Rand Paul

Is Rand Paul Still Talking? Alas, No


A job well done.

Sen. Paul himself and even some of his colleagues during this filibuster said more important things about limited powers, the Constitution, and the rights of Americans, and by extension the dangers of war powers that are unrestricted in time and place, than the Senate floor has heard in years. His stance today was historic, and I think will be long remembered.

Update: Didn't notice this earlier, but Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who started out as no friend of Rand Paul, reports Washington Examiner, said he'll keep the fires burning against Brennan in the next day's session:

"[A]t whatever point we get to a cloture vote to extend debate on the nomination of Brennan, it is my view that cloture should not be invoked," McConnell said while participating in the filibuster on the Senate floor. "This is a controversial nominee. Should cloture be invoked, I intend to oppose the nomination and congratulate my colleague from Kentucky for this extraordinary effort."