VA Governor Signs Photo ID Voting Requirement Into Law

Voters will have to present photo ID to vote starting next year


(Reuters)—Virginia voters must have photo identification starting next year under a measure Republican Governor Bob McDonnell signed into law on Tuesday.

Virginia Republicans have said the law will prevent voter fraud, while Democrats have called it a maneuver to suppress the votes of older people, minorities and the poor.

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  1. Requiring an ID to vote (or just about anything else) stands the entire premise of the American experiment on its head. People create government and authorize its existence; government does not create rights – it limits them. The most fundamental right is the right to say “I am”.

    Further, the grand experiment is based on the premise of the decency of individuals. Stripping the mass of people of their right to vote unless they show a government issued ID suggests a belief that the cheaters amongst us are so numerous that they can make a significant difference in the outcome of an election or referendum; the data do not support that conclusion.

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