Inuits, Conservationist Groups Oppose Efforts to Ban Canadian Polar Fur Trade

U.S. leading effort at conference in Bangkok


An attempt to ban the international trade in polar bear parts has provoked a heated battle at the Cites conservation meeting in Bangkok.

Negotiators are split on the plan, with those in favour saying it is crucial for the survival of the species.

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  1. Reminds me of what’s going on with the Pebble deposit up in Alaska. FYI, Alaska is home to what is (by farrrr) the largest porphry gold and copper deposit in the world, we’re talking 110M+ ounces of gold and 55B+ lbs. of copper in this thing, plus a megaton of molybdenum, suffice to say it’s fucking huge and worth at least a trillion dollars. It’s a joint effort between a junior named Northern Dynasty and a partnership headed up by intl. mining giant Anglo-American, and they are being sued and dragged into court without even having submitted a permitting proposal yet.

    So a consortium of environmental groups are putting up this big legal and public media fight up there, and they are holding up the Inuit natives and saying “Pebble will kill their salmon habitats, the natives don’t want this big mine here but they are terrified of the evil mining company.”

    As it turns out, these environmental groups are sponsored by a couple rich guys who go fly fishing in SW Alaska, and the actual leaders of the local native groups are saying, “WTF, we’ve never been asked anything; we’re sick of sitting around getting drunk and being on welfare, there’s nothing else to do out here so please bring the mine for the love of god!” LOL I am an investor in another explorer doing business in the area up there, and the way Pebble is playing out promises to be a disaster for the environmental racket.

    1. We’re suffering the same here. And it’s the usual suspects: a few filthy rich individuals who believe all public lands are for their use only, and the misanthropes of the pseudo-environmentalist religion who worship Earth Mother and view people as icky and disgusting.

  2. The BBC article states that “Many countries, including the US, believe the killing of the bears in these numbers is unsustainable.”

    See what the world’s impression of us becomes when we allow a small clique of the environmentalist religion’s zealots to seize control of our federal government? Before long, to the citizens of other nations, we appear to be one monolithic lump of hypocrisy and ignorance.

    Don’t worry, Inuit, today they’re destroying thousands of years of your tradition and sustainable way of life. Tomorrow they’ll be embracing your superior stewardship of the Earth Mother when they’re busy driving a racial wedge in order to further their agenda.

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