Confronting Stalin's Legacy, 60 Years After His Death

Memory of dictator still positive in Russia and the west


The 60th anniversary of the death of one of history's most murderous tyrants has passed with relatively little notice. Yet the shadow of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, who died on March 5, 1953, still hangs over post-communist Russia—and has yet to face proper judgment in the West. This is one bloody ghost still waiting for its final exorcism.

During the years of his absolute rule over the Soviet Union from 1928 to 1953, Stalin was responsible for the deaths of at least 20 million people. They included victims of state-engineered famines, particularly in Ukraine, intended to starve the peasantry into submission to collective farming; people from all walks of life shot on trumped-up charges of subversive activities; and others sent to the Siberian labor camps known as the gulag, never to return. Untold millions who survived lost years of their lives to the gulag. (Among the latter were my own paternal grandparents, who were arrested in 1947 and released after Stalin's death; ironically, unlike most of their fellow prisoners, they were actually guilty as charged—of "betraying the motherland" by trying to escape the Soviet Union and go to Palestine.)

If there was ever a true devil in the flesh, Stalin was one of the prime candidates for the title. A tyrant with a deeply sadistic streak, he reportedly howled with laughter when told about the final moments of a former associate who had been promised clemency in exchange for a false confession and vainly begged his executioners to "please call Comrade Stalin" and clear up the misunderstanding. He jailed the wives of several men in his inner circle, presumably just for the pleasure of seeing his underlings squirm and showing them who's boss.

Yet four years ago, this monster came close to being chosen as history's greatest Russian in a nationwide Internet and telephone vote. Though the voting was not representative, actual polls also yield discouraging results. In a survey conducted last month by the Levada Center, a respected independent polling firm, almost one in 10 Russians said that Stalin's role in Russia's history was "entirely positive" while another 40 percent saw it as "mostly positive." Fewer than a third believed it was entirely or mostly negative, while the rest were not sure.

To some extent, this sympathy for the devil is a grass-roots phenomenon, fueled by anger at Russia's humiliation and fantasies of national greatness. But the Stalin revival has also been deliberately cultivated by the neo-authoritarian Russian state under Vladimir Putin, despite official lip service to the acknowledgment of Stalin's crimes. A standard history textbook approved by the government a few years ago described the dictator as "an effective manager" seeking to build up Russia as an industrial and military power. In recent years, official celebrations of Russia's victory over Germany in World War II have featured tributes to Stalin as the generalissimo who won the war; for last year's Victory Day, Stalin's portraits appeared on the side of buses in some 40 Russian cities. Ironically, most historians agree that Stalin could not have done worse damage to the Soviet Union's war readiness if he had tried to sabotage it on purpose; his winning strategy consisted of using millions of Russian conscripts as cannon fodder.

This month, one of Russia's leading television channels, NTV, marked the anniversary of the tyrant's death with a documentary titled "Stalin Is With Us." With pro-Stalin historian Yuri Zhukov as chief consultant, the film depicted the Great Leader as less a communist than a Russian patriot who devoted his life to making his country strong; the Great Terror was not only portrayed as an acceptable cost of empire-building but was blamed on the perfidious West and the excessive zeal of Stalin's henchmen as well as local officials. Meanwhile, the municipal government of Volgograd has decided that the city's name will officially revert to Stalingrad on six war-related dates every year.

Pro-freedom Russians overwhelmingly agree that no progress toward a free and decent society is possible without true de-Stalinization. But what of the dictator's memory in the free world?

True, one would be hard-pressed to find Stalin admirers in the West. Yet the persistent double standard when it comes to communist and Nazi crimes remains. Communist old-timers, including blatant Stalin apologists such as the recently deceased British Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm, are treated with a respect no one would ever dream of according ex-Nazis or Hitler whitewashers. Revisionist historians who minimize Hitler's crimes, such as David Irving, are ostracized. Historians who paint a kinder, gentler Stalinism—such as Robert W. Thurston of Ohio's Miami University, author of the 1996 revisionist tract "Life and Terror in Stalin's Russia"—pay no such price. In 1992, The Chronicle of Higher Education gave Thurston a platform to attack a Library of Congress exhibition on Soviet archives for focusing on the Soviet regime's brutality and ignoring its achievements.

To some extent, this double standard is rooted in the unique horror of the Nazi quest to exterminate entire races. But there also remains, on the left, a lingering belief that Soviet communism was at least motivated by noble goals of social justice.

Vestiges of this delusion can be found in left-wing sympathy for Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, who, by startling coincidence, died exactly 60 years after Stalin. Chavez was not a mass murderer, but he was an authoritarian ruler who rigged elections, gutted judicial independence, muzzled the press, and arrested political opponents—while spouting Soviet-style rhetoric about creating "the new man and woman" and building "the socialist society." After his death, The Nation, the premier magazine of the American left, published a long, fawning obituary by Greg Grandin, which declared that Chavez's real fault was that "he wasn't authoritarian enough." Grandin acknowledged that this argument was "perverse"; one can think of a few other terms.

Perhaps it's not just Russians who need to shake the dust of Stalinism from their boots before they can move forward.

This article originally appeared on RealClearPolitics.

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  1. Yet four years ago, this monster came close to being chosen as history’s greatest Russian in a nationwide Internet and telephone vote.

    Jon Stewart just barely beat out Uncle Joe in that vote. Let’s face it, Stalin did what he did because he was a central planner not a fascist. That’s why he and his admirers get a relative pass.

    1. We need to make it a non-negotiable tenet that the Communists are just as bad as the Nazis were, and apologetics for the Communists have no more place in polite society than apologetics for the Nazis do.

      1. You know who else forced tenets on people?

        1. +1 Murderous Ideology.

        2. Bill Clinton and the US Senate?

          1. Adolf Clinton? Never!

        3. Stalin?

        4. NASCAR Race Control?

          1. Only fascists use timing loops

        5. Evonne Goolagong?

          1. That gets a vote just for the relatively obscure name.

        6. The NCAA? Oops, I’m sorry someone already said Nazis.

    2. Stalin did what he did because he was an evil thug. The Central Planners were the people Lenin and Stalin liquidated along with the rest of the Intellectual Class. Those that he left alive he played with like a cat plays with a mouse.

  2. OT How to Force Ethics on the Food Industry

    You’ll never guess how this former Kraft executive thinks those ethics ought to be forced.

    1. Uncle Joe knew how to deal with people that had the temerity to sell other people things that they wanted.

      1. Yeah, I should’ve said, ‘on a related note’.

    2. From the linked article:
      The connection between calorie consumption and weight gain was always as plain as the number on the bathroom scale.

      This claim is made repeatedly in spite of the evidence. Supposedly you can reduce your consumption by 3500 Calories over some period of time and lose a pound. Except it doesn’t work. Dieters know it doesn’t work. Lack of willpower? It doesn’t work for lab rats either. They lose weight at first, then level off. Why? They certainly aren’t sneaking off to McDonald’s.

      1. You probably level off when your body reaches a new maintenance level.

      2. These taxes could help pay for education programs, subsidize the healthiest foods for low-income individuals and, maybe, discourage consumption.

        The myth of food deserts!

        All these people need is more Michelle Obamaesque education about eating brocoli and avoiding saturated fat. And access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

      3. Your body is designed by evolution or a humorous God (take your pick) to gain weight in preparation for times of famine. In times of famine (read; diet) your metabolism slows down to make your reserves last until the famine is over. The only way to lose weight is to make lifestyle changes that will keep your metabolic rate high while restricting your caloric intake. There’s just no way to avoid exercise.

        1. Would it be tasteless to insert a Ukraine Famine joke here?

          1. Groovus Maximus hasn’t been around for a while. 🙁

            1. Perhaps he’s wasted away to nothing *sad face*

              1. Some people claim, there’s a woman to blame…

                I has a sad.

                Let me light the GM signal:

                DUNE WAS A GREAT MOVIE!

                1. Let me try: Shaktar Donetsk sucks!

                2. DUNE was a great movie.

                  1. Enders game is coming.

      4. I lost 20 lbs. on WW’s and have kept it off for over a year. I eat whatever I want just have to not be a glutton. If I would stop drinking 8-20 beers a week I would lose another 20. I do eat a bit more fruit and vegetables than I used to, particularly bananas which are “free” on WW’s plan.

        They weight alcohol as if it was a fat and count fat calories more than carbs and protein counts the least against your “points” while fiber subtracts points and most fruits and many vegetables (unless starchy) are free.

        I think alot of people just don’t know how to eat. And I am a biochemist and teach a bit of nutrition and my straight calorie counting was not working.

        1. I lost about 15 lbs on WW in about 6 months and dropped my body fat from 18% to around 15%. Then I stopped losing weight. Then I started getting weaker. About a year in, I started showing markers of starvation on blood tests and got sick every time I ate anything “healthy”.

          I switched to a ketogenic diet at about 1000 calories above replacement level. My body fat dropped from ~15% to 9% and my bloodwork went back to normal.

          All because I thought I knew how to eat healthy when I really didn’t.

          The WW ideas that fat is dangerous and fiber is necessary/healthy are particularly pernicious.

          1. I agree.

            The fact is, your body only needs fat and protein. Carbs are entirely unnecessary. That doesn’t mean you should never eat carbs, but any diet should certainly take that little fact into account.

          2. I have now lost 101.5 pounds on calorie restriction and exercise (and lots of intense exercise). While there’s been a little effort to not consume silly empty calories (mostly sugars) for the most part the main focus has been not to eat so damned much.

            We’ll see what happens once I got closer to my goal weight and then when I try to maintain. But right now I feel like declaring on war on certain foods is pretty counterproductive. Being an omnivore helps simplify things, and simplification helps your chance of success I think.

