Rand Paul

Rand Paul: Declare Victory in Afghanistan and Come Home Already


Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) had an interesting interview on CNN not long ago keying off the news that Afghan President Hamid Karzai is accusing the United States of colluding with the Taliban to foment terrorist attacks:

I enjoyed the applause line, "We've got no White House tours right now but they've got $250 million to give to Egypt extra beyond the $2 billion we give."

I talked Karzai earlier today on MSNBC's Jansing & Co.:

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  1. Good line, Rand. Too bad you weren’t president in 2003.

    1. Question:

      If BOOOOSSSSHHHHH!11!!!!!11!1!! were not president of this jebusforsaken country, would shrike know how to make a sound?

      1. I know the first rule of HandR. Nothing is ever Bush’s fault.

        My bad.

        1. Don’t you know any other stories grandpa?

  2. Fuck, declare defeat in Afghanistan if you have to, and come home. Just GTF out of there. You can’t turn this place into a western democracy, and have no damn right to try. Stop killing people in the name of saving them!

    1. Stop killing people in the name of saving them!



    2. America has every right to make another country freer. Resistance to freedom is inherently illegitimate. Whether America should or not is a different question.

      I’d be fine leaving so long as there was a set of conditions for our return, like AQ trying to make it a base of Ops again. Maybe India will fill the gap.

      1. No, they don’t. You think Canada has the right to come down here and kill us, if they decide we aren’t free enough?

        1. So you’re saying that Canada can’t bomb the Whitehouse if our civil liberties were under assault? I’m thinking an invasion by Canada might be just what we need. I could use the extra freedom.

          1. If the Canuckistanians had the least idea of what freedom is, inside of their frozen cabecas, then ok, I welcome my new overlords from the north.

            1. I will be waving my six inch maple leaf flag while singing “oh Canada” faster than you can say “Alex Trebek”!

            2. We can balance a budget…sometimes.

          2. I will not let my kids grow up thinking that it is OK to punt on 3rd down.

        2. If Canada were a free nation and America a dictatorship, then of course they have the right to use force to liberate America. Any other sentiment is puts non-violence above freedom.

          1. Define “free nation” and define “dictatorship.” And why is that the standard? In any case, the US government has no right to do such a thing unless it is vital to national security, as doing so involves forcibly taking money from its citizens.

            1. I’d say that Bush’s fourth term has put us pretty close to dictatorship. Just you wait ’til president Biden gets elected.

      2. “America has every right to make another country freer.”


      3. By God, Cyto, you have convinced me. Until the people of Canada no longer have to endure show trials from the Canadian Human Rights Commission we should be raining good ol’, red blooded American bombs down on Ottawa, burning every last goddamned one of those multicultural fascist barbarians on the ground until they submit to freedom.

        1. Bpmbs? Too impersonal. Club ’em like baby seals or cut ’em until the sap runs.

        2. I love it. Even sweeter that Cytotoxic actually is Canadian

      4. Actually, I would say that any private individual regardless of nationality has the moral right to undertake private violence against illegitimate and unfree governments, wherever they may be.

        That does not translate to a nation-state having the same right.

        Our nation-state is funded with tax money. That tax money can only be legitimately used for certain purposes, namely the defense of the liberties and rights of the taxpayers, their dependents and chattels, and anyone taxpayers permit to live in their protected geographic area. It can’t legitimately be spent on crusades to the four corners of the world that make politicians feel noble.

  3. I liked Rand’s shout-out to us impressionable libertarian kids.

    1. Shoulda pulled a Judas Priest in backmasked it into a rock album.

      1. Saw them in 80. Good times.

        1. I went into a rock bar in Tempe in the early 80’s with some friends. Halliford was there and tried to pick up one of my buds.

          I told my brother about it later. My brother was a hard rock fan, played guitar in his own garage band nearly as good as anyone alive, and worshipped Judas Priest. He cursed me and refused to believe my story about Halliford.

          When Halliford came out of the closet my brother was crushed. At least he apologized to me. Heh.

          1. At least we still have Freddie Mercury…Now there’s a man’s man.

            1. bastard could sing though, couldn’t he?

              1. Momma, life had just begun, and now I’ve gone and ….

                great song, after that, not so much, but a few…

                1. Sally was low, jus’ watching the show, over and over again.

                  When I was twelve, I’d listen to that song twenty times in a row on my record player.

                2. I respectively disagree. Queen did a lot of great stuff. Tie Your Mother Down, Somebody to Love, The Great Pretender. Those are just a few. They did a lot of great stuff, Bohemian Rhapsody and We Are the Champions just got the most radio time.

            2. Let’s not forget Elton Johan and David Bowie.

      2. Glenn Tipton, totally badass guitarist.

        1. K.K. Downing was awesome as well. Dualing lead guitars is what made Priest such a great heavy metal band.

  4. Yeah, this is long overdue. We have no clear objective here. The nation building here is a exercise in futility. There is no good reason for us to be there. Maybe for our snipers to get live practice on Taliban scum but we don’t need whole battalions over there for that.

  5. Rand Mutherfuckin’ Paul!

  6. Leave Afghanistan? And deny Senator John McCain the pleasure of dead foreigners to masturbate to?

    This sort of irresponsible talk is proof that Rand Paul is not a reasonable, common sense, adult, bipartisan, moderate Senator.

    1. Well, let’s make a deal.

      Let’s stay in Afghanistan, but let’s put John McCain, and Lindsey Graham on the front lines, so they can bask in their own glory. Please televise this nationally, no, world wide.

      1. Ooh we can make it into a reality TV show and sell advertising to pay for the war! GEnius!

      2. Expendables #3.

        Let’s add Biden with his smoothbore too.

        1. I’d definitely watch a movie like that with “Cue Balls” Biden on the marquee

  7. I really liked the answer he gave to the female CNN nitwit regarding tackling entitlements without tax reform. Making the superdeal is not possible because there’s just too many parts, but if you break it down to those things you agree on, you get them done one at a time and quickly. That’s a smart answer, so much the woman had to be rescued by Wolf.

    1. Yep I thought so too, he handled that really well. The look on her face throughout the entire interview was pretty telling as well.

  8. Dude likes to hear himself talk I think.


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