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Atlas Shrugged Part III To Roll, It's Officially Official


Although producer and financier John Aglialoro let the cat out of the bag in early February, as readers of Reason 24/7 already knew, the Atlas Shrugged movie team made the official announcement today that, despite losing a reported over $20 million on the first two parts, they are going to finish telling the full Atlas saga in film form, as they wish to. 

From their press release:

Today, Atlas Productions, LLC officially announced that "Atlas Shrugged Part 3", the third and final installment of the Atlas Shrugged movie trilogy, has been officially greenlit with principal photography to begin later this year…

Aglialoro's company produced and distributed Parts 1 and 2, and has set a USA theatrical release for Part 3 in the Summer of 2014.  Parts 1 and 2 are now currently available on DVD and internet download.

Producer Harmon Kaslow said, "Our number one goal with Part 3 is to pull the prescient message of Atlas off of the page and project it clearly onto the screen. Ayn Rand drew incredibly sharp archetypes with stark backdrops.  Our goal with Part 3 is to bring these characters to life as accurately as possible and celebrate Rand's message."

The first two films featured different casts and director, and no actors or director are yet announced for Part Three.

Hollywood Reporter on the announcement:

"The message of Atlas Shrugged is far greater than any particular political movement and our intention is to convey that message as clearly as possible," Kaslow tells The Hollywood Reporter. "We are ultimately confident that we're going to have absolutely no direct impact on the looters already entrenched in Washington. We are however equally as confident that if we let Atlas speak for itself, we can have an impact on the voters that put them there."

Production and marketing budgets for the first two films were between $10 million-$20 million apiece, and the third will be made and marketed for less than $10 million…

As with the first two films, Part 3 will hit theaters at a politically advantageous time—summer of 2014, just ahead of the midterm elections. Part 1 was released on April 15, tax day, 2011, and Part 2 opened in October, 2012, just ahead of the November presidential election.

Hostile jokers on the Internet who haven't bothered to read Rand and understand her as some sort of prophet of profit above all seem to find a snickering irony in these filmmakers following their muse. The entire point of her 1943 novel The Fountainhead was of the prime importance of the creative artist, who should and will do the work they want to do, whether or not the world rewards them for it. The Atlas film project, whatever your opinions of its merits, is in a very Randian spirit all the way.

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The story of Rand's life and impact is told in my book Radicals for Capitalism: A Freewheeling History of the Modern American Libertarian Movement.

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  1. Any word on whether they are going to make Atlas Shrugged Part IV: Galt’s Speech Part I and Atlas Shrugged Part V: Galt’s Speech Part II?

    1. Those are being planned as TV miniseries.

    2. I never did read that. And I don’t plan on every trying, either.

    3. Atlas Shrugged Part V: Galt’s Speech Part II

      I never got that far, I just assumed that everybody commits suicide halfway through the speech. The end.

      1. I systematically skipped all of the speeches. Nothing has made me hate exposition more than Rand has.

        1. I always think it’s funny when progressives try to paint libertarians as being hopeless ‘Randroids’ even though I’ve never seen libertarians talk about Ayn Rand without half of them mocking her and the other half admitting that it’s a guilty pleasure.

          1. It’s not so much a guilty pleasure as you finish the chapter and think to yourself “Man, that statist tool made such a wooden and openly evil argument, what an unbelievable character.” Then you flip the TV on, and some politician is saying the exact same thing, word for word. Then you turn the TV off, and sigh, and poor a drink.

            1. Oh, hell to the yeah. I’ll admit to occasionally thinking the villains of “Atlas” were cardboard cutouts, but then I read Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism”. Some of the (sadly very real) quotes could have come directly from Dr. Floyd Ferris or Orren Boyle.

          2. Apparently I’m the only one who read the whole speech.

            Maybe reading the whole speech is what turns a libertarian into a liberal.

            1. no, that’s what sniffing paint thinner does.

    4. This will be the first monologue longer than the fight scene at the end of Episode III.

  2. The first two films featured different casts

    Given the decline in production values and acting skill from Part I to Part II, I’m predicting Part III is directed by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, in the form of a musical filmed entirely using marionettes.

    1. That would actually be pretty awesome and I’d go see it.

      1. Only because you don’t realize how anti-life marionette strings are. Why do you hate mankind, Mr. Man?

    2. You’re telling me it’s going to star MATT DAMON?

      1. That’s the edited down version of the big speech:

        “Who is John Galt?” “MATT DAMON!”

