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  1. The people to whom I would send Reason magazine are likely to report me for un-American activities if I were to hand them an issue dealing with either drugs, education reform, or defense spending.

  2. If you like Reason, buy it for a friend.
    If you don’t like Reason, buy it for someone you don’t like.

    1. “I used to worry about troublesome social interactions, but since I bought Reason? I’ve been friend-free! Thanks Reason?!”

      -actual customer

      Now with more 20% more Star Trek references!

      1. Damnit GBN, I’m a doctor not a Jedi mind-melder!

    2. I would think the people offended by education reform would like the drug and defense spending reform, and vice versa. PrIson reform, that might slide in nicely with the other two.

  3. Oh, come on Welch. You can’t even say fuck? The comment section on this website is nothing but a vile pit of degradation and despair, but the space above the comments is apparently too good for the F word?

    Bush league, Welch.

    1. The comment section on this website is nothing but a vile pit of degradation and despair

      You take that back

      1. Then put it back in. Back and in; Back and in.

      2. Sorry. ‘The comment section is nothing but a vile pit of degradation and despair except Archduke Pantsfan.

        Is that okay?

        1. yes

          1. You gave in way to easy there, PF.

            You could have totally convinced your government to murder-drone Irish there for his hate-comment.


            1. Stephen Harper couldn’t Murder-drone an anthill.

              1. If you were American, you’d know that even the most bumbling politician will become a model of efficiency and competence when it comes time to start murdering people (especially brown people… and the Irish).

                1. Everyone becomes competent when it comes to murdering the Irish. We bleed easily and starve once the potatoes run out.

      3. Irish is right. These comment sections are full of Snake Plisskens wannabes. It’s like everybody here is anxiously awaiting the future dystopian prison-state, where we’ll all enjoy selling ninja-assassin skills to the highest-bidding Cyberdyne manufactured android dictator.

        1. and?

        2. Why the android dictator can’t do it himself, I don’t know.

      4. Vile? Check.
        Pit dweller? Check.
        Degraded? Double Check.
        Despairing? Never!

        To despair, one has to feel first. My emotions have never done a damned thing for me, so I stopped feeding them, and they died.

    2. Which word was supposed to be “fuck”? “Hell”?

      1. Fuck you, cut subscription prices.

        1. That said, it’s good enough for me. Order now.

          Thirty-four cents savings, baby!

          1. Send it to Sally Struthers and see how many starving children she can save.

      2. Your alt text… bitch.

        1. Oh yeah! I think it was more for comic effect than “fuck”-reticence, but it’s a bit late at night now….

          1. When have you ever been funny?

        2. What’s the picture? I just have a big white space.

          Wait, is that the thirty four cent picture?

          1. Yeah the picture doesn’t work either but let’s not pile on.

            1. I’m not even getting a picture.

              Goddammit, Welch!

              1. On the main H&R page, I visit wiht only cached images set to load, and the images invariably link to a “grey.gif” image.

                (H&R’s Javascript is also a massive memory hog.)

                1. Yeah, it burns battery on my phone and tablet like there’s no ten minutes from now.

            2. I’m not even getting a picture.

              Goddammit, Welch!

              1. And the squirrels are forcing you to double post!

              2. I’m not even getting a picture.

                Goddammit, Welch!

                And you thought the sequestration (this can’t be a real word) was going to be painless…

            3. I’m bettin’ Welch is drunk. First of all, he deigns to palaver with us degenerates and secondly, his copy is all fucked up.

              He was probably at a fucking DeeCee cocktail party with a bunch of gay mexicans.

              1. /American

              2. You’d think that after all the cocktail parties the REASON writers have attended they’d hold their booze better.

                1. It means… it means whatever you want it to mean.

      3. Oh my God, Welch responded to something I said? This actually makes me respect you less. Did Babe Ruth go into the cheap seats to talk to some random heckler?


        1. Corresponding to comments? COSMOTARIAN!

        2. Did Babe Ruth go into the cheap seats to talk to some random heckler?

          He didn’t?

          I like to think that a congressional hearing with the Babe, like the ones on PEDs we’ve had recently, would be really entertaining.

          1. “Booze isn’t a PED!”

          2. That was probably a bad example. I know Welch is an Angels fan, so I probably should have gone with Mike Trout or something.