            1. Grats man, that’s awesome.

            2. It’s like you people have never heard of methamphetamine.

              Jesus. Get with the program.

            3. Congratulations. Hope you stay with your exercise regimen.

            4. No shit. I’ve always said I’m going to write a diet book. It’s going to be 1 page. It will say “Eat less. Exercise more.”
              On a more serious note, although I’m no expert, if the subject comes up I tell people not to try to change all their eating habits, just control portions. If you like certain foods, and have eaten them all your life, chances are you aren’t going to be able to cut them out of your diet. Just eat a bit less, and DO SOMETHING. You don’t have to change your lifestyle and become a gym rat, just go for walks, or do something that interests you and burns some calories.

          3. Well done to both of you. I’ve hovered around 23% to 16% for the past five years or so from a combination of factors. Going from being very physically active (jujitsu, running, hiking) to virtually sedentary after a knee dislocation, I put on about thirty pounds and haven’t been able to shake it. Part of that is changing metabolism, but most of it is just not getting off my ass and working out regularly.

            My (and my wife’s) experience has been that cutting calories dramatically or going on any “diet” is pretty much a waste of time. Sure, you might lose a little weight, but after two weeks of only eating brown rice and grilled salmon or whatever and drinking 3.42 cans of Miller Lite per week you can almost guarantee that one weekend you’re going to go on a freakish bender and eat three large pizzas. We’ve both had much better luck by just not snacking as much, only eating when we’re hungry (and stopping once we’re not), and exercising regularly, even if that’s just doing heavy yardwork and walking the dogs.

        2. I think WW is good for women. They don’t have the capacity to produce muscle mass like a man(sure there are exceptions). A normal man can simply start working out regularly and metabolism is on his side. Nothing can replace regular exercise for achieving your proper weight.

    3. I left the industry when I finally had to acknowledge that reform would never come from within. I could no longer accept a business model that put profits over public health ? and no one else should have to, either.

      I assume Mr. Mudd returned the entirety of the salary that he earned while employed by Kraft.

      1. I’m willing to bet his “noble resignation” was more of a “retire today and save face or we’ll throw your ass out the window.”

    4. With tobacco, the link between product and disease is direct and singular. But it is less clear with food:

      Who was arguing the slippery slope fallacy here the other day? I lived through the anti-cigarette movement. Everyone back then JOKED, “what are they gonna do next, ban greasy food?” And here we are.

      So when it’s time to pick the guilty party out of the police lineup…

      Because the guilty party couldn’t possibly those driving demand. I’m 30 lbs overweight. You know who’s fault it is? MINE! I like my pizza with extra fat and sugar (preferably refined sugar)! With a ton of salt! Meat lovers! No fucking veggies! And a 64 oz Coke to wash it down with! And then a six-pack of beer!

      Fuck off, slaver!

      1. I keep waiting for somebody to notice that the Public Health arguments that have been made against smoking tobacco work at least as well against Gay sex. No, the people driving it NOW probably won’t go there, but it is never safe to assume that your crown will always control how a regulation is used.


          They’re way ahead of you on that 🙂

        2. “Public Health arguments that have been made against smoking tobacco work at least as well against Gay sex”

          I wouldn’t say so. You can have gay sex (I assume you mean buttsex)every day and if you are careful nothing bad will happen. If you smoke every day for a long time, you will be damaged by it in some way or other.

          1. “I wouldn’t say so. You can have gay sex (I assume you mean buttsex)every day and if you are careful nothing bad will happen.”

            Actually, untrue. Just like smoking, the issue is a new cigarette every day from a new pack every other day or week. If everybody had one cigarette total in their life, smoking wouldn’t be a problem. The problem comes in when you smoke with the people at work 2-3X per day, once at the bar before heading home, and 1-2X at home.

            HPV transmission isn’t prevented by condoms in any real way. HPV is known to cause cancer (cervical, esophageal, oral, rectal…). The more partners you have, the more likely you are to develop a cancer caused by it. Certain acts are inherently more risky and are generally associated with more risky behavior that inherently increases the risk to larger societies. In a largely heterosexual monogamous society, men and women can’t really have sex disproportionately and the numbers *tend* to stay low. Same-sex relationships *tend* to violate these trends.

            To be clear, I’m only against homosexual marriage from an A) taxpayer-funded public healthcare perspective and B) a general “the gov’t shouldn’t tell people what marriage, gay or otherwise, is/isn’t” perspective. What two people do in their home or in a private club is their business… until I get taxed for it or my representatives do/don’t represent me on about it.

          2. I should add, HPV is only one of a host of STDs and other diseases promiscuous sex promulgates.

            Not to say anal sex can’t be had every day carefully. Just, saying “It can!” as a justification is like saying, “Smoking can be done every day, safely!” or “Driving blindfolded can be done safely”. It may be possible to do it that way, but it’s not or won’t usually be done that way and would be better off avoided, if possible.

            I think it’s an inhuman violation of Civil Rights the way we often treat smokers.

            1. Smoker’s civil liberties, do you mean cigarette or penis? It was getting a little mixed up there.

  3. Sounds liek a pretty solid plan to me dude. Wow.

    1. You guys can delete American’s sockpuppet accounts but you are helpless against spambots?

      1. They could probably delete all Aussie accounts, too. :-p

        1. Septic.

      2. Hey, shackle dragger, you leave anonobot alone!

        1. I miss porn-bot.

          1. I’ve never seen porn bot, all I see is work from home bot, unless work from home bot is webcam sex bot, but I’m afraid to follow the link to find out since I will see naked woman, give them my credit card and get defrauded. Again.

    2. I was hoping for a liquid plan, myself.

  4. The Robert Hare Psychopath Checklist

    1: glibness/superficial charm
    2: grandiose sense of self-worth
    3: need for stimulation/ proneness to boredom
    4: pathological lying
    5: manipulative
    6: lack of remorse/guilt
    7: shallow affect
    8: callous/lack of empathy
    9: parasitic lifestyle
    10: poor behavior controls
    11: promiscuous sexual behavior
    12: early behavior problems
    13: lack of realistic long-term goals
    14: impulsivity
    15: irresponsibility
    16: failure to accept responsibility for own actions
    17: many short-term marital relationships
    18: juvenile delinquency
    19: revocation of conditional release
    20: criminal versatility

    On each trait you are assigned a score of zero, one, or two. Have a score over 30 and there is something seriously wrong with you.

    1. 11: promiscuous sexual behavior

      Why is having lots of sex a sign of being a psychopath, but being celibate isn’t?

      1. Yeah, studies show that celibate people tend to become albino monk assassins.

        1. For Opus Dei

    2. 3: need for stimulation/ proneness to boredom

      Government schools bored the shit out of me. Were they trying to make people pyschopaths?

      1. Government schools bored the shit out of me.

        Government schools taught me how to be bored. I never experienced the phenomenon until third grade. By the time I got to college I was a thrill junkie. Bored out of my skull.

        1. I was terribly depressed my entire senior year of high school.

        2. Yeah, I loved reading until school sucked all of the joy out of it.

      2. No, the fact you were bored shows you were a psychopath already.

        1. Well, there were a lot of times I already knew the material since I read ahead when the class was going at a slow, boring pace.

          1. That’s a dead giveaway! Lack of empathy for the slower students by showing them up, grandiose self-concept for thinking you’re *so* smart, and early behavior problems for failing to read at the slow rate you were commanded.

            I bet you’re posting this from death row.

            1. Sounds exactly like another Ted who was on death row.

              1. Ted Turner’s on Death Row?

                1. I think he was talking about Teddy Kennedy

                  1. no no, we’ll drive off that bridge when we get there.

    3. Obama got a 24 (and maybe more, who knows). Could it mean something?

      1. Yeah I noticed a lot of Democrats would score highly on that.

      2. So he’s a Jeff Gordon fan?


    4. Speaking of psychopaths. I did not know until recently that he changed his name to Stalin (which apparently means steel) well before he was dictator. That should have been a warning sign to those above him I would think.

      1. I did not know until recently that he changed his name to Stalin (which apparently means steel)…. That should have been a warning sign to those above him I would think.

        Well, in all fairness, it could have also been a sign of his intentions to pursue a career in porn.

      2. Seriously though, taking a nom de guerre was all the rage for the early Communists. Lenin’s surname was actually “Ulyanov”, for example.

        1. I am the walrus.

        2. And what does Lenin mean in Russky?

          1. And what does Lenin mean in Russky?

            I am the walrus?

          2. A form of Lena, a river in Siberia. (It’s a form of the genitive case, common for the creation of surnames.) The root of the river’s name, len-, means “lazy”.

    5. What does number 19 mean?

    6. You’ve just given a detailed description of the average politician.

    7. 20: criminal versatility

      Does that mean a perp who can pull off a bank heist and an insurance fraud scheme?

      1. Or one who can steal an auto maker from its rightful claimants, murder a 16-year-old American far from any battlefield, and supply weapons to violent Mexican gangs?

  5. The Western Intellectuals fell for Communism like a ton of bricks, and have failed to see through several of its most thuggish proponents until long after the stench of mass murder was apparent to everyone else. Since this puts them on all fours with the pathetic losers who still revere a certain Austrian Corporal, the Western Intellectuals have done everything they can to obfuscate the issue. For one thing, accepting that they were (and in some cases still are) apologists and enablers for mass murder would destroy their vapid little psyches. They simply couldn’t carry the weight.

    1. The Western Intellectuals fell for Communism like a ton of bricks,


      They only disagree with part of one of the ten planks in Communist Manifesto.

      But don’t dare call them Marxists or Commies.

