Attn, Michigan/Ohio/Indiana Reasonoids: Nick Gillespie Talking Generational Warfare at Hillsdale 3/19


On March 19, I'll be speaking at Hillsdale College in Michigan on the topic of generational warfare.

Here are the details:

What: A talk by Nick Gillespie titled, "Tonight You're Young, Tomorrow You're Unemployed: How the Baby Boomer Generation is Stealing the Future from Today's Kids"

When: Tuesday, March 19, 8PM ET

Where: Rooms A&B, the Dow Conference Center, 22 E Galloway Drive, Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, MI 49242

RSVPs are not necessary but if you have questions, please contact John J. Miller.

Hillsdale is about 90 miles west of Detroit, 70 miles northwest of Toledo, 70 miles south of Lansing, 70 miles southwest of Ann Arbor, etc.

Hope to see you there!

Some relevant reading:

"Hey Kids, Tonight You're Young, Tomorrow You're Unemployed: The Grammys, Obama's State of the Union, and What's Really Wrong with Today's Youth."

"Generational Warfare: Old-Age Entitlements vs. the safety net."

"The Real Class Warfare is Baby Boomers vs. Younger Americans: Hey Kids, Mom and Dad are Screwing You."

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  1. Have fun in Michigan, Nick. Be sure to shower in kerosene when you get back to Ohio, so you don’t infect the rest of the state.

    1. This is Hillsdale. Whatever he picks up there would benefit Ohio (except STDs).

      1. Whatever he picks up there would benefit Ohio

        [citation motherfucking required!]

        1. Yes, we wouldn’t want anything to interfere with the state’s blandness.

  2. Baby Boomer Nick Gillespie thanks the kids for funding his SS and Obamacare. At least those Hillsdale grads will have jobs so they can pay their fair share.

  3. Bitchin! Hillsdale’s top notch in my book for being one of the last truly private colleges. Couple friends went there – I envy them that I didn’t know about Hillsdale until I’d already finished undergrad…

    Have fun! Hopefully I can get over to see The Jacket in person.

    1. Alas, I have tickets to Book of Mormon that evening. Also not keen on a 90-mile drive back afterwards. But I’ll be there in spirit.
      There’s a few of us Detroiters on this list (aside from the late JsubD). We should have a beer some day.

      1. I might have gone if I had heard about it farther ahead of time than the day before.

        I like the idea of meeting up for a beer (or gin).

  4. “How the Baby Boomer Generation is Stealing the Future from Today’s Kids”

    As I recall Today’s Kids voted overwhelmingly for the welfare King and the Boomers were against him. So a more honest title might be:

    “How Today’s Kids are Squandering their Futures on their Boomer Parents.”

    1. “How Today’s Kids Think They’re Vindicating Churchill’s Paradigm By Showing They Have Hearts While Proving They Lack Brains: Or I How Millenials Learned To Stop Thinking And Embrace The Zombie Apocalypse.”

  5. I’m offended by the low-resolution graphic.

  6. At least he’ll be somewhat justified in wearing that cheesy fucking naugahyde jacket. Can be cold as a whore’s heart in Michigan in March.

    1. Not only can be, IS. Currently 30 degrees and sleeting. Ick.

  7. Isn’t it pretty funny that this is published the same day they publish another “GOP needs more Yute Support.” Pretty sure Teh Yutes pretty clearly support themselves being robbed to fund this shit and want more of it.

  8. In the cartoon the gun should be in the Yute’s hands, and it should be aimed at his own head.

    Can’t you guys do ANYTHING right??

  9. Class warfare will look like child’s play when teh yutes realize what the boomers have done to them.

    Throw grandma off the cliff? You bet.

    1. Only because Grandma is stealing the free shit that is meant for them. TEH Yutes don’t hate Social Security because they want it for themselves when they get older.

  10. I love that Gillespie is bitching about how TEH Yutes aren’t rebellious enough. I mean nothing says rebelling against your parents then acting like them when they were teenages. Also it’s pretty hard to rebel when your demand is “I want The Man to have more power and give me more free shit.” Which is what the Baby Boomer rebellion was about anyyway.

  11. Hmm, you just walk on in there, it’s free?

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