Christopher Dorner

Christopher Dorner Reportedly Killed in Big Bear, Calif.; One Deputy Killed in Gun Battle


Christopher Dorner has reportedly been sighted in Big Bear, Calif., and there's a parade of conflicting reports over a possible gun battle going on with authorities right now.

For those who want to follow live, here's ABC's live coverage.

I'm on Reason 24/7 duty right now and will work to keep posting the latest.

Some updates from our 24/7 Feed: Two San Bernardino County deputies were injured in a gun battle and the Los Angeles Times is reporting that one deputy is dead. Dorner is believed to be holed up in a cabin in Big Bear.

Update (4:22 Pacific time): San Bernardino County's sheriff has confirmed one of the deputies has been killed. ABC footage of the cabin where Dorner may be hiding shows a significant amount of smoke.

Update (5:45 Pacific time): The house Dorner is reportedly hiding in has mostly burned down. Officials are keeping mum at the moment about whether Dorner is still alive or not or even in the building.

Update (7:25 Pacific time): CBS has reported that what is believed to be Dorner's body has been recovered from the cabin. However, KTLA is saying officials with LAPD are saying they have not actually entered the burning home and have not confirmed a body.