      2. Matt Damon will play Tinky Holloway.

    3. I would absolutely watch a Matt Parker/Trey Stone production of Atlas Shrugged. How has no one had this idea yet?

      1. Stone and Parker would parody the shit out of it, especially considering the low opinion of AS they put on Officer Breitbart’s lips in the chickenlover episode. Peikoff would suicide bomb the studio if they tried that.

        1. Atlas Shrugged kind of deserves to be parodied. The 40 page long speeches might be a touch melodramatic.

        2. Peikoff blowing himself up would be its own reward.

    4. After seeing the decline in production values from I to II, I proposed, on these pages, that they do Part III in claymation.

    5. I like it. Objectivist marionettes would be ironically meta.

      1. Hipster detected.

      2. Where’s that OWS puppeteer? I see a job opportunity.

  3. How much could it cost to have the actor playing Galt just recite the speech? Because that alone would be a feature-length movie.

    That being said, I’ve long maintained that a novel of that length is better suited for a TV miniseries, maybe put it on Netflix a la ‘House of Cards’.

    1. I totally agree. I only saw Part I, and while I enjoyed it, there was so much missing, although I hope that they will condense John Galt speech like I did when I read it. I can’t believe there are people who actually waded through those 90+ pages. Man, talk about filibuster material!

      1. It would be awesome if Rand read the entire speech for his next filibuster.

      2. Part one sucked balls. A real opportunity squandered. You’ve got an epic novel on a fucking shoestring budget. You pack two weeks worth of reading into 90 minutes. Anyone who hadn’t read the book several times couldn’t possibly grasp the deeper message. I had been looking forward to the movie for years (since it was first rumored) and that’s the piece of shit they sell me? Fuck them.

        I hear part two was better, but I haven’t bothered to rent it yet.

        1. I hear part two was better,

          You heard wrong.

    2. Was going to say, production costs for Part III should be dirt cheap.

  4. They really shouldn’t bother. The first film was awful enough that I didn’t bother seeing the second one. Needing a different cast for the 2nd movie should have been the stopper right there. Why keep throwing money down the hole on this project?

    They really need to start over, find better funding and a better producer and director.

    1. I’ve heard that in retrospect, after Part II, Part I isn’t all that bad.

      1. after getting hit by a train, being thrown down a flight of stairs is easy

      2. after getting hit by a train, being thrown down a flight of stairs is easy

        1. After posting a comment once, posting it again is easy.

          1. double-clicking submit will doublepost.

          2. double-clicking submit will doublepost.

      3. Part I had a few redeeming qualities, if at a lifetime original production quality. II got rid of all of those.

        1. No matter how much I admire the producer’s precious sticktoitiveness, I think, maybe, they should try to gain inspiration from Part I and hire all of those people back.

          1. I just want Armin Shimerman back as Dr. Floyd Ferris. Is that so wrong?

    2. Just go watch Iron Man 2. It covers all the themes of Atlas Shrugged.

      1. http://www.cracked.com/article…..nings.html

        Bingo! Iron Man 2 accomplished much of what Ayn Rand did in Atlas Shrugged, only better.

  5. Jeezus, did Ayn Rand write some sorta Tolkien appendices from which the filler material is coming to make this a full trilogy?

    1. Cate Blanchett as Taggart and Martin Freeman John Galt?

    2. And in my labs stirs the Rand-Tolkien hybrid. Soon…

  6. Atlas Shrugged III: No one really wants to, but we’re doing it anyway

    1. Atlas Shruggeed III: Shrug Harder

      1. Live Free or Shrug Hard

      2. Atlas Shrugged IV: Shrug with a Vengeance

        1. Atlas Shrugged IV: A New Hope

      3. Atlas Shrugged IV: A good Day to Shrug hard

        1. Atlas Shrugged II: Electric Shrugaloo

    2. Atlas Shrugged III: The Search For Galt

      Actually, AS II: The Wrath of Galt

      Would kind of work, too.

  7. Speaking of movies, anyone read about the Alongside Night movie? J. Neil Schulman has made a few changes (Dr. Maureen Fischer in the novel is now Dr. Murray Konkin in the movie, as a nod to the two intellectual giants). It features Kevin Sorbo and Adam Kokesh! I think it’s destined to become the libertarian cult classic.

    1. Had not heard of it. Looks like a straight to video kind of thing, given that the lead actor, Kevin Sorbo, is a B lister at best. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Hercules and that sci fi show he did, but the guy is no box office draw. I haven’t heard of any of the other actors and the director appears to have only a small amount of experience. We’ll see.

