Covered at Reason 24/7: Norwegian Politicians Considering the Decriminalization of Smoking Heroin


The Norwegian government is considering the decriminalization of smoking heroin as a way to reduce the number of overdoses. Norway has one of Europe's highest rates of drug addict deaths.

From AFP:

The Norwegian government said Friday it wants to decriminalise the inhalation of heroin, a method considered less dangerous than injecting it, to reduce the number of overdoses in the country.

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  1. Genuine concern (as opposed to manufactured concern to impose statist laws) for citizens. That’s the strangest thing I’ve ever heard. What planet is that?

  2. How enforceable is this, and why not decriminalize it altogether?

    I can hear the conversation now. You better of been inhaling that or you’re going to get one hell of a fine! *Office proceeds to check for needle marks*

  3. If I had to go through a Scandinavian winter, I would be doing lots of heroin too.

    1. Just take up skiing or something man.

      1. I prefer my skiing on warm, melted liquid snow. Behind a fast boat. In the sun.

        It’s just preference. Hell, I live in south florida and I get depressed in winter. I don’t think I would do well up north regardless of how much skiing there is.

    2. If I had to live in Norway’s “socialist paradise” built on a house of cards, I’d smoke heroin too.

  4. Has decriminalization worked in other countries with regards to cutting down the number of overdoses? There should be pretty good information on this now.

    I was an exchange student in Germany and the police ignored heroin addicts shooting up in the U-bahn stations and I saw a guy OD at the Love Parade.

    1. I believe it was Poland that decriminalized all drugs and had astounding results.

        1. Yep.


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