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NZ Government Runs Up Big Bills In Dotcom Extradition Case

All at the bidding of the U.S. government


Megalong, megacostly, megaembarrassing. Will the Kim Dotcom extradition case ever end? And how much will we have to pay? The case has dragged on for over a year and we haven't even got to the extradition hearing. If it starts in August as planned that will be twenty months since the megainvasion.

Don't expect any respite soon. Whatever the outcome of the extradition hearing, we know it's going to be appealed. So that's another long track from High Court, to Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court. The slow grinding wheels of justice: I'm guessing at least another two years, maybe more.

As to costs, pick a number. In April last year, the army of Crown lawyers and others working at the behest of the American Department of Justice had racked up costs of $1.12 million – borne by us, the New Zealand taxpayer, because that's the nature of the extradition agreement we have with the United States.