Covered at Reason 24/7: Plastic Soldiers Removed From Cupcakes in Michigan School


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The father of a third-grader who was told to remove plastic soldiers from his birthday cupcakes at a Michigan school is outraged. Casey Fountain claims that the principal of his son's school said that the plastic soldiers were "inappropriate" because of recent gun tragedies.  

From The Washington Times:

A Michigan third-grader who brought cupcakes topped with plastic army soldiers into class

 for his birthday was told they were "insensitive" and needed to be removed.

The boy's father

Casey Fountain, said the principal of Schall Elementary School in Caro, Mich., called and told him that dressing the cupcakes with soldiers was inappropriate in light of recent gun-related tragedies, specifically Sandy Hookaccording to WNEM, a Saginaw-area CBS affiliate.

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  1. The kid should have topped his cupcakes with little plastic Predator drones. Nobody would have objected to that.

  2. Are we sure it was the Soldiers Of Death they were objecting to and not the Cupcakes Of Death? They probably had trans fats and sugar and gluten and god-knows-what-all – possibly even some of those deadly, deadly calories.

    1. Plus GMOs!

  3. Hopefully a lesson was learned but not the one the school was hoping for.

  4. Why does the principal hate our troops?

  5. It has been pointed out a number of times by various members of the commentariat here that these over the top anti-gun biases displayed in our schools are not about safety or sensitivity, but about thought control. It is overt brain washing.

    I keep hoping some parent will show up at the school and kick the principal’s ass. I remember the day when that is exactly what would have happened.

    What the hell is happening to my country?

    1. Its not just the anti-gun bias. Schools are little centers of facism and nannyism. I remember taking the kids out of school for a week to take them to the Grand Canyon. What a learning experience right. The school is like well you’ll have to fill out this form for us to give you permission and I’m like that’s ok thanks anyway. And than after treating the parents like their fucking subjects they want to know why they can’t get a levy passed. That’s one of of dozens of incedents like that. Wish I could have afforded private school.

      1. Homeschool, for the win!

      2. Anyone else seen the Disney commercial where the dad takes the kid to Disneyland even though “it’s not a good time” at work, (but hey, kid’s only seven once and that makes it totally worth it).

        So how come we never see a Disney commercial where the parents take the kid somewhere even though it’s say, finals week at school?

    2. My elementary school principal was a total jerk who routinely got out of line and overpunished kids for relatively harmless things. When it got to the point where he was threatening to ban me from attending my 8th grade graduation just for being a little too loud while a guest speaker was talking to my class my mom (not even my dad) fucking chewed him out like I’ve never seen before. Dude was legitimately scared, it was pretty awesome.

  6. Ya know, sometimes it seems Onion is the only source of news.

    1. There’s also the Daily Currant.

      1. Yep:
        “Sean Penn Praises Chavez, Calls George Washington a ‘Loser'”

  7. So they removed the plastic army men from the cupcakes. When will the administrators remove the broomsticks from their asses?

  8. As I posted earlier…

    Here is how it should have went:

    Susan Wright: Hi, I’m Susan Wright, principal of Michigan’s Schall Elementary School, and I’m calling to express my outrage at how you decorated your son’s birthday cupcakes.

    Casey Fountain: Fuck off and die in a fire…CUNT!

    The end.

    1. Seriously. Why did this guy not just laugh, tell her to fuck off, and hang up?

    2. “Principal Wright, you’re obviously easily and inappropriately outraged, as well as socially awkward. For the sake of the children, I have no choice but to demand that the school board require you to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and counseling.”

  9. the principal of Schall Elementary School in Caro, Mich., called and told him that dressing the cupcakes with soldiers was inappropriate in light of recent gun-related tragedies, specifically Sandy Hook,

    If I were in the military, and easily offended, I might interpret this as a slur against my profession. Or maybe the principal thinks all soldiers are mentally defective shut-ins who steal their mother’s guns and go shoot up an elementary school.

    Someone needs to ask Susan Wright why she hates the troops.

  10. It’s for your own safety.

  11. You have to admit that is pretty stupid.

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