Personalized Sequester Fearmongering: Slower Emergency Response, Slashed Healthcare, People Living on the Streets

Organizing for Action does its share to scare


white house staff won't face cuts
White House

Stephanie Cutter's done campaigning for a Best Picture win for Silver Linings Playbook and back to campaigning for the president, with some personalized sequester fearmongering:

Edward —

Prepare yourself for job layoffs, reduced access to early education, slower emergency response, slashed health care, and more people living on the street.

This Friday is the final deadline for congressional Republicans to stop disastrous automatic spending cuts (known as the "sequester") that will hurt everyday Americans—including you.

These budget cuts will take a sledgehammer to the budget, and indiscriminately cut critical programs vital to economic growth and middle class families.

If Congress fails to act, we'd see budget cuts pretty much across the board to critical services that teachers, first responders, seniors, children, and our men and women in uniform rely on every day.

It sounds bad because it is. And with all these cuts on the line, why are congressional Republicans refusing to budge?

Because to do so, they'd have to close tax loopholes for millionaires and billionaires, oil companies, vacation homes, and private jet owners. I'm not kidding.

It's on each of us to speak up. Share what these budget cuts could mean to you—or someone you know—today. Congress needs to hear it. 

President Obama has offered a balanced plan to reduce our deficit, asking the wealthy to pay their fair share so that we can protect programs that are incredibly important for working and middle-class Americans.

But congressional Republicans so far are refusing to compromise.

Here are some of the consequences if Congress fails to act by Friday:

— 10,000 teachers would be laid off, $400 million would be cut from Head Start, the program that makes sure at-risk preschoolers are ready for kindergarten, and 70,000 kids would be kicked out of the early-education program completely. 

— The budget for firemen and other first responders to react when natural disasters strike would be cut by $35 million.

— Nutrition programs that help make sure seniors don't go hungry would be cut by $43 million.

— A program that helps provide housing for the formerly homeless, including many veterans, would be shuttered, putting them at risk of going back on the street.

— A number of programs that help the most vulnerable families and children would be slashed—including the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children dropping 600,000 women alone.

Right now, each of us has a responsibility to step up and make sure Congress hears our voices. 

Whether you'd be directly affected by these sequester cuts, or whether they'd affect a senior, veteran, or teacher you know, please share what they mean to you:

Let's keep the pressure on congressional Republicans to do the right thing.



Stephanie Cutter
Organizing for Action

But if the Obama campaign is so worried about sequestration, why'd the president sign it into law in the first place? The sequester kicks in Friday and the White House doesn't have much hope of averting it.

It's just like Sophie's choice, but with cheetahs.

More Reason on the sequester

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  1. Those darn rethuglicans, forcing the hero president to sign things!

    1. Didn’t Obama have the foresight to add a signing statement that he would not be held to it? Tsk tsk.

  2. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together. MASS HYSTERIA!

  3. We could shut down 50% of the government and not even fucking notice. That’s what they’re scared of. And it takes someone with particularly convoluted thinking to believe that the government drives the economy. The economy drives the economy, dumbasses.

  4. This is the mathematical equivalent of cutting $440 from a household budget of $37,000.

    OK. So we eat out once a month instead of twice a month.




    1. Actually, it’s the equivalent of ADDING $150 to a household budget of $37,000, rather than adding $590.

      1. But we owe $160,000 on an underwater mortgage.

  5. I think the sequester scare claims amount to: “The U.S. will collapse if it doesn’t borrow 40 cents of every dollar it spends FOREVER.”

    1. It’s now closer to 50 cents of every dollar.

  6. New twitter hashtag!


    I’ll get it started:

    There won’t be any roads because the Dept of Transportation will shut down #shareyoursequesterstory

    My house is going to burn down and there won’t be any firemen #shareyoursequesterstory

    1. #sequestrophe

  7. The fact that she’s a fan of Silver Linings Playbook should tell you everything you need to know.
    This years entry for Best fomulaic, middle-brow, SWPL Picture of the year.