      1. “They only disagree with part of one of the ten planks in Communist Manifesto”

        It’s been so long since I read the godsdamned thing that I don’t even remember the ten planks. Probably time to slog through it again. *sigh*

        Out of curiosity (and laziness); what do they disagree with?

        1. 1) Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.

          2) A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

          3) Abolition of all right of inheritance.

          4) Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.

          5) Centralisation of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.

          6) Centralisation of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.

          7) Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.

          8) Equal liability of all to labour. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.

          9) Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equitable distribution of the population over the country.

          10) Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children’s factory labour in its present form and combination of education with industrial

          The only part that I can see modern progressives opposing is the highlighted portion of point 7.

          Although, I can see them saying that Numbers 1, 8 & 9 are somewhat obsolete but still good ideas.

          1. They’re find with point 7, so long as they get to define “wasteland”. I.E. anything with a Walmart on it is wasteland.

          2. 1): You think progressives want to abolish land ownership? While you will see some people advocating that, I doubt it applies to most progressives.

            1. I think most progressive would say that it was an unacheivable but good idea.

            2. They don’t want to get rid of land ownership, they want to get rid of owners being able to control how that land is used. They still want private ownership of land since that is a good excuse to tax people.

            3. It’s in their anthem.

              Imagine, no possessions.

          3. The second half of #9: “gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equitable distribution of the population over the country” is alive and well in the Bay Area.

            Soon to be approved by the regional bodies ABAG/MTC: “Plan Bay Area,” which calls for all suburbs to replace their downtowns with high-density housing projects for low-income families. Each suburb will have an allotment of low-income units based on 1) the average home price in the suburb and 2) the test scores of the public schools. The more your house is worth, and the better your kids’ school is, the more low-income projects you have to build.

            A typical suburb with a population of 20,000 might be expected to add 1000 such units by 2022, which could increase their population by 3000-4000 people. Most of these suburbs are built out and haven’t added population for twenty years.

            And if this passes, there will be almost no way out of it, as it includes ways for the social justice crowd to sue towns to build the low-income projects.

            A stated goal of “Plan Bay Area” will be that each city in the Bay Area will have the same demographic distribution of income levels.

            Soon you won’t be able to tell the difference between the big city and the suburbs, just like Marx and Engels hoped!

            1. WTF would a town be required to implement a San Francisco fantasy?

              1. Excellent question. This is all thanks to California Senate Bill 375, the “Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act of 2008”, signed by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. It calls for “Metropolitan Planning Organizations” for each region to develop a “Sustainable Communities Strategy” that integrates transportation, land-use and housing policies which will reduce auto use and thus (of course) save the planet!

                The regional agency ABAG (Association of Bay Area Governments) has decided that single-family detached homes (with a yard, white picket fence, American Dream etc) are a “blight” on the area and the main source of global warming. So all future development in the suburbs must be away from having your own house and instead pushed into “stack and pack” housing near transit — in other words, all suburban families should live in an apartment building above the subway station, and not own a car.

                Who would want to live city-style while being stuck in the suburbs — not many folks, right? So ABAG has decided they can easily fill up these developments by invoking “social justice” and making them all heavily subsidized, low-income projects. And the suburb’s current residents will have to pay for the subsidies, extra services, extra schools, etc for the new arrivals.

                Therefore those damned suburbanites who fled the city will be forced to bring the city to themselves! Serves them right!

                1. Therefore those damned suburbanites who fled the city will be forced to bring the city to themselves! Serves them right!

                  And not the good parts of city-life. They’ll be paying to bring the fucking ghetto to their neighborhoods.

                  Because concentrated, low-income, subsidized housing are always areas of peace and prosperity.

                  1. Shit like that will kill the democrats again the way that forced busing did in the 70s.

                    And I think they know, they just can’t control themselves.

                2. I foresee lawsuits until the end of time on this one.

                3. And how the fuck is moving people to the suburbs supposed to reduce car use?

                  1. Keep asking questions Comrade and I will report you.

    2. “the Western Intellectuals have done everything they can to obfuscate the issue.”

      Yup, they somehow manage to pretend that there desire for communism was always pure with equal love and rainbows for everyone, while also pretending that they were victimized for decades from evil capitalists who merely objected to the idea that love and rainbows should be shared in equal measure. Always neglecting to mention how many of them were on the side of really evil people.

      1. grr, *their

    3. The Skrieking Idiot/Chony Krugnuttian left that controls America’s government-media-academic complex worships the Stalins, Chairman Maos, Pol Pots, Che Guevaras, and Fidel Castros of the world, and considers them the ideal governing model.

      They would absolutely love for their soul brother Obama to declare himself Dictator For Life and attempt a liquidation program of their enemies.

    4. The differences between flavors of socialism are barely noticeable.

  6. In fact, there’s very good reason to believe Stalin’s body count is two or three times higher than is commonly held.

    The man is the very definition of evil. Sympathy for him should be immediate cause for ruthless, methodical condemnation and censure. Same goes for Mao.

    1. OT:…..04f45d.jpg

      One of my favorite dictatorial collages.

      1. And yet there are still far (far) more Communists in this world than libertarians. What’s up with that?

        1. It’s an illustration of just how fallible the human mind is. It also depresses the shit out of me.

        2. Because libertarians are evil utopitarians.

      2. “One of my favorite dictatorial collages.”

        Diane Fienstien is conspicuously missing. I could say the same for Holder and Obama.


          A more modern take, right?

          1. That one is a winner.

          2. OMG…someone get that gal a modern rifle!

      3. Hitler actually loosened up the gun control. Owning a gun was manly, and Hitler wanted a manly Germany. Jews could not own guns but German citizens could. Outright gun bans did not happen until the Allies took over.

        1. Think about what you just said. Then realize how fucking retarded what you just said is.

          1. His post wasn’t fucking retarded. It contained information that conspicuously confirmed the intended meaning he was disputing. Hell, if anything, it was fucking retarded.

          2. I am most definitely NOT saying the Nazis were some sort of laissez faire libertarians when it came to guns, far from it! But they did encourage German citizens (Jews were not citizens) to own firearms. This is such a far cry from what modern progressives mean by “gun control” that using him as the poster boy for gun control is misleading.

            1. He didn’t allow the Jews to have guns, because he wanted to subjugate them. Which is, in fact, the point of the poster.

            2. Which is the equivalent of saying the Klan supported democracy, because they wanted all whites to be able to vote. Or saying some right wing religious nut supports gay marriage, because gay men are free to marry women, just like everyone else.

              In fact, I would argue the leftist gun control plan is identical to the Nazi gun control plan: The State shall decide who is to be allowed arms, in accordance with the interests of the State.

              1. Virginian knocks it out of the park. If a politician restricts access to firearms in accordance with a policy aim of his state’s government at the expense of the rights of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and obtain firearms for that purpose, he favors gun control.

                1. Hitler in no way restricted the rights of “law-abiding citizens” to own guns. He simply said Jews by definition were not and could not be citizens of the German Reich and were in fact enemies of the state simply by the nature of their existence. It would be legally plausible for a fascist government to do this in the US as well without in any way contravening the 2nd Amendment. This is why the “Hitler” argument is a tangent when arguing about gun rights. Hitler never imposed gun cotnrol, he did something even more insidious – he went straight to population control. It may seem like semantics, but law is semantics.

            3. Every gun control regime has exceptions – written or unwritten – for the State’s favored subjects, whether it’s ethnic Germans in Nazi Germany, whites in the Jim Crow south, connected and famous people in New York City or many counties in California, or just the police and military. Arms are only denied to those the State wishes to oppress or destroy.

              To say that Hitler’s gun control laws aren’t an example of this is, as I said, fucking retarded.

      4. You might want to take Khaddafi off the list. His gun control policies were obviously too lax.

  7. Those who apologize for monsters do so because they are sympathetic to their cause. Stalin has more apologists than Dahmer because collectivism has a wider appeal than cannibalism.

  8. Great. This LaTourette guy (whoever he is) is on FOX saying he thinks the Tea Party should STFU and GTFO.

    Come on you pussy, just come right out and say it. The Republicans should go back to being the Party of NIXON!

      1. He is from northeast Ohio and I am guessing a Union man. A superficial google search seems to confirm this as several unions contributed to his campaigns. He is a fucking progressive democrat in everything but name.

        That is my impression after an exhaustive 4 minute search.

        1. He’s a psychopath as are most politicians. Just look at the list. Glib, false sense of self-worth, compulsive liar, unrealistic plans for future, etc.

          1. Psychopath is a word I would prefer to not see diluted. Most (if not all) politicians are narcissistic greed-heads. Very few rise (or dip) to the horrifying grandeur of psychopathy.

            1. I believe one accepted term for people who exhibit much the same behavior as psychopaths, but have acquired it through learning, is sociopath.


              1. Huh, I thought sociopath was a deprecated term for psychopath and that the way it’s used in pop culture to mean a slightly different thing from psychopath was a false distinction propagated by Hollywood. And I’ve learned something new. Thanks darius.

  9. Bill Kristol wants WAR NOW, WAR FOREVER!
    Rand Paul is a traitor and an appeaser, apparently.

  10. Your perspective is spot-on. I recently wrote a blog post criticizing American actor Steven Seagal for standing next to Putin while he introduced a Stalin-esque, nationalized fitness program for the youth (which will also be used as a barometer for students applying to college). A Russian man commented on the post; I was saddened by his response. Not only did he remind me that Stalin “supported and promoted many talented people in USSR who later became prominent persons.” He proceeded to defend Putin’s nationalized fitness plan because it is intended just as Putin states, which is: “to improve the physical skills of our growing generation” and to make them more competitive with the West.

