Hillary Clinton Endorses Gay Marriage, Because She Has Gay and Lesbian Friends, and Principles

In a video for the Human Rights Campaign


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Human Rights Campaign

Hillary Clinton endorsed same-sex marriage today in a video released by the Human Rights Campaign, saying that "like so many others, my personal views have been shaped over time by people I have known and loved, by my experience representing our nation on the world stage, my devotion to law and human rights and the guiding principles of my faith." In 2011, Clinton backed New York's same-sex marriage law after it was passed, but in an interview later that year with The Advocate, she said she had not changed her position of opposing gay marriage. 

When Robert Portman came out in support of same sex marriage last week (because his son was gay), Mike Riggs noted that the Republican "received more flack from the left than from his fellow conservatives.  Matt Yglesias called the decision narcissistic, and Jon Chait argued that Portman's reasoning reflects a conservative 'inability to give any weight to the perspective of the disadvantaged.' This is, of course, concern trolling at its most formulaic–10 percent approval, 90 percent goal-post moving. "

Does Hillary Clinton have an empathy problem?

Video below: