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Brickbat: Big Bullies


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Eileen Parkman sprang into action when she saw several fifth-grade boys beating an autistic student at the elementary school she attended in Hawaii. Parkman, who was then in second grade, told them to stop. Instead, they knocked her down and stepped on her. That began a series of incidents in which the boys hit her or threw things at her. School officials didn't seem to be able to stop the boys, but they threatened to report her family to Child Protective Services if they removed Eileen from the school. The parents finally did take her out of the school, and the Maui Autism Center presented her with an award for bravery. The boy she tried to protect, however, is still in the school and still being bullied.

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  1. Parkman said school officials told him that if he pulled Eileen from the school, then officials would report him to Child Protective Services because he could be violating school attendance policies. So, he held off.

    But after taking Eileen to doctors several times after getting beaten, doctors warned Parkman that Eileen was not safe. He then removed her from the school.

    Child Protective Services, it’s all about protecting the children.

    1. Well in CPS’s defense (in this case only!!) they didn’t do anything. Just the school threatened to call them.

      Might have been an empty threat or they could have just been too lazy to follow through on it.

      1. That’s true.

      2. The fact that she wasn’t pulled out of school because of the threat is despicable. Assholes all.

  2. The starter-prison bureaucrats won’t put a lid on bullying? I’m so surprised. Why, it’s almost as if they’re trying to raise the next generation of brutal government minions or something.


    1. Actually I am kind of surprised, I thought bullying was the big thing these days.

      I suppose it’s only when they make pop-tarts into the shape of guns that actual bullying occurs.

      1. Lip service vs. action.

        Action that will 1. Bring attention (the bureaucrats BANE!) to you, and 2. likely lower your enrollment.

        The anti-bullying agenda is not a suicide pact!

      2. The state is the biggest bully of them all.

        1. The state is the biggest bully of them all.

          Currently headed by a Kenyan Hawaiian bully!

          1. If George Zimmerman is a “White Hispanic”, does that make Barack Obama a “Mulatto Hawaiian”?

            1. If George Zimmerman is a “White Hispanic”, does that make Barack Obama a “Mulatto Hawaiian”?

              Maybe, but he’s definitely not Heroic.

    2. Connected bullies become state operatives. Other bullies become fodder to support the expansion of the criminal justice system, ensuring handsome wages and pensions for the connected bullies. It’s almost too perfect…

  3. But when Eileen endured more retaliation, Parkman said he received no help from school officials.

    He and his mother offered to help serve as school field monitors, but they were turned away, he said.

    Can’t do their own job, won’t let you do it either.

    But what a great kid she is

  4. Reason #985 to homeschool your kids.

    1. Good lesson on government authority, though. Not only can they not protect you, they will prohibit you from protecting yourself.

      1. I support sending kids to public school for this reason. They need to learn early on how to deal with the world we live in. They need to see what happens when you give someone too much authority. What better lesson is there on the state of freedom in the modern world than public schools?

        1. Sure. It’s working so far. Look how many libertarians state schools have created via daily object lessons. Excellent.

          1. True, it’s not producing a lot of libertarians, but it is managing to produce a lot of cynical people who don’t vote. That’s gotta count for something.

        2. I don’t think you need to have someone suffer a 12 year prison sentence to teach that person the problems with authority.

        3. So yesterday my wife was talking about the Facebook/gun/cops/CPS case. When she gets to the part about the cops wanting to see the guns, both daughters say, in unison, “Do you have a warrant?”

          They’re learning pretty well without involving public schools.

          1. Night Elf Mohawk,

            You have some pretty smart daughters. Thank you for not sending them to public indoctrination camps!

  5. Yeah, I could never have a kid in school like that. I’d just pay (in small unmarked bills) some 12 year old to go beat the living shit out of the ‘bullies’ and then deny every thing.

    1. Yeah, I could never have a kid in school like that. I’d just pay (in small unmarked bills) some 12 year old to go beat the living shit out of the ‘bullies’ and then deny every thing.

      I couldn’t either.

      There is a good chance that I would have been arrested were I put in this situation because the school authorities would have gotten the shit beaten out of them as they were asked if they liked it.

  6. It was wrong for them to take her out of school. Those bullies are just preparing them for taking the jackboot of authority in the face over and over.

  7. That actually makes a LOT of sense dude.

    1. Annonbot, please enlighten us. What part makes the most sense to you? Is it the school telling the parents they will contact CPS if they take their kids out of school? Or is it something else?

      1. you’re very sure anonbot is responding to the post. It used to do so, sure, and that’s why we thought it was achieving sentience. My theory is it’s tried sentience, not been impressed by it, and gone straight to dementia

        1. Anonbot has transcended sentience – it is now pure being-ness.

        2. So Anonbot is “The Computer” from the old Paranoia RPG?

      2. Beating up an autistic kid, obviously.

        1. I don’t think Anonbot is either autistic or a kid. Anonbot is a higher form of life that is so advanced its utterances are beyond the grasp of mere mortals. Anonbots posts will bring great power to those who can properly decipher them.

          1. So its more like a Zen koan or such?

            1. Mu.

            2. Shuzan held out his short staff and said, “If you call this an advertisement , you oppose its reality. If you do not call it an advertisement, you ignore the fact. Now what do you wish to call this?”

              1. [smacks Shuzan]

                I call it a “Fuck you, that’s why”.

  8. Ah, the plight of the haole in Hawaii. If her last name had only been Lyons or Cooke or Dole, because really only the newcomers are out to exploit Polynesians.