    1. She’s a fan of the money they paid her to shill for it.

  8. This is starting to melt my cold libertarian heart a bit. If only they were actual cuts!

    1. Let all the government-dependent moochers and looters cry and bitch and moan.

      their tears are yummy and sweet.

    2. As seen on Hit&Run; – “devastating slight increase”.

  9. Feds that I work with don’t seem too concerned. Maybe that’s because they don’t talk about that kind of stuff with us, but they all seem pretty calm in general. In fact, the whole of DC doesn’t seem to be freaking out. It’s only the media and the gubmint spokesholes that are making this anything.

    1. Of course they aren’t. What’s really getting cut? Nothing.

    2. I know a congressional staffer and happened to see him over the weekend. I asked about it, kind of surprised he was able to get away from DC during what is apparently such a difficult time. He was like, “Yeah, no one is doing anything about it.” Didn’t seem fazed.

    3. I’m enjoying the morning ride on WTOP. the freak out is getting worse the closer we get to Friday

      1. The local Fox station is getting pretty shrill, too. Luckily traffic and weather come on at the same times every hour, so I don’t need to sit through any of the screeching fearmongering.

    4. You’ll be happy to know that I confirmed with the National Gallery that their “Children’s Stories in Art” program will not be shut down due to the sequester.

      So when you’re business trip is cancelled because we had to furlough air traffic controllers, you can still take go to the National Gallery’s free program and have your kids pretend to be artists and reproduce the works of Pablo Picasso, Romare Bearden, and Ren? Magritte at no charge.

      Thank God for priorities.

  10. Obama at least has offered a balanced plan – higher taxes balanced by increased spending.

  11. My company just announced that, thanks to sequestration scares, no one gets a raise this year!

    Yay Obama!


    Stephanie Cutter is a…………….

    1. but she makes up for it by being a lying sack of shit.

    2. Helen Hunt in cockney rhyming slang?

  13. Also, off topic: Parents of six-year-old throw fit because he’s a boy and identifies as a girl and can’t go in the girls’ bathroom.…..s-bathroom

    I sympathize with the idea that some people struggle with their sexual identities but…. six years old. Give the kid a little time.

    1. I know a six year old who insists she’s a pony.

      1. Is she allowed to shit wherever it happens to fall?

    2. Did you know the sequester is cutting funding for transgender bathrooms?

  14. You can’t spell Stephanie Cutter without the letters s-t-e-p-h-a-n-i-e-c-u-t-t-e-r.

    1. You can’t see Stephanie Cutter without thinking the letters c-u-n-t.

  15. Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut!

  16. that mendacious fucks like Cutter would put this sort of thing out is not surprising; that people actually buy is truly frightening.

    1. That’s actually the encouraging part. Nobody is buying it this time. I mean nobody. Even the HuffPo commentariat is about 90% heckling the articles about the doom and gloom associated with the sequester.

  17. If this sequestration goes through, prepare yourself for the worst. Since our military will be so small it can be easily taken out with a single rocket propelled grenade, expect a full-scale invasion and occupation by North Korea. Kim Il-Sung will be our next leader. Rampant cannibalism by folks just trying to put food on the table. Billionaires kicking homeless grannies and stealing their last threepenny. 12-year old daughters everywhere selling their bodies to skeezy old men just to pay their cell phone bill. Steve Smith will be on the loose with no park rangers to keep the quantity of rapes in check. May God help us all.


  18. Unfortunately, the heads which most deserve to roll, like that odious lying cunt Stephanie Cutter, are completely immune.

    The Fingerpointer-in-Chief needs her.

  19. The feds are already running a program to increase homelessness (rather than decrease)and it is working like a champ. 8-10% unemployment rates for 4+ years (with real rates nearly double that) have done what no amount of social programs could. Panhandling by normal-looking 25-45 year old adults has increased exponentially in my area over the last two years.

    You wanna help the needy? How about we roll back these crazy regulations and subsidies and stabilize federal spending at sustainable levels (less than 20% of GDP) so we can get the economy growing and creating jobs.

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