If You Don't Support an 'Assault Weapon' Ban, You Hate Children and Want Them to Die


Daily News

The front page of today's New York Daily News(right) features photographs of the children Adam Lanza murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December, tastefully arranged in a square around the headline "SHAME ON U.S.: Assault-Weapons Bill Is Dead." Because if you oppose the absurdly arbitrary "assault weapon" ban sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), you hate children and want them to die. Inside, under the headline "Spineless Pols Spit on the Graves of Newtown Victims by Not Pushing for Assault Weapons Ban," Daily News columnist Mike Lupica says "any fool knows that Lanza couldn't possibly have killed as many children as quickly as he did on the morning of Dec. 14 without an assault weapon in his hands." Lupica is right. That is what a fool knows, or thinks he knows. But is it true?

Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee in January, Independence Institute Research Director David Kopel, a leading gun policy scholar, noted:

The murderer at Sandy Hook fired 150 shots over a 20-minute period, before the police arrived. In other words, a rate of fewer than 8 shots per minute. This is a rate of fire far slower than the capabilities of a lever-action Henry Rifle from 1862, or a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle from 2010. Indeed, his rate of fire could have been far exceeded by a competent person using very old technology, such as a break-open double-barreled shotgun.

So Lupica, like other supporters of Feinstein's bill, is simply wrong to think that Lanza needed a special sort of gun to fire as fast as he did. In any case, as Kopel pointed out, the criteria that legislators use to identify so-called assault weapons "do not ban guns based on how fast they fire, or how powerful they are." Rather, "the definitions are based on the name of a gun, or on whether a firearm has certain superficial accessories (such as a bayonet lug, or a grip in the 'wrong' place)." Feinstein's bill, for example, would ban the Bushmaster rifle that Lanza used by name while specifically exempting other rifles (such as the Ruger Mini-14, as long as it has a fixed stock) that fire the same ammunition just as quickly.

Lupica suggests that children's lives "could have been saved that morning if Adam Lanza had only been firing away with a handgun." In reality, handguns are the weapons favored by mass killers, including the one responsible for the deadliest shooting by a single gunman in U.S. history, at Virginia Tech in 2007. A handgun (a revolver) was also the weapon that San Francisco Supervisor Dan White used to assassinate fellow Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone in 1978. That is the incident that Feinstein, who was a supervisor at the time and succeeded Moscone as mayor, cites to explain her persistence in pushing an "assault weapon" ban. "At a Senate hearing last week," The New York Times notes, "Ms. Feinstein said that she still could not get out of her mind looking for the pulse of Mr. Milk, her colleague at the time on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, and in the process 'putting my fingers in a bullet hole.'"

Feinstein was responding to a question from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who had the temerity to suggest that her bill violates the Second Amendment. Dan White's crime is clearly irrelevant to the constitutional issue, and it does not even make sense as symbolism. Because White killed Milk and Moscone with a revolver, Feinstein was essentially saying, we cannot tolerate barrel shrouds on rifles. Presumably Lupica, who praises Feinstein as "tough" and "noble," thinks that is also something that any fool knows. But it is hard to see how someone who is not a fool could believe it. 

[Thanks to Michael Sohm for the tip.]

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  1. Oh my, the BAN BONER crowd’s crocodile tears are so yummy and sweet. Suck it, you pathetic control freaks. You really thought dead children were your ticket to control. So sorry, cunts.

    1. What they really need is a bigger pile of dead children on which to stand. That way people from across the country will see and solute the bloody shirt that they wave like a flag.

      1. I’m sure they’re all hoping waiting for a larger, more horrifying copy-cat event. Then we’ll all see the error of our ways and submit to their enlightened view of the world.

        1. You joke, except they are. The more dead children, the bigger their BAN BONERS can get. And they like it that way.

      2. “What they really need is a bigger pile of dead children on which to stand.”

        Fear not, the Drones are on their way.

        1. You idiot. Children killed at the hands of some crazy gun-toting wacko are tragic victims of America’s backwards gun culture.

