Second Amendment

CT Lawmakers Poised To Adopt Draconian Gun Restrictions

Including confiscation schemes that are clearly unenforceable


A bipartisan consensus is emerging—in concept, if not necessarily in specifics—on legislation that would restrict the sales of military-style rifles and large-capacity magazines, according to those familiar with continuing negotiations by Democratic and Republican leaders.

The leaders declined to describe specifics of the negotiations, but they acknowledged a growing desire to bring an emergency bill or bills to a vote.

"I'm feeling optimistic that we're going to come to a consensus," Sharkey said.

"There is momentum toward doing a strong bill," Looney said.

The leaders did not meet Wednesday, but Cafero said they exchanged legislative language on one of the contested isssues. He declined to say which one.

Others say the two parties continue to haggle over language relating to restrictions on military-style rifles and ammo magazines. A number of GOP legislators, for example, are willing to ban future sales of large-capacity magazines, but they are opposed to a law that would force owners to surrender magazines they now own.