Colo. Governor Signs Gun Law, Iraq Citizens Not Feeling the Liberation, Bell Officials Found Guilty of Corruption: P.M. Links


  • Did they check that dome for snipers first?
    Source: Colorado State Web Portal

    As expected, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper has signed into law gun control efforts expanding background checks for gun purchases and limiting the size of ammo magazines. Opponents have called the law unenforceable, some sheriffs across the state have said they'll refuse to enforce it anyway, and a magazine manufacturer in the state has threatened to relocate.

  • Meanwhile, Colorado's prison chief was shot and killed answering his door. There was no sign of a robbery or break-in.
  • As the 10th anniversary of Iraq's "liberation" results in a lot of navel-gazing by Western nations, the actual people in Iraq are not seeing much of the benefits of the country's growing oil exports.
  • In 1991, David Ranta was found guilty of murdering a rabbi in Brooklyn and sentenced to 37.5 years in prison. Now, a prosecutor believes Ranta is innocent and is asking for his release. He may be out as early as Thursday.
  • The former mayor of Bell, Calif., and four former council members were found guilty today of several corruption charges. The former city manager, who officials claim masterminded the misappropriation of city funds to line their pockets, faces a separate trial later this year.
  • Because New Mexico's marriage law does not specify the sex of participants, the mayor of Santa Fe is attempting to argue that gay marriage is legal there and is trying to get county clerks to issue licenses to same-sex couples. 

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