    The most stunning statement came at the end of the man’s post, where he used as evidence toward Putin’s “goodness” and the righteousness of the nationalized fitness plan the response of the children surrounding Putin on the day of the announcement: “If you could see the video from that event you see many children with sparkling and inspired eyes and that`s for good, I`m sure.”

    This last statement brought to mind the thousands of pictures of Hitler surrounded by “children with sparkling and inspired eyes.”

    As a freedom loving individualist, I find this horribly sad. It is sad for the man who so willingly cooperates with Putin’s totalitarian ideas; it’s sad for the children–whether in Russia or North Korea or Cuba–who will be intellectually bred to accept the dominance of the state.

    1. “Not only did he remind me that Stalin “supported and promoted many talented people in USSR who later became prominent persons.”

      A read of “Stalin and the Bomb” (Holloway) shows he sure did. And killed the rest.

    2. Intentions are all that matter.

    3. We sponsored a teen girl from Ukraine who liked Putin and Stalin. This is partly because she was from the Crimea and also because her Grandma liked Stalin (her husband was an Army officer), since they had got lots of free stuff after the war. Ukraine is often split about 50:50 between pro-West and pro-communist politicians.

      1. Bill| 3.17.13 @ 11:20AM |#
        “We sponsored a teen girl from Ukraine who liked Putin and Stalin.”

        I’d have an easier time with a Kraut who thought Hitler as sorta OK.
        But that’s comparative only; I wouldn’t put up with either one.

      2. My wife went to a broker dinner once attended by another trader originally from Georgia who talked for about a half hour about how Stalin was a pretty good leader and mostly misunderstood. Just blew my mind when she told me this, not so much that he believed this to begin with but that he would pull that opinion out in front of co-workers and while being employed on Wall Street.

    4. Off topic, I saw Nietzsche and the Nazis. Very interesting.

  11. The Western Intellectuals fell for Communism like a ton of bricks, and have failed to see through several of its most thuggish proponents until long after the stench of mass murder was apparent to everyone else.

    But they meant well! They had good intentions!

    Why do you have to be such a nitpicker, Debbie Downer?

    1. You have to break some eggs to make an omelette, and besides, it’s not Stalin’s fault because he didn’t have the Right Men under him.

    2. Western Intellectualism is that special combination of terrible education and zero experience.

      It is the opposite of wisdom.

    3. The intent to turn humans into your chattel for “their own good” is the worst of intents.

  12. and I am guessing a Union man.

    He made some crack about how Real Republicans don’t hate unions, and I think he tossed in something about “living” or ‘prevailing” wages.

    Now, on ABC, they’re talking about Portman and his homo son. It’s revealing to see that conservatives are so invested in the State’s responsibility to ratify every individual, personal act of the citizenry that he will flipflop on his deeply held definition of marriage based on the actions of his son. I guess he just can’t bear the thought of him “living in sin”.

    1. Many politicians see the light when an issue touches them personally.

      The speed limit in Louisiana on the interstates was a max of 65 in spite of lots of complaining from the citizenry.

      Then one of the state legislators got a ticket driving 75mph on I-10 between Lafayette and Baton Rouge. Within a few weeks the speed limit went to 70, and now up to 75.

      1. Mississippi decriminalized marijuana in 1978, after a state rep’s son was busted, thrown in prison, then raped and murdered.

    2. At least Boehner is principled enough that he wouldn’t change his stance on gay marriage even if his son were gay. Thank god we have at least ONE principled politician.

  13. Matt Dowd is spouting his establishmentarian bullshit on This Week and my wife asks who’s this prog asshole.

    She’s shocked that he was Bush’s campaign strategist in 2004.

    Dowd is a perfect representation of what’s wrong with national politics in the US.

  14. My only regret is it’s too late to celebrate the anniversary of the bastard’s demise.

  15. “To some extent, this double standard is rooted in the unique horror of the Nazi quest to exterminate entire races. But there also remains, on the left, a lingering belief that Soviet communism was at least motivated by noble goals of social justice.”

    First, Nazis sought to exterminate disfavored ethnic groups; soviet communists sought to (and often succeeded) in exterminating disfavored social groups. The operative point is state-sanctioned extermination. The distinction between targets is a distinction without a difference.

    Second, as to the supposedly “noble goals of social justice,” the Nazis did not think of themselves of evil for evil’s sake. They saw themselves as pursuing the “noble goal” of protecting and furthering the interests of ethnic Germans. Considering that this was a time in human history in which each nationality was deemed to be entitled to a country of its own, (“self-determination of peoples” it was called), the Nazi worldview was an outgrowth of the politics of Nationalism and ethnicitiy of the late 19th/early 20th century that was also adhered to in many “respectable” circles. If the Bolsheviks had a “noble motive,” so did the Nazis by their own lights.

    A people who value liberty and individual rights has no business defending either Hitler or Stalin.

    1. “The distinction between targets is a distinction without a difference.”
      Especially when you consider the forced starvation of the Ukraine population under Stalin; he considered the entire population of that ‘nation’ to be of questionable loyalty and purposely went about starving as many as possible.

    2. First, Nazis sought to exterminate disfavored ethnic groups; soviet communists sought to (and often succeeded) in exterminating disfavored social groups. The operative point is state-sanctioned extermination. The distinction between targets is a distinction without a difference.

      Au contraire.

      The religion of progressivism sees Racism and The Profit Motive as mankinkd’s original sins.

      So the Nazi’s racial motives are inherently evil and

      Communists anti profit motive are inherently good.

    3. ^This.

      The Nazis were motivated by an aesthetic vision of a future Europe. Hitler was basically just a slightly more ruthless Robert Moses.

      Basically any central planner who is willing to use the state to impose costs on people today for the glorious future they envision all enjoying later is a “little Eichmann”, to fail to coin a phrase.

      1. There’s a reason Albert Speer was so high up in the Nazi Party.

    4. The distinction between targets is a distinction without a difference.

      To liberal progressives the distinction is very meaningful.

      Hitler killed people because of their parents. You can’t choose your parents, so it’s not fair.

      Stalin killed people because of what they believed. You can choose conform your thoughts to that of the collective. So killing people who choose not to is not only fair, but it promotes the health of the collective.

      I firmly believe that may on the left would have no qualms with rounding up the tea baggers and wingnuts, and killing them.

      1. “Stalin killed people because of what they believed.”
        Tell that to the Ukrainians and the Poles.

        1. Bernard Shaw was disappointed in Hitler because he killed the wrong people.

          1. From what I know of Shaw, I think that he’s been the inspiration for more than one Ayn Rand character.

      2. Nazism was tribalism, while Communism was theocracy.

  16. Speaking of Hive Mind talking points, is it just my imagination or have the Democrats developed a sudden obsession with the derailment of the People’s Will as a direct result of evil Republican gerrymandering?


    1. Her kids and employees. That’s all.

    2. Bill Clinton?

    3. Half a million dead iraqi children?

      1. “Yes, but it was worth it”, scolds Madeline.


    Bristol – it’s what’s for dinner.

  19. NASCAR? I’d rather watch my toilet flush for two hours.

    1. And that’s just fine. The problem comes when some group decides that because THEY don’t like something, it should be banned. Like Christers with homo-eroticism (which leaves me cold), or safety-nannies with cage-fighting or tackle football.

  20. They won’t say it out loud, but the left still admires Stalin–for the same reasons they admire Che.

    It’s about being willing to make the sacrifices necessary to bring about Leftotopia. If you want to make an omelet, you gotta break some eggs! The Chinese are willing to enforce a one-child policy–but we can’t do anything like that because the right is so obsessed with their “rights”.

    The people on the left who are frustrated with Obama are frustrated with him because he isn’t more like Stalin.

    Obama’s willing to impose an individual mandate, but he isn’t really willing to go all out. Quietly, the people on the left think to themselves, “Now Stalin, he may have gone a little overboard–but there was a guy who knew how to get things done.” They think Obama could learn a lot from Stalin.

    1. They’ve been saying exactly that about Chavez. He wasn’t perfect, he went overboard on some things, but he was elected and did all he could to help people!

      1. It’s just another reason why progressives are America’s most horrible people.

        1. Funny now that Obama wants to invade Venezuela now that Chavez is out of the way.

  21. Let’s not forget another dictator, Julius Caesar. Two days ago, March 15, was the anniversary of his death at the hands of the Senate in 44BC.

    1. But he did give us Orange Julius and the Ceasae salad. Of course there is also the worst pizza ever made.

      1. I thought 2 of those were Cesar Chavez

      2. I like how they advertise that there pizza isn’t cooked fresh to order, but sits under the heatlamps waiting for you.

        1. Considering the quality of the ingredients of ‘fast’ pizza joints, I cant tell the difference.

        2. My daughter actually worked there for a while so she could get free pizza occasionally and I wouldn’t eat it. It was that terrible. Like cardboard.

      3. Don’t forget the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

  22. Bjorn Lomberg declares earth hour a waste, Slate commenters disagree.

    1. Lomborg actually looks at the cost / benefit of ideas / policies rather than the symbolic politics. No wonder they hate him.

  23. Both my grandfathers were sent to the gulag, or so my family was told. They were in fact shot long before arriving there.

    1. As a Tigers fan, thank you for that link.

      1. So long as you don’t continue your descent into futility by also being a Lions fan.

  24. Communism means never having to say you’re sorry.

    Comrade Stalin faced and withstood enormous challenges to the Revolution. Foreign and domestic. He led the vanguard of the proletariat, he crushed the capitalists, the bourgeoisie, the villainous kulak, the spies and wreckers, and under his leadership the Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics advanced to superpower status.

    What’s not to like if your sympathy lies with the left?

    1. The Satanic depravity of his rule and the foundationally rotten anti-civilization his predecessors erected.

      I guess none of that means shit to pinko scumbags.

