HHS Secretary Sebelius: Some Premiums Will Rise Under ObamaCare


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Is the administration gently trying to prepare the public for higher premiums under ObamaCare? Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius admitted yesterday that the health law would cause higher premiums for some in the individual insurance market, reports Reuters:

"Everything is speculation. I think there's likely to be some shifting in the markets," she told reporters at the White House.

The law, also known as "Obamacare," eliminates discriminatory market practices that have imposed higher rates on women and people with medical conditions.

It also limits how much insurers can charge older people. But while the changes are expected to lower costs for women, older beneficiaries and the sick, men and younger, healthier people will likely see higher rates as insurers try to hedge against continued risks.

"Women are going to see some lower costs, some men are going to see some higher costs. It's sort of a one to one shift … some of the older customers may see a slight decline, and some of the younger ones are going to see a slight increase."

Insurance premiums could rise for some with individual plans, she said, as Obama's Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act enhances the level of coverage and either eliminates or reduces the rate of price discrimination against people who are older, female or have preexisting medical conditions.

"These folks will be moving into a really fully insured product for the first time, so there may be a higher cost associated with getting into that market," Sebelius said.

Sebelius says that the hikes involved will be "slight," but insurance industry representatives have suggested otherwise. And as Reuters notes, a study released this week by the Society of Actuaries projects that on average, individual premiums will rise by 32 percent across the country over the next three years. 

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  1. “Senator, as I have explained over and over again… Despite my appearance, I am not, in fact, an applehead doll.”

    1. That is a slur on applehead dolls, you sick fuck. Stop ruining my childhood!

      1. I never could seem to fill up on them.

  2. If premiums are going to rise so much and so obviously that that lying bitch has to admit it all tells you prices are going through the roof. The whole thing almost makes me glad for justice Penaltax. There is some pleasure in watching these fuckers have to live with the consequences of their own stupidity.

    1. The problem is that we have to live with those consequences too.

      1. I said almost.

    2. Don’t kid yourselves, because there are no unforeseen consequences to Obamacare. We are getting exactly what the people that cobbled this leviathan together wanted, and that is massive price increases, drastic reduction in access and quality, horribly intrusive government mddling that will be blamed on the private sector companies now indentured to government, and finally angry people allowing government to implement a single payer system.

      This thing was enver intended to fix anything. Its true intention, like all regulation for the last 4 decades, has to overburden the system and collapse it, so the :crisis managers” can step in and take it all over. Single payer, baby!


    1. Seems legit.

    2. Count me in, I still haven’t achieved all of my 2008 goals.

      1. Oh shit, I just noticed I should wait until next January so I can get on the fast track.

    3. ooh.. a $1000 a month? Riches here I come!

  4. “It’s sort of a one to one shift”

    I’m sure she’d like to try to give more context, but that certainly sounds like the law isn’t going to actually reduce costs (as all those center-left wonks tried to tell us), but is only going to be a mix of subsidies and shifting around costs that’s going to increase health care consumption.

    That’s something that liberals favored anyway, but all these centrist folks were trying to swear that, no really, it was going to reduce costs and actually save money to subsidize something.

    1. The lefty commentators on this bill like Mickey Klaus and Ezra Klein were the height or rational stupidity. Nothing they said made sense at the time and everything that is happening now was totally foreseen by anyone with a brain.

    2. The delusion of the Left on this was even more intense then usual:

      “We’re going to create an enormous new government program that will give millions of people healthcare, and it won’t cost a dime.”

      1. It was better than that. It was going save money. We had to pass Obamacare because the alternative was bankruptcy.

        I said yesterday that the entire bill was premised on the assumption that people getting medical care paid for by insurance companies was somehow cheaper than them getting it paid for by themselves or written off by the hospital. It was completely retarded.

      2. They got the “Enormous” part right. 44,000 pages of rules…Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.

  5. Who could possibly have seen this coming?


    Herbalife, is that you?

