Gun Control

Colo. Governor Signs Gun-Control Regs Into Law

Background checks expanded and magazine sizes limited


Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed landmark new gun laws on Wednesday expanding background checks on gun purchases and limiting the size of ammunition magazines, placing the traditionally firearm-friendly state among the handful to pass new restrictions in the wake of the shooting in Newtown, Conn.

Eric Brown, a spokesperson for the governor, confirmed that Hickenlooper had signed the bills in an email to NBC News.

Hickenlooper's signature came the day after the head of Colorado's Department of Corrections, Tom Clements, was shot and killed in his home, apparently after he answered a ring at his front door, authorities said.

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  1. I predict a defeat the next time this governor runs for re-election.


  2. 3/19/2013 Sen. Reid pulls DiFi’s Bill.Kabuki Theater…a finely tuned Stradivarius!
    Remember, Incrementalism is the name of Progressive New Left Activist’s game. GUN CONTROL WILL appear as an amendment on some innocuous legislation, voted on and passed in “the still of the night!” There’s even UN involvement, magazine capacity, ammo, etc. USA’s Second Amendment is under frontal attack!!!! Sec. Kerry will see to this, he hates America.
    America and Americans are witnessing the unfolding of “top down/bottom up and inside out” strategy as regards “Gun Control.”
    Top down= Executive and Legislative branches of We The Elite People of culture of corruption in Washington DC acting in tandem to effect (control)legislation unpopular to ALL US citizenry….Gun control.
    Bottom up= Executive and Legislative branches of state governments acting in tandem to effect (control) legislation unpopular to ALL states (Colorado) citizenry….Gun Control.
    Inside Out = National and State Executive and Legislative branches of government acting in tandem to dry-up every and all sources of weapons and ammunition both domestic and international thru: background checks, waiting periods, description of weaponry(automatic, fully/semi automatic), licensing, level 5 or 4, manufacturing et al…Gun Control.
    We The People’s national and state governments are at war with America and Americans. God Bless America and Americans. Pray for Her, She’s on life support and desperately needs CPR. Be vigilant! Be aware!

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