    1. Are you from Hawaii? I have heard of such discrimination but do not know much about the situation never having been there myself. Are there lots of private schools there that cater to the children of transplanted mainlanders?

      1. I was born in Hawaii and while I left there at five-years after my parents moved in total frustration solely based on education concerns after trying at least four solutions with my two older siblings, I learned enough as an underage of the retarded contempt of mainland ‘whites’.
        It is ironic because all of the wrongs to native Hawaiians was perpetrated by accepted Missionary whites who expolited the natives but married into them. They are the kama’ainas
        Somehow, newcomers proxy for that old landgrab, but old established are set free by the proxy.
        I fully suspect that this ‘lily white’ girl was a victim of this idiot mentality. I read the article but it hid the identities of the perps. I am guessing that they are boys of an at least accepted island heritage.
        If you are ‘white’ and want your children to feel the sting of bigotry, bring them up in the 50th state.

        1. disclosure: I now work in an environment with not an unfew number of colleagues from the 50th State. All are of mixed heritage but all can call Hawaii as the homeland of their ‘people’ much as I call California the land of my ‘people’.

          Mostly, they are intrigued by my birth and short sejourn in their homeland (especially as non-military), but they are also not unapologetic to the claims that I make. They know that the shit goes on. As a non-threatening haole, I have the esteem of all.

    2. I thought it was kind of weird, there was bullying in my school of course, but I never recall girls getting physically bullied by older guys.

      1. I thought it was kind of weird, there was bullying in my school of course, but I never recall girls getting physically bullied by older guys.

        If girls had been picked on in my school, the bullies would have had their asses handed to them. But that was a different era evidently.

        1. Feminism dictates that it is perfectly acceptable to let little girls be beaten up and do nothing about it. To do something about it would be to accept the Victorian paradigm that the feminists were fighting against.

          This is what the public indoctrination camps are now teaching.

          1. Feminism

            What an abomination. I still open doors for women, pull out the chair for my wife and daughter when they sit, put my hand out to help them if they need it. You know, gentlemanly things. I do get really weird looks from people though, especially women.

        2. Seriously, when I was a kid physically picking on a girl would have set someone up for an immediate ass-kicking.

      2. Yeah I never saw that either. It seems like it should be pretty rare.

        Then again, maybe the system has sufficiently emasculated those boys so that they no longer can see any difference between themselves and an 8 year old girl.

        1. maybe the system has sufficiently emasculated those boys so that they no longer can see any difference between themselves and an 8 year old girl.

          Given that schools have pretty turned into feminist indoctrination camps, this actually sounds fairly likely.

    1. This is a problem with the concept of the nation-state. It is the nation-state that we should be opposing, not this or that form of the nation-state.

      This reminds me of a recent thread:…

      1. I agree. Though, I strongly disagree with your characterization of the Ashkenazim in the thread you linked to. Unfortunately, I have to go to work so I don’t have time to refute.

  9. Look for this incident to initate a Two Minutes Hate against charter schools and private sector partnerships in public ed.

    Kamali’i Elementary School was the first school in the State of Hawaii to be built in partnership with a private developer; Everett Dowling and Co. Kamali’i opened on August 19, 1996 as a year round school and was the first public school in the state to adopt the wearing of school uniforms.

    1. So it is just another public school. “built in partnership with” does not mean “fully private”. In any case home schooling is better than even fully private schools in most cases.

    2. Hey, HM, this is tangential, but a serious question. The crescent-moon-and-star, um, emblem is astronomically impossible, so what’s up with that?

      1. Rich,

        Via Wikipedia : “Along these lines, some scholars maintain that later use of the symbol arose from Babylonian mythology in which the juxtaposition of Sin (moon god, father of time) and Shamash (supreme ruling sun god, judge of heaven and earth) was a metaphor for the cosmic powers given to the Babylonian king to rule.”

    3. In California all schools are built by private developers, simply because there is no state agency that builds schools. I’m somewhat aghast that State of Hawaii actually has a bunch of developers on the state payroll.

  10. Citing student privacy laws that don’t allow official comment on such cases, Department of Education spokeswoman Donalyn Dela Cruz declined last week to address the specific incident

    Oh, bullshit. You can’t say a fucking *thing* about the incident? Citation of the “laws that don’t allow official comment” needed.

    Maui Autism Center … founder Howard Greenberg … called for “more kindness in the school system.”

    Seems there needs to be more *clobberin’*, Howard.

  11. I hate to go all “middle aged” but back in my day if someone bullied you you told your parents, your parents talked to the bully’s parents, the bully’s dad kicked the bully’s ass and the whole thing was settled. I seem to remember it being a very effective system.

    1. I got the “You don’t throw the first punch but you better throw the last.” Took me a few years but I finally won a fight and I beat the kid pretty bad. He was a Senior and I a Sophomore…Bullying ceased after that and I had 2.8 decent years of High School.

  12. A good buddy of mine grew up in Hawaii. He always tells me that bullying in the continental US will never compare. He’s a flaming liberal, but when reflecting on the beatings, he frequently uses the term “reverse-racism” without batting an eye. Apparently being white in a Hawaii public school isn’t all sunshine and privilege.

    The stories are pretty awful.

    1. He also has a good head on his shoulders, nice job, and easily develops good, long lasting relationships with people. He’s my exhibit A that bullying is only a problem if you let be one and the repercussions of the bullying “epidemic” is overblown.

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