  7. What difference at this point does it make?

  8. Off topic, but stupid is as stupid writes:


    1. I clicked that link and now I have a giant blot of stupid on my shirt. Thanks a lot.

    2. Hoarders!!! No mention of the billions of rounds DHS is buying for no apparent reason.

      1. That was my very first thought when reading the headline. It’s almost as though someone wants to create shortages and blame them on the public so that they can impose new restrictions on the public.

        1. And use their operatives in the media to put out the narrative. How is that article anything but a state run media?

          1. The author is too stupid to be a willing agent of the state. He actually believes that he is breaking important news about evil NRA bastards.

          2. Using propaganda against US citizens is illegal, therefore it’s not propaganda.

      2. That is addressed in the comments:

        WEDNESDAY, MAR 27, 2013 07:14 AM MDT
        you are a fucking moron.They planned on buying 1.5 billion over the next five years like they always do to keep cost down.You gun assholes are the most asshole paranoid nuts I have ever met.Grow the fuck up and get a pair of balls.You fucking wimp.

        1. Oh yeah, that is some real reasoned dialog.

    3. And the country’s dogs rejoiced!

      1. How many rounds, on average, does it take to put down one of these dangerous lap dogs, anyway?

    4. Thanks NRA.

      Though I think some others might be more to blame for it.

    5. I sell ammo as a side business and have plenty in stock, so I left a voice mail for Chief Pryor. We’ll see if he puts his money where his mouth is.

      1. Oh yeah? Got 9mm? How bout .223?

        1. Lots. Lots. I have stock in about 100 items and 25 calibers. Email me for a list.

  9. How high are the premiums for alt-text coverage?

    1. If you like your alt-text, you can keep it.

      1. That was one of your best posts ever.

        1. I was thinking the same thing.

          1. That is either a really nice compliment or a really sly insult. I am not sure which to be honest.

            1. I never joke about alt-text.

              1. That is true – Auric is the Prophet of Alt-Text … I consider myself merely a minor disciple.

  10. It’s always so hard to decide if they are evil or stupid. I usually just go with both.

    this Sibelius woman is no exception. Good god was a moron/evil bitch.

    1. They are both. Someone pointed out yesterday what happened. They came up with a mind bogglingly stupid idea. But by the time the realized how stupid it was and how they had no idea what they were doing it was too late. The only alternative was to back away and not pass anything. And they were too evil to do that because doing so would have made them looked weak and endangered dipshit’s re-election. So they pressed on and passed a bill they knew was going to be horrible.

  11. The whole point is to cause health care and health insurance to become totally unaffordable, blame it on the free market, and usher in single payer. Whatever they say is just a bunch of bullshit. They’re looking at the end game, and are willing to tell any lie necessary to get there.

    1. This seems plain as day to me – strange it gets no mention anywhere. There is no other way to get it so socialized that everyone pays the same regardless of usage.

      1. That is what they are going to claim. The problem is that there is no money for it. I don’t see how you enact single payer when the government is broke.

        What is more likely is the country goes into revolt in 2014 and the Democrats and up agreeing to repeal the worst parts of the bill and we stumble on for a few more decades as we are.

        1. The point of single payer is not to provide health care. It’s to keep rich capitalists from profiting off of the sick.

          It’s a moral issue. Profit is theft. Profit from health care is theft from sick people.

          Better to have lousy health care provided by the government than to have the rich profit off of top notch health care.

          1. I was scared we had yet another troll, then I remembered to recheck your pen-name.

        2. The problem is that there is no money for it.

          Sure there is – you’ve still got some money in your wallet, right? Fork it over. For the good of the people.

      2. There is another problem with that argument. Most low information voters think Obamacare is socialized medicine. Progtards so oversold the benefits of Obamacare and worked so hard to proclaim it as this historical achievement, they are now going to have a difficult time convincing people it was this half measure that was no big deal.