      1. That’s nothing but bourgeois sentimentality.

        Or maybe Trostkyist revisionism.

        In either case, it does not detract from the glory of Comrade Stalin.

        In this heroic video,…..10031.html , Professor Grover Furr of Montclair University demonstrates that Comrade Stalin did not commit a single crime during his rule.

  25. OT: http://www.thetruthaboutguns.c…..arization/

    ACLU Investigates Police Militarization

    “American neighborhoods are increasingly being policed by cops armed with the weapons and tactics of war,” the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) latest campaign proclaims. “Federal funding in the billions of dollars has allowed state and local police departments to gain access to weapons and tactics created for overseas combat theaters ? and yet very little is known about exactly how many police departments have military weapons and training, how militarized the police have become, and how extensively federal money is incentivizing this trend. It’s time to understand the true scope of the militarization of policing in America and the impact it is having in our neighborhoods.” Well there’s something we can agree upon. What’s somewhat ironic about this . . .

    The ACLU is generally considered a left-leaning organization; many members hail from the liberal side of the political spectrum. The fact that their champions in the Obama administration have continued the alarming trend of police militarization may get a pass from its supporters, but the ACLU has finally woken-up to the quiet Rambofication of our nation’s police departments . . .”

    1. The ACLU was founded by Radical Lefties, Socialists, and closet Commies. It has, nevertheless, often and repeatedly risen about these questionable antecedents to genuinely base its actions on principles of personal liberty. If it also often falls for snappy patter about Social Justice and similar drivel, well, nobody’s perfect.

    2. The ACLU is generally considered a left-leaning organization; many members hail from the liberal side of the political spectrum.

      The political spectrum is political fiction at its finest. It was created when the classical liberals of France and the socialists both stood in opposition to the Ancien Regime.

      The fact that their champions in the Obama administration have continued the alarming trend of police militarization may get a pass from its supporters, but the ACLU has finally woken-up to the quiet Rambofication of our nation’s police departments…

      They will wake up and do nothing. They’ll wait until the next TEAM Red President appears before they become outraged at the trampling of the Posse Comitatus Act.

  26. What, no sympathetic portrait of Stalin? No mention of reasons why libertarians should like him and sympathize with him? Reason, you’re slipping.

    1. By freeing people from the burden of having to pay for health care think in ways contrary to the state, Obama Stalin vastly expanded the freedom of people to change jobs and pursue their ambitions. So really, Obamacare The Great Purge was, in all actuality, completely libertarian.

      /Mike Godwin

    2. We really need someone like Oliver Stone to do a movie that humanizes Hitler… know……maybe emphasizing what buddies he and Joe were….now that we’re in the era of glorifying dictators…..

  27. the ACLU has finally woken-up to the quiet Rambofication of our nation’s police departments

    If it could be shown the cops were also forcing people to pray to Little Baby Jeezus the ACLU would go all out to put an end to it.

  28. OT: Did anyone see this?
    io9: This Tea Party science fiction movie trailer is better than both Atlas Shrugged movies put together

    The Gawker commentariat seems to have largely ignored it.

    1. “Shut up and eat your awesome”. I’m going to use that.

      1. There’s now a bunch of comments. I really like the ones who say “what are they complaining about? Seems like a great world where everyone is given everything they need!” and “If the teabaggers get their way, we’d all be living in toxic sludge and be slaves to Monsanto.”

        I guess there really are a lot of people out there who believe we should just give it all up to government, they are the good guys. Yikes.

        1. Rage against the machine rages cause it is not the machine.

    2. The acting was 10x better than in either Atlas Shrugged movie. Which places it somewhere about Saved By The Bell-level awful.

      And it’s too bad most of the people at CPAC are still cool with bombing people halfway around the world, endless wars, rounding up and deportation of 90% of the immigrants, social security, some form of medicare and about a million other social safety net bullshit programs.

      And the woman doing the voice-over reminds me of Winona Ryder reading Shakespeare.

      1. Also, I found the writing to be…bad.

        1. And I didn’t care for the filmography. Or whatever it’s called.

        2. I just watched AS PII and my main complaint is the same as I had with the first part: they left out all the parts I thought were cool.

          I don’t know if this is how everybody felt, but the GF agreed. I can deal with bad acting if the story is awesome, but…

      2. …rounding up and deportation of 90% of the immigrants…

        Uhhh, you DO know we allow in at least twice as many legal immigrants per year as illegal ones, on average, right? And that the numbers are actually skewed even more in favor of legal immigration since the economy took a shit and a lot of migrant labor went back to Mexico? Try using 10% of your brain and not making up false statistics.

        1. Nice job putting words into my mouth, asshole. Where in my post did I mention that 90% of the immigrants were illegals?

          SoCons have been after illegal as well as large segments of the legal immigrant population for quite some time now. “Dey Terk Ur Jerbs” isn’t just about the illegals.

          Try using a little of your own brain…the part that doesn’t make inaccurate assumptions about other peoples’ posts.

  29. Unbelievable, ATMs all over Cyprus are empty as the bank runs are now unsurprisingly underway. I don’t care how much of a socialist you are, nobody in the world wants to see six to ten percent of the hard-earned life savings in his bank account confiscated by the government overnight.

    “Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

    “Governments run by left-wing shitheads are even more dangerous than banking establishments.”
    -Mike M.

    1. How fucking stupid is the EU? They don’t even make good thieves. If you are going to seize assets, you don’t announce it before hand.

      1. I read some comments from Cypriots. Their lament was not “this is theft, this is terrible” but “why are they taking my money when they could just rob those rich guys to the tune of 10%?”

        Somehow, I doubt this will end up being a great moment in the history of liberty and more like Greek clusterfuck class envy, part two.

        1. I think the Med is going to get REALLY UGLY in the next 10 years or so.

    2. The big question is how the fuck Cyprus got into the EU in the first place, when they have state-run media and don’t actually control their entire claimed jurisdiction (the NE part of the island is controlled by a separate de-facto govt).

  30. ” But there also remains, on the left, a lingering belief that Soviet communism was at least motivated by noble goals of social justice.”

    The Nazis believed in “social justice” too. Stalin was the totalitarian team of the Left, the Nazis were competitors, so the left hated Nazis.

    The Left is about power for the Left. Anything that furthers that power is good.

  31. Fuck Stalin.

    Also, it’s that time of year again. So get signed up for the Third Annual Reason Hit & Run Superdrone Tourney Pick-Em.

    Unless, of course, you’re a chicken.

    1. anyone who puts Duke in the final 4 gets a kick in the nuts

      1. I’m hoping for an early exit for Duke, because their assistant head coach Chris Collins (76ers coach Doug’s son) is the top name mentioned to take over at Northwestern, and NU can’t talk with him until the season is over.

        1. That would be a good get for Northwestern. If he can recruit Chicago, he could get them to a mid-pack Big Ten team, which is pretty damn good.

    2. I’m in. I won a 43-inch TV, an iPod, a set of beer glasses and shirts and hats and bottle openers from a brewery, and a catered lunch off of last year’s brackets. The year before, my national champion lost in the first few hours on a buzzer-beater, so you might get that level of competition, too.

    3. You’re not doing a very good job of wooing me. Marriage has certainly dulled your manly charms.


    They are stealing 10% of all savers’ money in Cyprus. Regulators lie right up until they take your money and close the banks.

    1. That’s a sure-fired way to guarantee a run on banks and start a civil uprising.

      Any idea what the gun laws in Cyprus are?

      1. Nevermind.

        From Wikipedia: (Comments apply to the internationally recognized Greek portion of the island) Cyprus has strict gun control. Private citizens are completely forbidden from owning handguns and rifles in any calber, even .22 rimfire. Only shotguns are allowed, and these require a license. Shotguns are limited to two rounds. The only shotguns typically sold in stores are double-barreled side-by-sides or over-unders. Pump actions and semiautomatics are prohibited. A private citizen can own a total of ten different shotguns. A citizen is not required to specify a reason for ownership to obtain a license, but most own their guns for hunting. Licenses are issued by provincial police. A gun license is required to buy ammunition, and ammunition sales are recorded. A shotgun owner may purchase up to 250 shells at one time. Cyprus also controls airguns, and airgun owners require a license.[25]

        Fucking pussies

        1. Fuck them all.

          1. I can’t comprehend what it is like to live in a nation where self-defense is illegal. Seriously. It’s beyond me why someone would live in a place where they cannot violently defend their self and family if they are attacked by a criminal intent on harm.

            One would have to be a coward to accept that willingly.

            1. And that’s precisely what they are — cowards who consent to being buttfucked into disarmament. Again — fuck them.

              1. It may also explain why their little “civil war” between the Turks and Greeks that live there has been going on for decades. If they just all armed up, I bet it would get sorted out in a matter of weeks.

                1. These are the people we’re all being compelled to imitate, Sloopy — sectarian, socioeconomically primitive, chained little quasi-serfs, living on whatever their government deems is sufficient for their needs.

                  I’ll be fucking damned if the Europhilic cunts in our government reduce us to the same state.

                  1. I’ll be buried in the ground or murderdroned before I let them do that to me or my family. And that’s no bluster either. No way in hell will I meekly give up my freedom and safety for some semblance of a “greater good.”

                    1. Maybe they’ll murderdrone your funeral. I hear that’s very hip with the murderdrone crowd these days.

            2. I can’t comprehend what it is like to live in a nation where self-defense is illegal.

              Don’t worry sloop, Cali is going to help you in your endeavor to understand. You’re about 75% there so the transition should be painless; the politicians have sworn an oath to the constitution use lube.

              1. The local cops around here would join any resistance to that kind of bullshit. Either that or they’d end up having to bring body bags and tanks to confiscate weapons.

