Homeowner Reports Burglary, Police Shoot Her Dog

It's a pavlovian response with cops


The most recent case occurred late Friday night when Michelle Merila called police to her home at 597 7th Street, reporting a burglary in progress.

When police arrived they didn't find a suspect but instead found Merila out front with her two bulldogs and a German shepherd named "Jesse."

"The officer indicated the two dogs on the porch did not indicate they were going to attack but the other dog, he actually gave voice commands to and told it to get back on the porch," said Ogden Deputy Director John Harvey. "The dog turned around, went a few steps then turned back to him and ultimately attacked and the officer defended himself."

Merila tells a different story.

"The cop was standing there and he says 'get your dog or I'm gonna shoot her' and and as I'm walking up 'boom, boom' he shot the dog, didn't have any reason, the dog wasn't going after him anymore, she had stopped," Merila said.