          Children killed by Obama’s armada of flying killer robots are valid targets in America’s ongoing war on everything, which keeps you safe at night.

          Keep it straight.

        2. Those children don’t count. Wrong skin colour.

    2. I didn’t think you would be correct in your previous assumption that this “piece of shit” legislation would fail!

      I bow to your superior grasp of the situation.

    3. Someone should tell the Daily News you never go Full Retard.

  2. “any fool knows that Lanza couldn’t possibly have killed as many children as quickly as he did on the morning of Dec. 14 without an assault weapon in his hands.”

    That’s right, you fucking ghoul. If he had a .22 pistol, like the Jokela shooter, he’d only have killed nine and injured 12.…..l_shooting

    1. If I were going on a mass shooting, I’d taking a twelve gauge with a full tube, open choke, and side-saddle shell holder. Probably loaded with single-ought shot.

      Should be able to put over a pound of lead downrange in a couple of minutes, so I can just about guarantee a higher body count.

      1. Yup. And carry a second fully loaded on on a shoulder strap. That way you can drop the first when you run out of shells and not have to reload. Then maybe holster a .40 or something to use when the second shotgun runs out.

        1. Not to mention murdering five year olds would be trivially simple, no matter what weapon the killer is using, including bare hands.

          The only thing that could have stopped him was an armed adult.

          1. Pretty much. He could have walked in with a tube loaded .22 rifle and done the same amount of damage.

            1. He could have done it with anything. There was one door. Walk in, overpower the female kindergarten teacher, block the door with the desk, and then he could have used literally anything. Say the magic pixie dust of legislation works this time. And all the guns go away. Poof. Gone.

              OK, now we’re back to a world run by large men with sharp swords, and the only people who can beat them are other large men with sharp swords. And whoever has the most of these guys, wins.

              Sounds great, right?

              1. I tell anyone who asks me why I need to carry a gun the same thing.

                I’m 5’4″ 165lbs. Even middle school children wouldn’t find me intimidating. I’m physically no match for even a single average sized adult attacker. The few pounds of steel and lead strapped to my side is more than a match for an NFL linesman.

                I usually get told “well the cops are there to protect you” DERP.

                1. About that time, you should yell “Cops, cops, come protect me.” See how long it takes for one to show up. Unless you are in a bleeding police station, it likely will never happen.

                  1. I make it a point to not call the cops unless absolutely necessary.

                    On that note, I once had to call the cops because I was in a nasty accident in a busy intersection. The police station was literally less than 1/4 mile away. It took almost 20 minutes for someone to show up. The town was small enough that I could have run all the way from one side to the other in under 20 minutes.

                    Yeah, I’m going to rely on these guys to protect me from a mugger or meth addict. Sounds like a fantastic plan.

                2. And that’s the most noble side of firearms. Never before in human history could a feeble old woman defend herself against the aggression of virtually anyone. The great equalizer.

                  1. This thread is hours old, and no one has yet to note that God made man, but Sam Colt made them equal?

                    1. Sorry, an0n. It’ll never happen again.

                  2. Exactly Free Society. You wouldn’t want to live in a world without firearms.

              2. See Cannae vs. Antietam, America’s bloodiest day.

          2. Not to mention murdering five year olds would be trivially simple, no matter what weapon the killer is using, including bare hands.

            hey! thats why you have to put some challenge in it. i use a different golf club depending on their age. anyone over 10 merits a driver.


          Or just carry a dozen of these and the only living thing when the cops arrive are the cockroaches in the cafeteria.

      2. #2 Buck. 21 1/4″ steel pellets at good velocity. Its a good mix of spread and still heavy enough to penetrate.

      3. But they’ll never ban sporting guns. Nope. You’re just being ridiculous just to suggest it.

    2. Geez, SPOILERS. Wait until we’re done with the current gun ban push before you reveal what the next one is going to be.