                Note: every person on my side of the street for at least a mile has a gun range in their back yard, and I’ve been hearing shots all day. The people across the street don’t only because they don’t butt up against a mountain.

                1. I’m sure that the atf, dea, fbi, lapd, sfpd would gladly assist any brave officers that aren’t engaged in any treasonous activities.

                2. Note: every person on my side of the street for at least a mile has a gun range in their back yard, and I’ve been hearing shots all day.

                  Must be a wealthy neighborhood, with 500 rounds of 22LR running $50 or more, and buckshot being a buck a shot.

                  1. Where are you buying your ammo? I can buy .22LR out here for $21 a box (of 525) for hollow points. And who shoots clays with buckshot? Target loads run about $.25 a piece.

                    And I don’t know if it’s a wealthy neighborhood or not. It’s just rural and full of people that have on again/off again coyote problems.

                    1. No physical gun shop around here has 22LR in stock at all.

                      My semiauto shotgun doesn’t reliably cycle birdshot. Or at least it didn’t before I lost it, along with all my guns, ammo, and precious metals in a tragic boating accident over the Marianas Trench.

                    2. Really? What the fuck, man? I can go to Dicks, Big 5, KMart or any number of gun shops and they have palletfuls of .22LR. As far as target loads, I’ve never heard of a shotgun that didn’t cycle one shell the same as another. They’re all the same to the breech. I can’t see there ever being a problem.

                    3. As far as target loads, I’ve never heard of a shotgun that didn’t cycle one shell the same as another.

                      Semiauto shotguns can be sensitive to this, as they depend on the recoil/gas energy to cycle properly. Just like a semiauto pistol can fail to cycle if you feed it light-loaded ammo.

                    4. No physical gun shop around here has 22LR in stock at all.

                      You gotta check around. I’ve bought over a 1000 rounds of .22 in the last month at regular prices.

                      Now, 9mm is a different story.

            3. I’m glad the Turks ruined their shit.

            4. [I can’t comprehend what it is like to live in a nation where self-defense is illegal. Seriously]

              I can’t comprehend living in a nation where defense against said nation is illegal.

        2. I wonder if they can get slugs and buckshot? It wouldn’t be too hard to reload if they can’t. A side-by-side with a slug or large pellets should be good enough to obtain what the military and police use. If you can find armed soldiers or police one or two at a time.

    2. The only thing I’m curious about is whether or not Cyprus will have reprecussions throughout Europe to the tune of other economically weak Euro-nations experiencing bank runs tomorrow.

    3. You have to wonder if the EU is trying to start a new world war. Is there a better way to reignite nationalism and feelings of resentment between Europeans?

      1. A government supposedly big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take everything you have.

        By the way, this is coming to America, and probably sooner than most people realize. Liberals, socialists, and communists are the absolute scum of the earth, and Obama’s lowlife followers will gladly kill you and your family and take your every last penny once they think they can get away with it.

        1. America’s got it bad, but the internal dynamics are STILL much better than Europe. On self-defense rights alone for instance.

        2. I believe Mike,

  33. Buckeyes win the Big Ten!

    Buckeyes win the Big Ten!

    Buckeyes win the Big Ten!

  34. OT: http://www.thetruthaboutguns.c…..-safe-act/

    BREAKING: First New Yorker Arrested Under SAFE Act

    “New York’s SAFE Act has claimed its first scalp. The AP reports that “State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says 32-year-old Benjamin Wassell of Silver Creek was charged Thursday with felonies related to the sale of illegal weapons. Schneiderman says he [Wassell] twice sold weapons that are prohibited under the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, passed by the Legislature in mid-January.” reports that “Wassell is an Iraq War veteran, according to a law enforcement source.” The Observer newspaper in Dunkirk New York has more details . . .”

    1. “Wassell allegedly sold assault weapons to an undercover police officer on two separate occasions. According to Buffalo news outlets, the first sale started on Jan. 24 when Wassell attempted to sell a DelTon AR15 rifle [above], a banned weapon due to a pistol grip, telescoping butt stock and bayonet mount, to the undercover officer. The sale between Wassell and the officer was finalized at Aunt Millie’s Restaurant for $1,900 and included 299 rounds of ammunition as well as six large-capacity clips.

      Following the first purchase, the officer kept in contact with Wassell. A month later in the parking lot of Lakeshore Lanes, Wassell allegedly sold a Armalite AR10 Magnum semi-automatic rifle to the officer for $2,600. Once again, the sale included ammunition ? 21 rounds. On this sale, the officer told Wassell about a previous felony conviction.”

      1. Conclusion: Fuck New York.

    2. Whew! Thank Aqua Buddha it was just some gun nut war veteran who is probably a bitter clinger and has PTSD. Just think if it had been one of our brave Public Heroes in the NYPD.

      1. Are you kidding me? You’re probably some sort of libertard, because everybody normal knows that cops never do such awful, awful things!

        You probably read Lew Rockwell, too!

        1. Are you kidding me? You’re probably some sort of libertard, because everybody normal knows that cops never get in trouble when they do such awful, awful things!


        2. Hey! Common sense, reasonable, commonly sensible, rational, sensible to all common people, legislation has saved New York children from the scourge of gun violence!

          Why, no children have been shot in New York since Governor Cuomo bravely signed the legislation to restrict people’s rights for the Greater Good.

          1. The intrinsically paternalistic extreme Tea Party extremists’ hateful super-hatred of our great Gonfaloniere of Justice, Andrew Cuomo, indicatively indicates that they don’t care to care about poor little children.

            GUNS KILL PEOPLE.

            /Matt Damon

    3. What an idiot. He lives 45 minutes from the PA border, where it’s totally legal to sell both rifles in a private sale.

      1. It would be illegal because he’s a citizen of New York. You have to go through an FFL any time you sell or buy a gun outside of your home state, per federal law. The FFL can be based in the other state if you’re buying a long gun or selling any gun, but if you’re buying a pistol you have to have it shipped to an FFL in your own state.

        1. The FFL can be based in the other state if you’re buying a long gun or selling any gun

          For a sale from a FFL to a non-resident, it must be legal in both the purchaser and FFL seller states and be in person. If you’re a NY resident, you can’t buy a NY banned rifle in a PA gun shop.

      2. “What an idiot. He lives 45 minutes from the PA border, where it’s totally legal to sell both rifles in a private sale.”

        He’s obviously an NRA stooge…

        /MSNBC pundit #23

        Anyway, the NRA will have likely found their first test case, and quite possibly another savage beating in the federal courts.

  35. People who drink Guinness are truly history’s greatest monster.

    1. [citation required]

      /Person who saw someone drink a Zima once

      1. Ha. My only excuse for this is I was in HS. A friend and I threw a party with a hot tub full of ice and ZIMA!

        1. I assume it was a lemon party?

          1. Don’t know what a lemon party is yet I’m pretty sure I don’t want to google it.

            I puked. Dog ate my puke. Dog puked and ate his own puke. I remember that much.

            1. Oh highschool parties, how I miss you am glad I will never have to experience you ever again.

              My good deed for the day (you can tell I haven’t Guinessed up)
              lemon party: old man orgy

              1. Oh highschool parties, how I miss you am glad I will never have to experience you ever again.

                Yeah. Another one I have a strong memory of involves an idiot pulling a shotgun b/c he couldn’t find his CD case.

            2. I puked. Dog ate my puke. Dog puked and ate his own puke. I remember that much.

              I would imagine a lemon party is worse that this.

            3. It was a photo of elderly gays having a threesome, if I recall correctly.

              I’m hard to gross out, but that shit was icky.

                1. Canadia — FUCK YEAH!

                2. I support their abolish Toronto stance.

                  1. Let me guess — you’re a loyal supporter of the Bloc Quebecois?!

                    1. You need to watch the Toronto episode of Bourdain’s “Layover” series.

                  2. My understanding is that everyone supports abolishing Toronto, including those from Toronto.

                    1. No no, I’ve been assured that once Olivia Chow is mayor everything will be paradise.

    2. You’re just anti-Irish. You from Little Italy, by any chance?

      /Jack Nicholson

    3. I would disagree with you except every time I crack open a Guinness I have an uncontrollable urge to rape and murder children, so you’re probably right.

      1. Wait, do you mean rape-rape?

        1. I should’ve said not necessarily in that order. I don’t think dead children can give enthusiastic consent, so yes.

          1. I thought it was no longer rape, but because defiling a corpse if they’re already dead.

            Warty, can we get a ruling on this?

            1. Hey now, do I run around ruining the things you love? No, I do not.

          2. I believe he meant legitimate rape.

            1. Upon reading your comment, half of Feministing’s readers died of:

              (a) aneurysms,

              (b) heart attacks,

              (c) megaton-scale cranial detonations.

  36. Wassell allegedly sold assault weapons to an undercover police officer on two separate occasions.

    Let me guess; this Wassell guy chased the cop down the street begging him to buy the guns.

  37. “By selling these illegal firearms, Mr. Wassell’s actions had potentially dangerous consequences for New Yorkers,”

    Putting guns like these in the hands of policemen is just begging for trouble.

  38. OT: Charles Barkley just said the Mountain West is a better conference than the Big Ten.

    Is CBS doing some kind of “Jobs for Tards” program or something?

    1. Look out for the Lobos this year. They are on fire.

      … Hobbit

      1. Lobo……Lobo…..bring back Sheriff Lobo

    2. He aint no role model

  39. Speaking of the Greeks

    1. Some of the tattoos are unfortunate, but I’d probably still tap that, but only after consuming at least two Guinesses.