      1. TIL Jesus Christ has never heard of Jake Busey

  8. And the cast for THIS part will be…

    1. Mike Meyers playing every male role?

  9. I have not seen either film. Heck, I haven’t even read the book. I received a copy, but the print was too small for me to read. I got a larger version with bigger print, and the damn print is still too small. At that point I gave up. If I ever buy an iPad or similar device where I can control the font size I may give it a try.

    1. I think I downloaded it to teh Kindelz for free.

    2. They let you read Atlas Shrugged on an iPad for free in hell if you kill retarded children or something similarly evil.

      1. You have to get to be one of the overseers at Foxconn, whipping the child laborers as the assemble iPads they will never afford.

    3. Yay!

      Sometimes I get lonely, feeling like I’m the only one who hasn’t read the book or watched the movies.

      It took me a long time to catch on to “Dagny T.”

      1. I read the book, and it was a great concept, but the execution sucked. The Fountainhead was a much better novel qua novel.

        1. The Fountainhead was pretty damn good. That could work as a movie AS should be a miniseries.

          1. Didn’t the Simpsons already do The Fountainhead?

            1. Despite the expected, unnecessary, and ignorant stabs at Rand from the liberal Simpsons writing staff, the Fountainhead vignette starring Maggie was actually a fairly decent and respectful take on the source material.

          2. The Fountainhead was made into a movie back in 1948. Unfortunately Ayn Rand wrote the screenplay, so the movie has problems you can probably expect: Rand didn’t really know how to write a good screenplay, and the characters don’t really sound human since nobody talks in Ayn Rand speeches.

            Promotional still of Howard Roark and Dominique Francon.

            1. I’ve seen the DVD. It’s always sold in the specialty (read: “hipster”) section of stores. Never seen it sold for less than $14.99. Not bad considering the reception Atlas Shrugged 2/3 has gotten.

          3. Gary Cooper starred in The Fountainhead in 1949. Rand wrote the screenplay. That was a bloody awful film as well.

  10. If they’re trying to reach an audience beyond the Objectivist choir, they really should have made it into one 150 minute or so movie. That would avoid the problems with changing casts and directors and save a ton of money. It would have been hard, and a lot of the Objies would freak because you left some important point out of the film, but oh well.

    This isn’t like Star Wars or Nightmare on Elm Street or LOTR/Hobbit where you have a popular franchise to cash in on so you drag it out as much as possible.

    1. Yeah, just go full Heaven’s Gate on the movie.

      1. By “go full Heaven’s Gate”, do you mean terrible movie or terrible religion?

        1. Of course, the Michael Cimino movie.

  11. it should be remade as one movie. set on Mars. with Snake Plissken.

    1. I think you’re going to need at least two sets. The whole “why are all the industrialists vanishing?” thing is going to look silly if Galt’s Gulch is just the other side of the room.

      1. it starts on Phobos 100 years after it becomes Galt’s Gulch. Snake is thawed out to go down to a devolving Obama City to rescue an important person and some technology. Along the way he meets a lot of characters and kills bad guys while racing the clock to avoid a micro nuke exploding in his shoulders.

        1. Work in a role for Samuel L. Jackson, and we can start shooting in 2 weeks.

  12. The only reason I sat through the first one to the end was the sexy blonde who played Dagny.

    1. Started watching part 2, couldn’t finish it.

      The new Dagny is not sexy anymore. Awful casting in the second one.

    2. So I wasn’t the only one, eh?
      Taylor Schilling, the ideal Dagny Taggart

  13. Will they be bringing Taylor Schilling back?
    If not, then I’m not wasting my time

  14. For all those who would inflict childish name calling and useless labels I would ask them to read and understand Ayn Rand’s writings first. Understanding the premise of her thought process and the casting of characters is of utmost importance.

    This country and our world has been in crisis for decades. We spend more than we earn, we want before we can pay for, we believe we deserve more than we’re willing to work for. We teach our children that winning isn’t important when the world was made for winners and losers! Winning being the ability to work hard and fail once in a while, while losing is giving up, using pity as a tool that justifies being given something for nothing in return! One can win and still fail. To fail does not mean your a loser! you only become the loser when you let one, two, even three failures stop your momentum! This is why “Atlas Shrugged” is one of the most important literary works of our time and beyond. The story must show the almost unbelievable, which is not as far fetched as one may think, to bring the reader or watcher to the answers we need before we are what this book and movie portray. We are not far from this beaten path, don’t take things for granted, Ayn Rand most assuredly did not!!

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