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Brickbat: Silencing Guns


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A teacher at Denton High School in Texas asked students to write a report demonstrating different sentence structures. They could write about anything they wanted, said Dewey Christian. But when Marshall Williams turned in a report on attending a gun show in Fort Worth, Christian said he was giving him a zero because of the topic. A spokesman for the school district told local media that, after the boy's mother complained, the teacher accepted the paper and apologized to Williams.

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  1. That this happened in Texas is bad enough, but?.

    Education and their unions want two things in their “learners” these days:

    1. Whenever you hear the word gun, you are to immediately piss your pants.

    2. If you ever see a gun, after crapping your pants, begin yelling “Mr. Pawiceman?Mr. Pawiceman?come save me!”

    Land of the free and home of the brave? What a laugh line that has become.

    1. Since it was Texas, they reversed course – were this IL or NY, the kid would have been expelled…

  2. We talked about this four days ago.

    Obviously, Mr. Oliver doesn’t read the comments of his posts.

  3. Why doesn’t the kid just write a paper about raping someone or killing off all the minorities while he’s at it? Boot his little Nazi ass out of school, I say.

  4. But, but, our public school teachers are HEROES.

  5. after the boy’s mother complained, the teacher accepted the paper and apologized

    Probably ’cause Mom flashed her S&W at the meeting.

    1. I looks like the mom hasn’t been gunned down by police yet, so clearly that didn’t happen.

  6. Maybe I’ll take a year off and teach. I’d really like to know what its like to work in an environment where I feel secure that I can do whatever I want and expect to get away with it.

    Did she really think this wasn’t going to end with her apologizing and giving the student the grade he was due?

    1. Do you have an education degree?

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    1. I can totes see this happening.

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