      1. Always remember that the reason guys in the Navy get tattos is to give the Marines something to read during sex.

  40. OT: Remember the cop that pulled a Plaxico Burress (in New York as well), except for instead of in a bar he did it in a school full of children? Well, he has resigned and apparently will not face any charges.

    But, you know, there’s no such thing as a double-standard.

    1. It is odd that Plaxico didn’t have to catch for a rapist until he got OUT of prison.

    2. I remember it well, since I posted about it yesterday. (I’m also the one who posted the original story, since I live in Ulster County.) Where the hell is my hat-tip?

    3. You know who else negligently discharged their gun in a school full of children?

      1. A DEA professional

          1. He’s the only one in the room professional enough to shoot himself in the leg.

  41. Crossing my fingers that Ohio State gets the 2 seed in the Western region. I really want to see them in LA.

    1. Damn, could you cross your fingers that Congress & Obama reduce taxes, slash spending, and bring all the troops home?

  42. there’s no such thing as a double-standard.

    For a cop, losing your job is just like a death sentence!


  43. Jesus. Kansas in a brutal subregion while Georgetown gets a bunch of scrubs in their half. What the fuck?

  44. Yes! Miami is the 2 seed in the south. That means the Buckeyes are gonna be the #2 seed in the west, which means I need to pack my shit for Staples Center in 11 days.

    1. You are obviously enjoying StPats day a little much. We’ll be lucky to get out of Dayton. Remember, Iona used to have Jeff Ruland. And if we happen to get by them, we’ll be fortunate to survive either of those midwestern meat grinder programs in the second round. I’m just grateful we were invited, and will enjoy the weekend in Dayton, come what may.

      Oh Weauf Godz, please spare us your attention!

      ps – where the hell did Ross come from?

    1. Should have gone out like Lex Luthor in a hot air balloon.

    2. It’s been done before — Twice, actually, by the same person.

      Also, having Googled, “ helicopter prison“, I’ve now realized that repeats its topics many times: there are no less than three articles about amazing prison escapes.

  45. I’m watching some oddball form of flat-trackin’ from Daytona. The track surface looks like beach sand(!), instead of clay. I’m still waiting for these yahoo announcers to say how long the track is. Looks like a half-mile, and the bikes look more like supermotos than classic flat track bikes.

    Still fucking cool.

    1. Do they have brakes?

  46. Chuck Schumer to the rescue!

    Last month’s disastrous cruise in the Gulf of Mexico and other recent high-seas emergencies spurred Sen. Charles Schumer Sundayto call on the industry to adopt a bill of rights for passengers.

    Schumer called cruise ships the “wild west of the travel industry.”

    “It’s time to rein them in before anyone else gets hurt,” Schumer said. “This bill of rights, based on work we’ve done with the airline industry, will ensure that passengers aren’t forced to live in third world conditions or put their lives at risk when they go on vacation.”

    According to Schumer’s proposal, passengers would have the right to:

    – Disembark a docked ship if basic provisions cannot adequately be provided onboard.

    – A full refund for a trip that is abruptly canceled due to mechanical failures.

    – Full-time, on board professional medical attention in the event of a major health crisis.

    – Real-time information updates as to any adjustments in the travel plan of the ship in the event of a mechanical failure or emergency.

    – A ship crew that is properly trained in emergency and evacuation procedures.

    – Backup power in the case of a generator failure.

    At least he’s not wringing his hands guns for the time being.

    1. Peak Retard.

    2. “At least he’s not wringing his hands guns for the time being.”

      While he isnt attempting to violate negative rights he stays busy by inventing new positive rights.

      I am having a hard time seeing the bright side.

      1. There is no “bright side” where Chuck Schumer is concerned. He is a vile, despicable human being and the sooner he is ejected from the Senate, the sooner we will be moving in the direction of personal liberty.

        1. He’s more likely to become Majority Leader than he is to get kicked out of the Senate.

        2. Worse human being: Harry Reid or Chuck Schumer?

          1. Schumer, hands down.

          2. Worse human being: Harry Reid or Chuck Schumer?

            I think if you flipped a coin to decide, it would land on its edge.

          3. Chucky.

  47. So there was a link (Friday) about the SF Symphony pluckers, tweeters and tooters going on strike. Most of the dough is contributions, so it’s not much of an issue for libertarians, except:
    …”leading to cancellations of four scheduled performances of Mahler’s Ninth Symphony in Davies Symphony Hall.”…
    So there were ulterior motives! Any cancellation of Mahler is a boon to mankind!

    Read more:…..z2NqhAsPRr

    1. You know who else wanted Mahler concerts permanently canceled?

      1. Anyone who ever sat through one?
        Austria is the West Virginia of Europe; steep slopes isolating one valley from the other, insular townships.
        But there’s a difference: Mahler was director of the Vienna Opera, so West Virginia has better music.

  48. City of Santa Monica, CA asserts the ‘right’ of all citizens to sustainable clean water, air, etc. with ability to sue people or corporations that infringe on their ‘rights’

    1. Who do they sue if there’s a drought?
      I have a suggestion: The state government. The population has grown from ~24 to ~48 Mover the last 30 years, and I’m pretty sure there hasn’t been one damn water-storage project in that entire time.
      You GO, moonbeam!

      1. “The population has grown from ~24 to ~48 Mover the last 30 years,”

        “The CA population has grown from ~24M to ~48M over the last 30 years,”
        Edit feature, please!

    2. “City of Santa Monica, CA asserts the ‘right’ of all citizens to sustainable clean water, air, etc. with ability to sue people or corporations that infringe on their ‘rights'”

      The people of the Owens Valley should sue the City of Santa Monica immediately.

  49. You have to go through an FFL any time you sell or buy a gun outside of your home state, per federal law. The FFL can be based in the other state if you’re buying a long gun or selling any gun, but if you’re buying a pistol you have to have it shipped to an FFL in your own state.

    For some reason, I was thinking two private individuals could still do a transaction even if one of them is from out of state.

    But I also have been told by at least two FFL holders that even if they sell to an out of state buyer with an FFL, a handgun must be SHIPPED to the buyer’s place of business (a private buyer must have it shipped to an FFL in his home state).

    1. That’s why all the universal background checks (registration) shit is shit.

      Anyone trying to buy and sell firearms on a regular basis will tell you that there is always government hassle (unless buying a long gun from someone who doesn’t want to involve the government).

      The shit we hear about people going from Illinois to Ohio to buy shit at gunshows is ALREADY illegal. I don’t agree with that, but, dammit enforce the stoopid laws already on the books before inventing new ones.

    2. The buyer is the one committing a Fed crime. A private seller is under no obligation to confirm the buyer is a resident of his state.

      1. That’s cute that you think our federal agencies operate under the rule of law. Imagine if you sold a long gun, legally, to someone out of state and it was used in a mass shooting. Do you really think you’re not going to prison. Hysteria and tyranny say otherwise.

        1. If the seller was a young woman she’d be a victim

  50. The population has grown from ~24 to ~48 Mover the last 30 years, and I’m pretty sure there hasn’t been one damn water-storage project in that entire time.

    One of my pet peeves is the tendency of people to cry “global warming” over problems which are clearly the result of criminally stupid water policy.

    1. Oh sure, blame the government. Typical reich-wing Rethuglican!

      //Derptarp Progressive

    1. Right on. It serves no legitimate purpose, has multiple severe negative impacts on the environment, and encourages our youth to lead non-productive lives. It clearly has no place in civilized society.

    1. I think we should ban Crosby from playing against Boston, because when Chara looks like a flat-footed oaf the poor NBC announcers have no one to drool over.

      Won’t somebody think of the childern Pier McGuire!

      1. can we get Chara to take out McGuire?

        1. I’d say yes to that. Hopefully it happens while Pier is pontificating on Chara’s “huge stick”.

      2. The problem could be solved by not forcing the Penguins on viewers every fucking week.

        The defending Eastern Conference champions only seem to get on NBC/NBCSN if they’re playing one of Pittsburgh/Philly/Washington.

  51. Stalin wasn’t the greatest guy of all, but he was a lot better than Randy Pall. At least he didn’t hate the poor and was a racest like Randy Pall.

    1. Oh my.

      I hope for the future of our species that this isn’t a serious post.

      1. Why don’t you think it is serius? Of course I am serius. Capitalism isn’t moral and you can’t just let people do whatever they want. That’s like anarcy and barbarism, and at lest guys like Stalin tried to make order out of the chaos, that’s what socialism does. While in America the robber barons where having there way with the poor, raping them. Socialism is moral, capitalism is evil. Everyone nos this now accept for Libertarian crazys. Capitalism is rape of the people!

        Feminism is saving the world and in 2016 Hillary will finish the job!

        1. Capitalism is rape of the people!

          Maybe so, but is rape always wrong? I think there are a lot of exceptions.

          1. I know that all, no Im sorry, not all, but most libertarians are sexist pigs who don’t have respect for women, but rape is never right, how can you think that? Most sex is violence against women! Porn is violence against women! Drugs, you libertarians want to make legal is violence against women. Even alchohol is violence against women and needs to be illegal again.

            1. Too easy.

            2. Okay, yeah, usually it’s bad, but how can you generalize and say that ALL rape is violence against women? You’re painting with really broad stokes here.

              1. Sorry if I’m putting words in your mouth here, but when you feminists get so anti-rape for no reason, it just makes me really frustrated.

                1. Goddammit, Band of Robbers. Your mouth breathing pro-rape spoof is almost as infuriating as Marcy’s “Stalin was a Hero” spoof.

                  Why must H&R be so infested with talented trolls?

                  1. Irish, I am serious, not a troll. I am Marcy G, I was here before, but no one welcomed me. I tried to be nice, but all the persons here were not nice. I came back because I think that libertarians have some good idea like stop the war.