    3. The biggest body counts always happen when the killers use explosives.

      1. I have to think that DiFi and co would rather see the McVeighs replacing the Holmeses.

        What a tremendous utopia we will all live in when the gun massacres are replaced by propane-bomb massacres, saying nothing of state-sponsored holocausts perpetrated by Top Men.

      2. The biggest body counts always happen when the killers use explosives.

        Or box cutters.

  3. That rag is so disgusting I doubt my dog would even use it.

  4. Well, if THAT doesn’t just melt your heartstrings, maybe next time, they’ll just dig the kid’s bodies up, staple them to sticks, and parade them around while chanting slogans, such as POTATO! POTATO! POTATO.

    That should make their over-reaching dreams come true.

  5. The only thing that might have saved those kids was an armed adult working at the school, but of course that is too horrible to contemplate.

    1. Too scary. Gunz are bad, this I know, for my teacher told me so.

      1. Guns are like Sauron’s ring: carrying one will actively corrupt even the most pure soul and turn him into a murdering fiend.

        1. Unless the person is from government. Government agents are so pure and well trained that they can resist even the scariest-looking gun’s magic.

          1. So the minute I retired the magic wore off, or is it like cop magic, where even when retired, you are “special”

            1. Well rubbing up against the magic for 20+ years makes one “special”!

            2. Do you have the backing of a union? There’s your answer.

            3. Military = PTSD. Please lay face down on the ground. The party committee will be along shortly to bring you to the cake.

    2. Very true. I really don’t see what’s wrong with letting teachers and staff have guns under certain conditions.

      Let’s say a teacher wants to have a gun in her room, in a safe that’s not normally visible. She and the principal would be the only ones with the combo/key. She already takes yearly courses on gun safety and visits the range monthly for target practice. Why the hell would anyone oppose her having this gun under these circumstances? Don’t they trust teachers!?

      1. The anti-gunners will tell you that no one other than a policeman should have a gun, especially in a school, because some gang of punks will (not would or could, but will) beat the person down and take the gun (or combo/key).

        1. They can say that, but if gangs of students are beating down teachers, the school needs to close.

      2. I really don’t see what’s wrong with letting teachers and staff have guns under certain conditions.

        I agree, as long as “under certain conditions” means “if they fucking want to.”

        1. Agreed. I think the gun rules should be set by the school (privately operated of course).

      3. Let’s say a teacher wants to have a gun in her room, in a safe that’s not normally visible. She and the principal would be the only ones with the combo/key.

        1. And if the killer comes while the teacher is on lunch duty/in the teacher’s lounge/at an assembly/out for the day, the gun is useless.
        2. Students will soon figure out where the safe is, and when it’s left unattended.

        The most accessable, safest place for the handgun is in a good holster, attached to the teacher.

  6. argumentum ad passiones

    1. Besides appeal to emotions, there are a multiple fallacies going on here. Hypothesis contrary to fact, appeal to closure, shoehorning, etc.

      1. Why do you hate children?

        1. they are always asking for candy. it grates. the nerves.

  7. Sports journalists are really the worst of the worst. Explain to me why anyone should care what a clown like Lubica thinks about anything?

    1. I know, I roll my eyes whenever this garbage appears on ESPN or some newspaper’s sports page.

    2. I fucking hate Sportscenter. I wish everyone who watched it would die. EVERYONE. No exceptions.

      1. Lindsey Czarniak’s presence washes away all of Sports Center’s sins.

        1. I knew, as soon as I saw her on NBC Washington, that it wouldn’t be long before she got snapped up for a nationwide gig. She is hot.

          1. She was the MC at a fund raiser my wife ran when she was on NBC Washington. She is smoking hot in person and really nice. I was impressed.

        2. Met Lindsay a few weeks ago. Very nice woman.

        3. How would a chick know anything about sports?

          Yeah, I know. This is why there’s no…

        4. forget Charles Haley, she is the pride of JMU sports.

          1. She can be the pride of JMU, period.

            Now if only JMU could channel some of her babe-magic into a win tonight, we’d have something to get excited about.

