China May Change One-Child Policy

Economic changes mean less pressure for big families even as more workers are desirable


China's provocative newsweekly magazine Caijing features on its March 11 cover a photograph of a young woman cradling two small children. The cover text asks: "Population-Control Policy, Stay or Go?"

Discussion of the arguments for changing China's controversial one-child policy, and possibilities for that happening, has been heating up in Beijing in recent years. In addition to human rights concerns (gruesome photos of a 23-year-old woman forced to abort a 7-month-old fetus last year were posted online by her husband and aroused public ire), there's the stark demographic logic: Fewer babies mean fewer workers to support a population with an increasing proportion of elderly people, and little in the way of a social safety net.

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  1. We are not sure if China really has more infants dying yearly due to their continued one child policy or if the Chinese are actually murdering more Falun Gong meditative folks in their prisons …

  2. Tibet’s Dalai Lama has announced through his business agent that he and China’s Leaders have come to financial terms over the Internationally acclaimed Fiery Monks who continue performing in China Proper..

    Apparently ESPN has signed on to pay tens of million$ to both parties to film their very own ESPN Chinese~Tibet Fiery Monk reality TV show called “The Race of A Lifetime” which will be filmed in living color..

    The plot of this new fiery action Chinese reality TV show is rumored to feature one member of the persecuted Falun Gong Chinese Meditation Society racing against a depressed Tibet Monk in a simple test of speed,agility & determination to simply cross the finish~line before burning alive..

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