Charter Schools

Some Chicago Residents Oppose Charter School Expansion

Don't like the choices, lack of unions. Really.


Hundreds of North Side residents are asking their alderman, Joe Moore, to publicly oppose the opening of future charter schools in Chicago's 49th ward.

On Sunday night, the residents gathered at the Willye White Field House to discuss several issues, including charter schools. The Northside POWER group, which hosted the meeting, invited Moore, but spokeswoman Kristi Sanford said Moore told the group he was out of town.

When reached by phone late Sunday night, Moore, who was attending the National League of Cities meeting in Washington D.C., said he would not likely ever entirely oppose future charter schools in his ward, although he did vote in support of a moratorium on charter school expansion for the 2014-2015 school year, as Chicago Public Schools proposes to close more than 100 schools.