Supreme Court Mulls Voting Rights Act, Wonder Bread Saved, Canada Upholds Hate-Speech Laws: P.M. Links


  • Look for the comeback tour
    Source: Wikimedia commons

    Today the Supreme Court heard arguments about whether a handful of Southern states still need to get permission from the federal government to change election laws as mandated in the 1968 Voting Rights Act.

  • Wonder Bread (and the rest of Hostess' bread brands) has been saved and will be sold off to Flowers Foods Inc. It turned out nobody else even wanted to bid on it.
  • You don't have to be a drug cartel kingpin to be obscenely rich and corrupt in Mexico. You can also be the head of the nation's powerful teachers union. She was arrested Tuesday on charges of embezzling about $160 million to fund her lavish lifestyle.
  • No, Japan will not stop whaling, environmental activists.
  • Canada's Supreme Court has ruled that the contents of anti-gay pamphlets constitute hate speech.
  • Universities are looking to expand the use of drones for research purposes.

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