Christopher Dorner

Police Intent Questioned in Fire that Ended Dorner Case

Did they set out to kill?


California police officers may have deliberately burnt down the mountain cabin where the fugitive killer Christopher Dorner was making his last stand, according to evidence from police scanners.

Footage from the KCal 9 TV station reposted on YouTube includes radio traffic from officers at the scene in the San Bernardino mountains shouting at each other to "burn this motherf*****."

And a separate recording from police scanners appeared to show a deliberate plan to burn down the cabin, with the order given to "go ahead with the plan with the burners".

"The burners are deployed and we have a fire," an officer replies moments later.

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  1. Considering they’ve spent the last week indiscriminately firing upon every pickup truck and civilian they’ve looked at, can there be any doubt that it was deliberate?

    The instant Dorner shot the first cop, two factors were immediately set in stone, (1) this was going to be one of those ultrarare instances where the LAPD actually gave a shit about finding the guilty party and (2) there would be no intention of bringing him in alive.

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