criminal element are having trouble buying ammunition, just like everybody else. Boo fucking hoo.

    Oh wait. Did President Obama just go on television today to reiterate his demand that we all get with the program and support tighter restrictions on firearms? Nothing to see here. Move along. Pay no attention to the man behind the insincere frown of disappointment.

    I love you, 2Chilly. Bravo.

    But law enforcement shouldn’t be subject to basic economics like everyone else! It’s not FAIR!!

  30. Especially in Texas? I think houses and guns can’t be seized for debt there. Correct me if I’m wrong. I would think Texans would be the first to stock up.

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