        5. Translation: somebody on a TV show makes John (I’m only using him because he’s the poster in the instant case) masturbate; therefore, the rest of the show can do whatever nastiness it wants.

          1. Or perhaps it was just a light hearted post and no TV show, not even sports center is really worth being that concerned about.

            Lighten up Francis.

      2. I actually watched it the other day for the first time in months. Do the anchors really have to cram some pun/cliche/other bullshit a la Stu Scott during every fucking highlight?

        1. It is a plague. Damn you Keith Olberman. I think it is funny how politically correct they are. They spend half the show pretending anyone cares about Women’s basketball. But then they slowly rotate out their female anchors for younger hotter replacements once they hit about their mid 40s. Just why exactly is Chris McEndry and Linda Cohn no longer qualified to host prime time Sports Center but Lindsey Czarniac is?

          1. Keith Olberman is the only person who is a bigger douchebag than Sean Hannity.

            1. Sadly him and Dan Patrick back in the 1990s were really good at Sports Center. He should have stayed with what he could do.

              1. That kind of arrogant pomposity really only works in sports journalism. Or so I woudl like to imagine.

            2. Ed Shultz might have a thing or two to say about that.

      3. Speaking of Sportscenter… they announced that the tuck rule was voted out. Tom Brady must be shitting his pants.

        1. I heard on the radio that John Gruden gave Robert Kraft a huge framed picture of Brady fumbling the ball and signed it something to the effect “It was a fumble and everyone knows it, singed John Gruden”. Kraft keeps it hanging in his office.

    3. First we’d have to prove there were thoughts and not just reflexive response to stimuli like amoeba.

  8. I love and barely tolerate my grand-children, and hate all of your children, but I don’t see what that has to do with my rights as a gun-owner.

    On an aside, what could possibly be more horrible than laying helpless and dieing on the floor and having DiFi ‘put her finger in your hole’?

    1. no shit man that’s pretty horrible to contemplate.

    2. On an aside, what could possibly be more horrible than laying helpless and dieing on the floor and having DiFi ‘put her finger in your hole’?

      It was the 80’s in SF DiFi was fingering everyone

  9. Read a really pathetic bit of jaundice from the Atlantic Wire earlier that accused the NRA of using, “women as human shields”.

    Uh huh.

    Team Blue spent the past year fabricating a narrative whereby anybody who didn’t vote for them was waging a “War on Women” and was as ideologically as bad as a rapist. They exploited (and continue to do so, looking at the magazine cover)the murder of children for their own powermad machinations.

    But to suggest that a woman has a right to defend herself? EXPLOITATION!

    1. That was Elspeth Reeve wasn’t it?

      I haven’t checked the Atlantic Wire since the election, when they were all in full Obama deep throat mode. Good to see the contributors over there are still awful.

    2. Link? I’m feeling masochistic.

      1. Don’t do it. You’ll lose 30 IQ points and go blind with rage.

        1. Actually, the article was so stupid it hardly bothered me at all. But goddamn was it stupid.


        The main thesis seems to be that the NRA is becoming irrelevant because they’ve been so successful lately.

        But yeah, I echo the sentiment that you spare yourself the immense stupidity.

        1. Hey, I was right. Reeve has to be one of the dumbest people to put fingers to keys.

          1. Reeve is weapons grade stupid as well as a Southern liberal, the most insufferable species on the planet. She had a post around a month ago about women in combat where she refuted all the troglodytes re: female upper body strength by citing YouTube videos where women use fireman carries on men in gym clothes who are already bending over, ’cause that’s obviously the same thing as lifting 250-300 pounds of prostrate, dead weight in a firefight. About 90% of the comments were from veterans calling her a retard; it was glorious.

  10. “If You Don’t Support an ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban, You Hate Children and Want Them to Die”

    I kinda hate children and want them to die anyways. Have you seen children today?

    1. Curses. You’ve found me out. I’m okay with a maximum of 150 children per year out of 100M dying by either accidental or intentional firearm discharges. Which is about the same fatality rate as school bus accidents. It sucks, but you’re working in the real world where preventing the last .001% costs 1000x as much in terms of rights and freedom.

