Gun Control

Colorado Legislature Votes to Expand Gun Background Checks

Governor expected to sign


Colorado lawmakers have passed expanded background checks for private and online firearm purchases and sent the bill to the governor's desk for his expected approval.

The bill was passed Friday in the Democratic-controlled House by a 36-27 vote on Friday, with only one Democrat opposing.

The bill came in response to the mass shootings last year at a suburban Denver movie theater and Connecticut elementary school.

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  1. CO is rapidly becoming CA’s mini-me. “Look West, CO, and see your future.”

    1. I know far too many batshit Colorado residents to ever consider visiting. Fuck that shit. I’m staying in Dixie.

  2. They’re fleeing California and settling here and then continuing the same voting patterns.

    Stupid is as stupid does…

  3. like buying a successful business, if it works, don’t mess with it.
    the Co residences deserve better.
    background checks for any guns transfers probably makes sense, but concerns of a registration are valid ,and real, it’s just a stepping stone away.
    if you have a Co. CC permit that is all you should need to buy a weapon , it proves you’re a good guy/gal,last week they did the magazine ban ,it is less than useless , say goodby to Magpul .

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