            1. Or you could just say “Vernon Wells” over and over again until he starts to cry.

              1. Bartrolo Colon!!!

              2. I would have gone retro and said “Donnie Moore”.

                1. That is a low blow Ted

  4. Needs moar ice hockey analysis.

    1. They have hockey on ice, now? Wouldn’t that be just ice-soccer, then?

      1. I think they call it ice-lacrosse…

        1. That is actually true. It was invented by lacrosse players looking for a way to keep their skills sharp during the cold Canadian winters.

  5. Shouldn’t a sequestration sale include canned goods and spiked shoulder pads and ammunition and such? The country is turning into the Road Warrior because of this.

  6. Matt, I have said it before and I will say it again. You should really try and run some of Mark Steyn’s articles. I said yesterday that he was a million Chapmans, but it is more like a billion Chapmans.…


    1. Can you pierce the mists of time and go back all the way to the year 2007? Back then, federal spending was 40 percent lower than it is today. In a mere half-decade, has all that 40 percent gravy become so indispensable to the general welfare that not even a teensy-weensy sliver of it can be cut?

      40% wow. That is amazing. But your typical low information low IQ Obama supporter has no idea and the media is not about to tell them.

      1. That’s because it’s all Bush’s fault.

    2. Awesome column by Steyn.

      …but surely Bob Woodward is here to stay ? or so we thought until he ventured some very mild criticism of the president’s negotiating technique, which appears to be a cross between a suicide-bomber and Cleavon Little taking himself hostage in “Blazing Saddles.”


  7. Sequestration nation, what’s your elation? Knocking down bureaus and councils and agencies…

    1. My wife has the Today show on. They are in full panic mode over this. I would think as time goes on and things don’t turn into a scene out of The Road, people would tune all this out if they haven’t already.

      1. I don’t know what they’re thinking. They’re going to have to walk all that going apeshit back.

        On the other hand, and no offense to Mrs. John, generally NBC News watchers don’t try to match up the reporting with what’s going on in reality.

        1. True. But most of them can look out there window and notice things haven’t changed much.

          1. I thought airliners were dropping out of the sky because the FAA shut down?

        2. I don’t know what they’re thinking. They’re going to have to walk all that going apeshit back.

          The media’s in full auto-parody mode now. And the just might turn on Obama when they calm down and realize what fools this has made them look like.

    2. Tell me you made this up and that it isn’t a Saturday morning short like “Conjunction junction, what’s your function” or “I am only a bill”! Please!

  8. Amazing how the media slips little lies into their reporting. From a Hill article on how Obama is campaigning and alienating Republicans in Congress.

    He has kept those issues in the spotlight and polls show the public currently blames the GOP for the looming sequester and sides with Obama on gun control and immigration.

    Read more:…..z2MO6m758y
    Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook

    Note there is no citation to that. No polls are given that actually say that. Every poll I have seen says gun control is a complete loser. But if you repeat a lie enough times, it becomes the truth. And that is the idea here I think.

    1. They probably used a strawman question:

      “Do you support repealing all gun control laws?”

      If you asked a thousand people that, about ten of them would say yes. Now, if you asked them this question:

      “Do you think we need more gun control, less gun control, or do we have about the right amount?”

      Now that question probably gets 40-20-40. So then leftists claim Only “40 percent of Americans support fewer gun controls!”. Except a solid majority support either the status quo or rolling back some of the gun control.

      Polls are worthless. I could get you a poll supporting damn near anything. It’s all about how you write the question. I bet you right now they’re not calling it gun control, but gun safety. That’s their newest shiniest lie.

      1. That is their game. Come up with a bogus poll and then repeat it over and over so that people they disagree with feel isolated and those in the middle go to the left because they think it is the popular and accepted position.

        1. Yeah, and the “gun safety” meme really pisses me off. Because it’s yet another word they are hijacking the meaning of. Gun safety means the Four Rules, it means NRA classes, it means Eddie Eagle in elementary school, and BB guns in middle school, and bringing back high school riflery.

          But that’s not what they want. They want laws, regulations, taxes, fees. It is yet another Orwellian perversion of language.

  9. So, this woman doesn’t have an attorney but has a publicist?…../130302003

    1. “Part of the lawsuit requests that any hearing or trial be conducted in closed court to protect the teen’s privacy.” (even thought the teen has a YouTube video up)

      Yeah, I am inclined to think that this woman should put up her evidence in public…or shut up. Maybe she’s really the mother of Michael Jordan’s child, but if the hearing were in private, then if (perchance) her claim failed, she would be able to claim privacy. No dice.