      1. The answer, obviously, is to ban SUVs along with assault weapons. You don’t need military-grade vehicles to drive your children to school.

        1. NHSTA is moving in that direction, ever so slowly. Hell, they’ve mandated backup cameras so you don’t run your kid over already.

          Which, let us face it: If you run over your own kid, neither one of you could’ve been that bright to start with. Prolly did us all a favor.

          1. I dread the fact that at some point in my life I will probably have to buy a car that was made in the last 5 years.

        2. Drowning is by far the leading killer of young children. Why aren’t we banning assault swimming pools? Don’t we love our children?

          1. This as well. No one REALLY needs more than a kiddy pool for their children’s entertainment. And water levels need to be strictly regulated.

      2. It sucks, but you’re working in the real world where preventing the last .001% costs 1000x as much in terms of rights and freedom.

        Actual numbers….

        Children shot: 612
        Children total: 100,000,000
        Percent: 0.0000006%

    2. It’s not that I hate children. I just know how to make more if we need them.

  11. They know full well that a ban like this would make no difference.

    The point of such a ban is to prove exactly that, and use it as an excuse for more bans, and more bans, and more bans, until only government agents are allowed to have firearms.

    1. Sarc, you’re slipping. This is common knowledge, unless you’re a supporter of gun banz. Then you’re just godwinning the argument.

      1. You know who else supported expansive gun rights for their citizens…

  12. It’s shit like this that makes me want to buy a rife. But I have to wait until the wife finishes menapause first.

    1. I want a rife too, but I don’t know what that is.

      1. The “L” comes after the crazy time.

      2. It is an adjective/adverb that means widespread.

        Hmmmm. RC’s law?

        1. better would have been “wifle”

    2. menapause (sic) made me want to have a rife… and a pisto, and a trench- nife, and a bomb shetter

      or judo expert with a machine gun!

      1. Somebody set up us the bomb. All your base are belong to us.

  13. “That’s a lesson Solid Gold Bomb, a retailer selling through Amazon, learned when offensive T-shirts were discovered on its sales page this week. The shirts were “parodies” of the “keep calm and carry on” slogan that’s been trendy for a few years. Except these versions had some offensive, misogynistic taglines: “Keep Calm And Rape Off.” “Keep Calm And Knife Her.” The shirts have since been pulled from the store.

    Who the hell thought those shirts were a good idea?

    Actually, it wasn’t a who. It was an algorithm designed to mix-and-match adjectives and verbs with the slogan in hopes that it might find a winner.”…..get-amazon

    1. Whoops. Always a good idea to keep a dictionary of forbidden terms in an algorithm like that.

      1. I wish I knew about the “knife her” shirt. I’d have bought that one.

    2. Other shirts:

      I’m The Only Guy Who Can Satisfy Your Wife’s Needs Right Now I’m An Accordionist

      Kiss Me, I’m Abusive

      [On a button] I Love North Korea More Than I Ever Loved My Ex-Wife

      I [Heart] Boiling Girls

      [With Picture of a Coffin]: Hiding Until I Die

      [On a Button]: I Love Sheep But Not In That Way Perv

  14. Anybody else notice that mass shooters are almost always stopped by a gun? Granted it’s their gun, but there might be something to learn from that fact.

    1. And they also tend to stop when confronted with armed groups. Funny that.

      1. Hmm, maybe larger Gun Free Zone signs would help. In the meantime I see where many schools are ok with armed teachers and armed police officers. It’s like they’ve come to a conclusion…

        1. It is almost as if people would be safer if they could defend themselves. Naw, that is crazy talk there.

  15. Yeah – I’m 99% of the way out of Facebook. The last two days worth of gun stoopid included:

    1) “I don’t know why people think they need guns to defend them from the government. Do you have a nuke? LOL! What good is a GUN going to do?” [OK, you’re too stupid to save]
    2) “How can they NOT TAKE AWAY GUNS FROM anyone with a restraining order against them? Cause we know guns are NEVER used in domestic abuse cases….etc.etc. derp” [OK, one more vote for the pre-crime unit.

