"What About the Roads?" a Bankrupt Anti-Libertarian Argument

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Libertarians have to deal with a lot of nonsense when making their case. Invariably, if a libertarian suggests any reduction in the power of the state, he is regaled with this supposedly devastating rejoinder:

"So, I suppose I won't see you driving on any of those government roads."

h/t Charles WT

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  1. Yeah, that’s really working out well in SOMALIA!

  2. This quote annoys me:

    In fact, it’s the crony capitalists that benefit the most from government-subsidized roads. Just ask yourself who benefits more from a new road being built: the everyday commuter or the corporate manufacturer of goods who can ship his products more cheaply? The road increases his profits and he gets the rube taxpayer to underwrite his capital investment in the name of “the public good.”

    Sure the cronies get benefits and have more voice in the road location and design, but it’s not like they don’t pay fuel and other taxes.

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