Iowa Lawmakers Shoot Down Eased Homeschooling Rules

Don't want families educating kids other than their own


Iowa senators expect to debate changes for the state's school system Tuesday. One point of contention is homeschooling.

Some senators want people to be able to homeschool up to four kids besides their own children. Others question whether that hurts the children by giving them a lesser education.

State Senator Bill Dotzler agrees with the latter opinion, "We're going to remove the language that allows homeschoolers, teachers to homeschool unrelated kids – up to 4 – in a home school environment with no type of testing or anything, so we think that's pretty crazy."

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  1. No surprise there. The cities in Iowa are as progressive as they come, and cities usually exert a strong pull on their states.

    Thing is, those tests the state gives are absurdly easy for a homeschooler to pass. Public administrators are responsible for making these tests, and said administrators always underestimate their own crushing stupidity. It’s public school kids who fail them.

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