Online Gambling

Online Gambling Gains Support

Legal support that is, since gamblers have always enjoyed it


That old adage of "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas" might not apply to the digital age after Nevada's governor signed legislation legalizing online poker betting.

Instead of traveling to Sin City to throw away your hard-earned cash inside smoke-filled casinos (free drinks, though), you can legally waste it away online from the comfort of your bedroom. The legislation essentially means you can lose your pants without even wearing any. And over is the nightmare scenario of driving to Lost Wages in your $20,000 car and returning on a $500,000 Greyhound bus.

States across the union are mulling gaming legislation to bolster their coffers following a President Barack Obama administration opinion that generally authorized online gambling. New Jersey is expected to approve online gaming perhaps as early as next week and become the second state to do so.