    I am getting much better at just moving on and not responding…because it does absolutely no good, and I’m truly tired of arguing with idiots like this.

    1. PS I’m now looking at crossbows and compound bows as alternative…hunting weapons. Cause you sure can’t get no GODDAMNED 9 MILLIMETER BULLETS ANYWHERE IN THE USofA.

      No run on arrows….yet….

        1. Holy shit. .40 S&W is still $.78 a round if you buy them by the 1000? Fuck this shit. I don’t want to pay $40/50 rounds either.

          1. So happy that I bought 1k of .40 years ago. It was a little over $200 shipped, and I thought that was a lot.

        2. Jesus Christ. I wish I had hoarded more ammo when it was cheap.

          1. Me too. Should have spent a few thousand dollars back in 07 and then be selling it on Ebay right now.

          2. Buy it cheap, stack it deep.

        3. That’s twice what I paid per round for my last box of 100. I was afraid that’s what I would see, if I were ever to see 9mm available again.

        4. BTW, the PMC dropped from 30 in stock to 1 in stock in the last 8 minutes.

      1. I have 9mm, but nothing to shoot them out of. Can’t find any damn .380, though.

    2., dude. I’m so much happier since it came into my life.

    3. I’ve been reading this noise about Facebook and you for a while now. Dude, just deactivate your account and play any given MMO; it’s the same exact thing.

  16. Has Feinstein ever apologized for her support of Jones and the People’s Temple?

    Dianne Feinstein is a mass suicide enabler.

    If she refuses to apologize, then she’s an unrepentant suicide enabler.

    1. Is this a Temple of Doom reference that went over my head?

      1. Dianne Feinstein owes her early political career to the support of Jim Jones and his People’s Temple.

        Most of the old time politicians from San Francisco got elected originally with the support of the People’s Temple–from Willie Brown and Jerry Brown on down.

        Here’s the crib notes version:…..francisco/

        Anyway, Jim Jones eventually got all of his followers to commit mass suicide–the origin of the “drank the kool aid” meme. He was atheist and a Marxist who tried to use Christianity as a means to spread both atheism and Marxism.

        Feinstein was part of the same machine.

        1. Unfortunately, I’d bed that if you dug into any major San Francisco lefty politician who came up during that time, you’d find the blood of the People’s Temple on their hands.

          1. There’s something about that lefty political culture that’s begging for religion.

            They’ve just turned politics into religion. Arguing with them about one of the issues they believe in is like arguing with a true believing Catholic about transubstantiation or abortion.

            When it comes to lefty politics in San Francisco, you may be talking about normally reasonable issues–but they don’t believe in their positions based on argument or reason. It’s an article of faith.

            They may not believe in God, but they’re a very religious people.

        2. WOW, really? I mean, I like to joke about DiFi being crazy but this is *literally* crazy.

        3. …the origin of the “drank the kool aid” meme…

          And it’s a bummer that Kool Aid’s good name continues to be errantly dragged through the mud like that.

        4. Check out this odious passage:

          “We loaded up all 13 of our buses with maybe 70 people on each bus, and we had those buses rolling nonstop up and down the coast into San Francisco the day before the election,” recalled Jim Jones Jr. “We had people going from precinct to precinct to vote. So could we have been the force that tipped the election to Moscone? Absolutely! Slam dunk. He only won by 4,000 votes. I’m sorry, but I’ve got to give my father credit for that. I think he did the right thing. George Moscone was a good person; he wanted what was best for San Francisco.”


      2. Jim Jones. Grape Kool Aid. Check the link.

        1. IT WASN’T KOOL AID. It was Flavor Aid.

  17. This seems more like “Opinion” than “News.”

  18. Michael Moore has a sad about Harry Reid:

    “‘I’m tired of sitting around,’ he insisted. ‘I’m not going to sit around. I haven’t sat around. I’ve dealt with this issue since Columbine.’

