No Deal After Last Minute White House Meeting on Sequester

Don't be surprised, this is barely news


President Obama and congressional leaders huddled in the Oval Office on Friday morning but the last-ditch effort failed to produce a compromise to forestall $85 billion in automatic spending cuts all sides say they want to avoid. 

The meeting, which lasted less than an hour, yielded no new plan to dodge a series of across-the-board budget cuts due to begin hitting most federal agencies and programs at midnight Friday.

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  1. Maybe someone should point out the difference between budget cuts and spending cuts. While the budget may have wanted to get bigger and bigger, it only got bigger, so he is sad now. He will have to make do with merely more than last year, which is tantamount to the public execution of the Federal Government. At least that’s how I feel when I read about the sesquipedalian, or whatever this stuff is.

    Some of the fine, upstanding people that we call politicians and bureaucrats think that only getting “more” instead of “even more” is a loss.

    Since this here place is called “Reason”, it might behoove the writers to describe budget increases in some fashion other than “scheduled to hit”- as if more money being spent than was last year is some kind of bombing campaign being conducted by B-52’s against all the Federal office buildings.

    That is, if they want to maintain their illusion of reporting on politics in the US.

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