      1. These cases are such bullshit. Simple reform for paternity cases: plaintiff must post a thousand dollar bond. If she was right, then she gets that money back plus all that sweet child support cash. If she was wrong, she’s out a grand, which should cover court costs for the guy being harassed.

        1. Also, the kid is already 16. There needs to be some sort of SOL for these things.

          1. And there needs to be a limit on the support. Just because you get some NBA star to get you pregnant shouldn’t mean you win the lottery. That kid is entitled to some support. But just because Jordan is rich shouldn’t mean every bastard kid of his is rich by operation of law.

            1. Yep, that’s one of the great unintended consequences of our time. Because if you make ten million a year, you could write a 50,000 check to five bastard children and not sweat it. That would be ample for support. But they won’t let you acknowledge paternity with a contract agreeing to provide 50,000 a year. If you admit you’re the father, you’re grabbing your ankles and praying that the family court judge doesn’t decide to make an example of you pour encourager les autres.

              Your only choices are deny the kid is yours, or open yourself to losing massive chunks of your income in the name of “fairness”. For the children of course. Even if it’s their mom who cashes the checks.

              1. Seriously, and limit the discretion/control of the family court judges. I can only speak from my experiences with the family court here in SC but any notions you have of procedure/constitutional protections is pretty much thrown out the window as soon as the judge takes the bench. It’s like the wild west.

  10. Some time ago on these august pages, someone (I forget whom) posted about Tim Tzouliadis’s The Forsaken. Thanks to whomever posted about it. I just finished reading it.

    This passage about the NKVD treatment of American prisoners stuck out at me. I wonder if Microaggressions would be willing to run it or a slightly modified version of it. (Yes, I know the answer is “no”.)

    The arrested were no longer to be regarded as fully human, worthy of compassion. Instead, they were recategorized as something “other,” outside the fold of “progressive” humanity, whose excision could only benefit the construction of a classless, socialist society. Within this totalitarian underworld, an enthusiasm to inflict physical violence upon such “enemies” was regarded as a cherished character trait by an organization that elevated the psychotic to the heroic, and feted their most successful.

    1. Same story here, although I read it almost as soon as it came from amazon. It should be required reading for aloof the “they just did communism wrong” types.

  11. In case it didn’t make PM links yesterday, and if it did, it’s good news that bears repeating:

    Hugo Chavez fighting for his life

    1. Oh I hope he is in a LOT of PAIN.

    2. Good. Fuck him.

      1. Also, for balance, this article about “respecting Venezuela’s democracy” was linked in the midst of that one. Poor, glorious Chavez. What a hero he has been to the People.

        1. Joe From Lowell used to spread that shit that Chavez was just an innocent democratic leader.

          1. I met a Venezuelan guy who hates his guts. Very much the way a Cuban exile hates Castro. Chavez’s thugs, I don’t know what they’re called, but his rampaging mob of supporters came in and busted up the guy’s business. He emigrated a month later.

            Of course, I told the guy’s story to a leftist and got the usual “Well, you’re only hearing his side of the story. For all you know he was working against the government and the people had a good reason for doing that.”

            Isn’t it amazing how people who take launch coups are so quick to turn around and inflict violence on people for attempting to overthrow the government?

            1. I briefly dated a Venezuelan expat. She had dual citizenship, US and Venezuela. She received US citizenship because she was born in Iowa, but she spent just about her whole life in Venezuela. Her Venezuelan parents were here in the US on a student visa. She left Venezuela because of Chavez.

              She had nothing good to say about Chavez.

              She worried often about her family that was still in Venezuela. None of them had dual citizenship. It was easy for her to come to leave Venezuela, not so easy for them.

            2. In other words, the guy hadn’t committed a crime, or he would have been arrested. So, said leftist thinks it’s perfectly okay for the government to smash your shit because you said something mean about them.

              1. Yep. People like that are why I have guns. Some mangy cadre of thugs might to decide to smash the capitalists. But they better bring more then 30. That way they can rush me during a reload.

          2. joe deserves to be stuck in a cold cell digging for worms on the ground for substance in one of his hero’s political prisons.

    3. He’s getting better!

  12. Very true. To really get your depression going try the book “Bloodlands.” It is exhaustive in detail on how both the CCCP and German NSDAP killed in eastern Europe from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. No wonder people from that part of the world have issues today. The most amazing thing was how Stalin’s killers murdered knowing they would be eventually killed unless he died first.

  13. This is so brilliant on so many levels.

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