    Did he miss any verb tenses of “sit” there?…..slideout=1

    1. Well, he’s not about to jog around, that’s for sure.

    2. Judging by the size of his fat ass, he certainly has done a lot of sitting around. So he is telling the truth there.

      1. “McDonalds, A Love Story”

    3. When Michael Moore sits around an issue he sits arooooound an issue.

      1. Michael Moore so fat his waist size is equator!

    4. Let’s play the Match Game.

      Michael Moore is sooo fat….How fat is he?
      When he sits around the house, he really ….

      1. Michael Moore is so fat that when he hauls ass he has to make two trips.

      2. Michael Moore is so fat it’s beginning to endanger his health.

    5. I’ve dealt with this issue since Columbine.’

      Uh, I thought the whole post-Sandy-Hook meme was that we needed a new dialoge/conversation on gun violence so we could offer new common-sense solutions like “assault weapons” bans, that had never been tried before.

      Michael didn’t get the memo?

  19. Not giving their ban boners release by passing a phony baloney “assault weapons” ban = shameful, but using dead children to push your political hobby horse? Perfectly fine. Fuck this asshole. I hope he gets shot with an old fashioned break open shotgun. Or better yet, a 200 year old musket.

    1. Or even better, any gun he intentionally points at his own head.

  20. Being of an innately paranoid and suspicious constitution, I see the assault weapons ban as much like the misdirection in an elaborate magic trick. While the audience is busily watching the scantily clad girl trying to shut the cupboard door on the elephant, the magician is passing a universal federal firearms registry.

    1. That is certainly what they would like to do. But I suspect that is not going anywhere either. That will affect more people and thus create more opposition than the assault weapons ban.

  21. Also, Mike Lupica is the target market for the people who make shoes with velcro strap closures.

  22. OK, someone has to say it: some of those kids look like real assholes.

    1. Kid’s are all assholes, especially younger ones. They don’t give a shit about anything except what they want right now. Granted, a lot of adults are the same way, but most seem to manage to understand eventually that there are other people in the world.

      1. You left out violent.

        1. And liberalZ

    2. Most of them would just ended up fat and a drain on the healthcare system anyway.

      1. Exactly. Adam Lanza was a hero and we should be acknowledging that fact.

        1. Too soon?

    3. Warty| 3.20.13 @ 1:08PM |#

      OK, someone has to say it: some of those kids look like real assholes.

      i wouldnt turn my back on any one of them killer sprogs. id pepper spray them pre-emptively. its what *my* dad did. crafty bastard. oh, but i showed him….

  23. Lupica suggests that children’s lives “could have been saved that morning if Adam Lanza had only been firing away with a handgun.”

    I hate these people. They are the most mendacious, hateful people on the planet.

    Never does the possibility of you being able to defend yourself even get passing consideration. Your only hope is that they hobble enough people’s rights that the criminal, once choosing to engage in the criminal act, will only be able to kill a few people because the State made it more difficult for him to do so.

    1. Wikipedia says he fired 152 shots from 9:35 to 9:49, or 6 seconds per shot. It takes, what, 3-4 seconds to change a clip?

      So had he used handguns, he would have gotten off….152 shots.

      1. That’s crazy talk. No one with just a hand gun could possibly fire that many shots in a matter of minutes……..h_massacre

        Oh, wait…

  24. All that butthurt and nothing to show for it. Without the scary looking assault Weapons Ban now they can only wallow in hurt and pain because they have been denied the feel good moment these tragic events inspire of seeing a ‘Do Something!’ response signed into law.

    1. The scary thing is now they get the smug self satisfaction of convincing themselves how superior and intellectual they are, and the only reason they didn’t get to ban those EVUL assault weapons is because of the knuckle dragging mouth breathers out in “fly over land”.

      Sure, they’re butthurt about not being able to reach “release” for their ban boners all over the pile of dead children they’ve been stroking off over for the last 3 months, but the sense of smugness and superiority they get to feel now is almost as good. And besides, someone will provide them an even bigger pile of dead bodies to try and perform bukkake on soon enough.