                    1. is English your second language?

                    2. Only if troll is her first language.

                    3. She smells man-flesh

                    4. Yes, Danish is my language

                    5. I knew a little Danish once. She was about 5’4, dark hair, blue eyes.

                    6. I am more tall, but brown eyes.

                    7. I was staying in Gr?mitz,Germany. She was from a town just outside K?benhavn.

                    8. My family is in Copenhagen.

                    9. I welcomed you. Now I feel othered 🙁

                  2. If I’m persistent enough, I will be there at the right time and the right place, and I will successfully countertroll the dumbest troll H&R has ever seen.

                2. Anytime you put something into someone’s mouth without their permission, that’s rape.

                  You are a raper.

            3. c’mon now it’s a well established fact that SOCIALISM IS MURDER. So what are you trying to say?

              And then there is the legend of Roan Paoul’s tremendously gargantuan swinging anti-war penis…….

        2. *low clap*

          That was almost as ball-smashingly stupid as a real marxist. Good spoof.

          1. I’m not a Marxist, I’m progressive. What is wrong with progess? Only a teapublican hates progress. Teapublicans like Randy Pall and Rush Linbaugh.

            You libertarians have some good ideas, I think, like stop the wars, but if you only would stop the war against women and poverty too?

            1. You’re so cute when you go full retard.

            2. “Teapublicans like Randy Pall and Rush Linbaugh.”

              Rush Limbaugh is a “Teapublican”?

              It’s hard to believe somebody so ignorant could come to be so misinformed.

              “I think, like stop the wars, but if you only would stop the war against women and poverty too?”

              Did I saw misinformed? I meant woefully misinformed.

            3. Butt, the Pro-agressive Hitlerys and the Neo-Con men GrahamKrackers all support the Peace Laureate’s Kill List. Progress through drone-death.

            4. We need more wars, wars for progress and the Amerikan way around the world. Afrika is a fertile ground for more invasions. Bush/Obama war-kriminal type wars.

        3. TROLL, TROLL, TROLL. Abort mission, abort mission.

          Well, played, Troll. This was a solid spoof. You weren’t quite as believable as resident troll American, but it wasn’t bad.

          1. Now you’re going to bring abortion into this thread?

        4. That is some hilarious delusional shit.

        5. Marcy G| 3.17.13 @ 11:30PM |#
          “Why don’t you think it is serius? Of course I am serius”

          OK, Shithead or shreek?
          I guess it could be simply stupidity, but it’s more likely a troll.

          1. Hard to say. Amusing either way.

          2. Serious. Theres no spell check here, everyone spells wrong sometime, why is that so bad? English is not my first language, sorry. Why is all the people here so angry?

            1. Spell check is built in to most modern browsers. If you spell a word wrong, it will underline in red.

              1. Yes, but I have problems sometime with English. I am from Denmark. My friends say I am speak well, better now.

            2. Where are you from, South Texas? I am not angry, I am with you all the way. Butt blease sepll chek.

        6. …and in 2016 Hillary will finish the job!

          That is entirely possible.

  52. Obese heart patients do better

  53. Everyone here is the same as when I was here before, so immature and can’t have an adult conversation, but I try and I know same as Tony, he makes a lot of since and everyone here just hates because teapublicans are selfish.

    Your new hero Randy Pall is a joke and can’t save your fail ideology, 1 perecent of votes, you are a joke! Just Republicans, same as always, living in the stone age and hate women and the poor and minorities that are oppress with capitalism.

    1. Okay, a drunk troll.

      1. I don’t drink alchohol.

        1. You can get drunk on other things than alcohol.

          1. And should probably try to do so. Often.

    2. Sorry Marcy, but we know you’re not really a progressive. We’ve seen all kinds of left-wingers show up here over the years, but progressives aren’t actually this dumb in reality. You need to get out and talk to some real progressives, and you’ll see they’re real people, misguided perhaps, but not the mouthbreathers you’re pretending they are.

      Stop reading Drudge and listening to Rush Limbaugh.

      1. I am reel. Maybe I don’t communicate so good in English, but I am progresive or socialist, but I am not fake person. I am surprise by Americans don’t have so much care for the poor. Why not?

        1. why your english is getting worse

          1. My English is not getting worse, you are worse! You don’t want to discuss the real issues with any persons that don’t agree with you!

            1. My English is not getting worse, you are worse!

              Oh, God. That’s some funny shit. Marcy is awesome.

        2. Marcy, I’m not upset that you’re a fictional character. There are some really good ones on here, like Tony, who is run by the editor of this magazine as a way to challenge libertarians to refine their arguments.

          No one really believes there’s anyone who thinks like that. It’s just a game. How could a real person have the same thing explained to them over and over without ever learning anything? But sometimes it’s fun anyway.

          I’d suggest you try to tone it down and be more subtle. I like the Danish idea, that’s a good explanation, but it’s best not to start this kind of thing until you’re sober.

          1. I can’t even know what you guys are saying here, you are all so crazy. I like it a little, but I don’t want to like it because I know you all are fill with hate and you’re not nice people, my friends told me about you. But I am not a troll, a real person, who wants to know things about the world. Nice people are progressive.

            1. People in Denmark wouldn’t call it progressive. TROLL HARDER.

              1. I live in America now, Irish!, for 5 years now, my friends are progressive. Pay some attention?

                1. You need new friends.

                  1. I like my friends! One my friends is libertarian, and I like him. I think libertarians have good ideas, like I said before, stop the wars, but why do people need machine guns and drugs?

                2. Five years and this is how you write? TROLL HARDER.

                  1. Irish, how many languages do you speak? I speak well, I work here, and all the people understand me. Why do need to make fun of me? I am not a troll! I think this place does not want anyone here with maybe a different idea, I will not come back.

                    1. Irish is just nervous around beautiful females

                  2. The English got significantly worse since the first post.

                    Troll/sock puppet.

                    1. No, that is not true. I stopped using the translater for help, because I got nervous and angry. But is’t ok if you want to make fun of my English. I wanted to know about libertarian but I don’t need to know more.

                    2. If your true intention was to learn of libertarianism, perhaps in the future you shouldn’t start by offending libertarians. You initiated by defending a man who was directly responsible for the deaths of upwards of 20,000,000 people. THAT’S what socialism/communism does.

                      Just a thought.

          2. That is the real deal on Tony? I’ve always wondered, and still do.

        3. I’m sure that you’re real, Marcy, but these neaderthals can’t stand to be in the presences of a strong personality such as yourself.

          I think you’re an amazing woman with much courage.

          1. probably hot & sexy too

            1. How dare you!

              Just like a canuck.

              1. stop cock-blocking me

            2. I am hot! But not for most men, who only think about rape.

  54. If libertarians, Randy Pall will win for President in 2016 over Hillary, I need to go home. There will be only people in the streets with assault rifles, on drugs and alchohol, and women and children will be slaves. Minorities will have no rights. I can’t see this, it is too bad. I am sad to see American go back 200 years.

    1. I don’t mean to be overly critical, Marcy, because we really do appreciate the effort, but this really isn’t working.

      I see what you’re doing: you’re trying to make fun of progressives by exaggerating 1) that they’re hysterical and 2) they don’t know what libertarians actually believe. But when was the last time you met a progressive who was really THAT ignorant or panicky? I’m sure they exist, but posting to Hit & Run would probably be too much for them.

      Again, I’m loving the Danish schtick. That was a good save. Keep going with that.

      1. I don’t understand you much. My friends are not stupid. All of them think that libertarians in power will give more guns in the streets killing. This is crazy! In Europe, no one belives in all of these guns! What has happened in America?

      2. That Danish thing was awesome. Whoever this is is some sort of Andy Kaufman level performance artist. Really well done.

      3. That Danish thing was awesome. Whoever this is is some sort of Andy Kaufman level performance artist. Really well done.


  55. History Channel “The Bible”. The Satan looks like Barry O.

    1. Hahahahahha. Liberals are fucking stupid. Yeah, I’m sure they purposefully meant Satan to look like Obama, as some sort of subliminal messaging. Sure.

      He doesn’t even look like Obama. He looks like someone related to Obama who is in his mid 80s.

      1. Actually looks more like James Coburn.

  56. Why do I still have 90s Aerosmith on my Ipod?
    You’d think I’d learn by now.

    1. There IS NO bad Aerosmith.

      1. I learn more about you everyday. Which Maroon 5 songs should I listen to next?

        1. Never heard of em.

        2. Which Aerosmith?

          1. Cryin’

            1. I don’t see a problem.

            2. Wait, those aren’t the same song?

        3. Canadian with 90’s Aerosmith, asking for Maroon 5 recommendations… will you admit to at least one Celine Dion song in your playlist?

          1. never

            1. Well, I guess that’s the way it is.

              1. I just had a Genesis doubleshot on random.
                does that make me a monster?

                1. Depends on which Genesis.

                  1. In the Air Tonight

                    1. technically one of those is not “Genesis” but the point is made.

                2. Phil Collins IS the Antichrist. So yes.

    1. That was a fun flick!

      1. yes it was

  57. Glory to Palin, on the sixth anniversary of the great anti-elitist Conservapedia!

    Death to the running fact checkers of Right Deviationism !

  58. That’s why he and his admirers get a relative pass. 20N60

  59. One thing that I always found interesting is that some versions of Civilization let you play as Stalin for Russia, but none of them have Hitler for Germany.

    1. Very true. I have noticed this as well.

    2. And Stalin wasn’t even Russian. (And yes, I know Hitler was “Austrian”, but he was an ethnic German. Stalin was Georgian and didn’t even speak Russian very well.)

  60. Ironic given that Koch who fund reason made money by selling pipeline technology to Stalin.

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