Justin Amash

Justin Amash, Libertarian-Leaning Congressman, Rumored to Be Mulling 2014 Senate Run


National Review says that Michigan Republican sources tell them Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), the second-termer endorsed by Ron Paul who does a very good job holding down the hardcore libertarian fort in Congress, might try to decamp to the Senate next year:

"People are asking him to look at it, and he hasn't closed the door," says a Republican operative familiar with Michigan politics. "If [incumbent Democrat Carl] Levin steps down, I think he's going to run."

Several libertarian activists say the 32-year-old congressman is intrigued by the idea. He recently huddled with his friends and allies to express his interest.

But no decision is imminent…

Amash, a vocal critic of Speaker John Boehner and a popular presence on Twitter, is known as the libertarian bad boy of the House GOP. He was famously kicked off of the budget committee last year for his quarrels with the leadership.

Amash also voted against Boehner during the speaker election in January. Instead of backing the Ohio Republican, he cast his vote for Raul Labrador, an Idaho conservative and a fellow Republican sophomore.

Amash's consideration is alarming to Michigan Republicans, who are hoping to back a more established candidate, especially if Levin retires and the seat is open.

Amash, as a youthful conservative with a national following, would be a force in a primary. Many Ron Paul supporters see him as a libertarian leader for a new generation.

Roll Call says it has not yet been able to get Amash office verification.

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I helped introduce Amash's self-consciously libertarian ways to the many readers of the Sunday New York Times this weekend.