      1. Loki| 3.20.13 @ 1:48PM |#

        The scary thing is now they get the smug self satisfaction of convincing themselves how superior and intellectual they are

        we regret to inform you this has been the case for the last 4 decades

  25. some of those kids look like real assholes.

    “That boy needed killin'”

    1. We were talking about this in a different context last night. The guy who killed the young couple whose baby was delivered after the mother’s death and later died? He shot and killed the original 50 cent, an infamous mugger thought to have killed 30 people over the years. He went up the river for 10 years. If you can’t get away with “he needed killing” on something like that, you ought to have an automatic appeal for incompetent counsel.

  26. The Bill is not Dead, they are going to get the extra registration features in the Bill and who knows what else.

    Remember that we are dealing with the craftiest devils this planet has seen. They purposely set the goal extremely high, knowing that the GOP will ‘cave’ to the true purpose of the Bill which was registration. Which the GOP supports.

    BTW – Fox News has turned against the 2nd Amendment as well, favoring to only infringe upon it a little more. It’s for the Children you know! The same children who are born debtor slaves who will never be able to protect themselves from their Protectors/Loan Sharks.

    1. Fox News has never been a friend of libertarians.

      1. Or particularly conservative. They only get tagged as much because they were the only network that wasn’t full on lefty fascist.

  27. Mr. Lupica,

    You might try reading the Second Amendment before you pass judgment on those of us that think a ban on sporting rifles is bad for America.

    Guns have saved more lives than private citizens could ever take by using them illegally. And the absence of guns in civilian hands have led to countless deaths at the hands of despotic regimes.

    The citizens of the Soviet Union were disarmed and Stalin murdered in excess of 10 million of them. The Jews of Germany were disarmed and Hitler nearly exterminated them. The citizens of Mao’s China were disarmed and he slaughtered 45 million people in his “Great Leap Forward”.

    I’m sorry, but you are willfully ignorant if you don’t see the value in having an armed populous. It is often the only thing that stands between a government and ultimate power.


    Every Reasonable Person Ever

  28. I also noticed that the comments are closed on the Lupica piece.

    He’s as big a pussy as Rick Reilly.

  29. I also noticed that the comments are closed on the Lupica piece.

    He’s as big a pussy as Rick Reilly.

    1. At least Lupica doesn’t double post. :-p

  30. All I can see when I look at Front Pages like that is Alice the Maid right in the middle

  31. But it is hard to see how someone who is not a fool could believe it.

    Sullum, are you saying that you know what a fool believes?

    Because what a fool believes he sees. No wise man has the power to reason away what seems to be is always better than nothing.

    1. Sullum, are you saying that you know what a fool believes?

      you dont know me but i’m your brother

      also = i Keep Forgetting. something. I TOLD YOU I FORGET!

  32. Thats the most absurd thing I have EVZER hears!

  33. My dad’s best friend went to Boston College with Mike Lupica. He said Lupica was a first class asshole, classic Napoleonic complex, who threw a bitch fit once when said friend beat him in a sports trivia contest held on the college radio station. I think Deadspin used to have a regular feature where they collected stories of Lupica being an asshole to random people over the years. Anyway, just thought it was important to emphasize Lupica’s fundamental assholishness.

  34. As George Carlin once said: children are overrated.

  35. The deadliest school massacre in U.S. history would not have been prevented by a ban on guns, assault weapons or not.

    But a ban on literacy and assault books might have prevented it.

    So if we establish a precedent that a statute can abolish an amendment, which amendment should we abolish next?

  36. “any fool knows that [redacted] couldn’t possibly have killed as many children as quickly as he did on the morning of Dec. 14 without an assault weapon in his hands.”

    The killer didn’t use an “assault weapon.” I know this because the rifle he used was not defined as an “assault weapon” under Connecticut’s “assault weapon” ban, which totally failed to protect the children at Sandy Hook.

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