Christie is Against Gay Conversion Therapy, Netanyahu Apologizes for Flotilla Raid, Obama Promises Jordan $200 Million: P.M. Links


Credit: The National Guard / / CC BY
  • New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has confirmed that he is against gay conversion therapy. 
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has apologized to the Turkish prime minister for the 2010 raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla that left several Turkish nationals dead. 
  • Obama has promised Jordan $200 million in aid, which I'm sure is easy to explain to the kids who couldn't go on tours of the White House
  • In other news on sensible spending, the Pentagon wants $49 million for a new prison at Guantánamo Bay for "special" detainees. 
  • France's highest court and an advisory council have both dismissed the 75 percent income tax on the wealthy.

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