        1. If and when When it fails spectacularly, they won’t blame it on too much government involvement.

          The first rule of Prog Club is: When there is a problem, the government is there to fix it.

          The second rule of Prog Club is: When the government causes a problem, see Rule #1.

          1. That is what they think. But that dog isn’t going to hunt anymore. The low information voters they depend on for their free shit brigade think Obamacare meant free insurance and healthcare for all. When that doesn’t happen, the progs are going to play hell convincing them that no, “this time we really are giving you the pony”.

            1. Yeah right. They’ll believe what they are told and vote accordingly.

              1. unless they all get enrolled in Medicaid.

            2. I hope you’re right.

              1. What’s the alternative? Once shitty legislation like this is implemented, it is never undone. There’s no repeal. It’s not an option. The only way to move is forward. To single payer.

                1. Our best hope is still to see it fail spectacularly after we take some of the unpopular aspects of it out.

                  The whole damn house of cards depends on forcing people who usually don’t want to buy insurance to buy it anyway, and the individual mandate is still, I believe, wildly unpopular. If we get rid of it, and the whole thing collapses, we might get an opportunity to replace it with at least something better.

                  We should just keep going after the individual mandate in Congress.

                  To defend it, it’ll be fun to watch progs demonize poor people who don’t buy insurance as irresponsible, too. The whole purpose of this was supposed to be to help poor people who couldn’t afford insurance. When, instead, the progs end up demonizing poor people and siccing the IRS on the poor, it does a lot more than just expose the progs as duplicitous hypocrites.

                  It shows that they’re evil.

                  1. the progs end up demonizing poor people and siccing the IRS on the poor

                    What do you mean? The only reason the poor can’t afford insurance is profits. I mean, if the health insurance companies weren’t funneling all those profits to the rich, health insurance would be free!

                    Single payer!

                2. but suicide is painless….

      3. strange it gets no mention anywhere

        the only places that will mention it are the ones the mainstream press will villify as racists, outliers, quacks, and kooks.

        1. Like Reason.

    2. Compared to this shit, Canada’s healthcare does look better.

  12. And by “some” she means all.

  13. “I think there’s likely to be some shifting in the markets,” she told reporters at the White House.”

    What’s this about Kathleen Sebelius talking about markets shifting in response to…

    Oh noes! Have the Koch brothers gotten to her, too?!

  14. Insurance premiums could rise for some with individual plans, she said

    We were promised otherwise by Barry The Great, himself. Is she saying that Barry is a liar?

    1. Isn’t it obvious? You just misunderstood what Dear Leader said.

      1. He just didn’t realize how bad things really were. Imagine how much premiums would have gone up if they hadn’t passed Obamacare! It’s just like with the stimulus, it worked perfectly, it just wasn’t enough to overcome the amazing hurdles he has to face.

        1. If only those profit mongering capitalists weren’t wasting precious resources on profits. I mean, think of all the health care that could be given to starving children if the resources weren’t diverted to rich capitalists in the form of obscene profits. That’s the only reason why premiums are rising. Profits. Now if we could only take profits out of the equation. Hmmmm. Single payer!

  15. Good job bending that cost curve down you disingenuous fucknuggets!

  16. In short, every single claim that the administration and other Obamacare supports made in support of the legislation was a flat out lie.

    If you like you’re health insurance you’ll get to keep it – a lie.

    It will bend the healthcare cost curve down – a lie.

    The individual mandate is needed to alleviate the problem of cost shifiting by people without insurance – a lie (it was to INCREASE cost shifting).

    Health insurance costs will decline – a lie.

    “Practicing more “preventative” medicine will help reduce costs – a lie (it increases them by performing large numbers of tests on people who don’t need them).

    Now the exercise is all about trying to divert attention from the fact that they lied and blame someone (anyone) else for the perfectly predictable outcomes heading at us like a runaway locomotive.

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