Christopher Dorner

Christopher Dorner is a Target for Drones

Says Customs and Border Patrol spokesman


Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD cop who allegedly killed three people has been on the run, successfully evading police, for over a week. To finally track him down, it seems that law enforcement is pulling out all the stops. According to the Express, Dorner is now a target for drones, among the first ever on U.S. soil.

NEXT: $1Million Offered for Information That Leads to Capture of Christopher Dorner

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  1. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. ‘From the video, it looked like Dorner. Procedures were followed. The matter is being investigated.’

    1. It was a dog. It wasn’t a kid, it was a dog.

      (paraphrased, too lazy to look for the exact quote).

      1. It’s always the dog that gets it.

      2. Old news here, but for posterity: “Did we just kill a kid?”

        1. First I’ve seen that and I’m sorry to have joked about it.

          1. That’s sad the people in this place aren’t aware of it. But it’s one story everyone in America should hear about.

            It’s originally from a German newspaper. US new services won’t cover the story. That’s what’s even scarier.

        2. I’ve never seen that. Sick motherfuckers. Can’t even imagine the lies that are told.

  3. First they came for the trade unionists, and I said nothing….

    1. Oh yeah? Well if, they came for the police unions first we wouldn’t be getting shot in our own homes because some over zealous cop was chasing a suspect.

  4. Holy shit that was fast to go from “drone strike on American civilian out of country” to “drone anyone”.

    1. Yah, didja notice that?

      How long before they weaponize one of the domestic ones, for public safety, you know.

      1. The way the LAPD has been tossing ordnance around, I’m guessing the ones involved in this search might be.

    2. Give them an inch and they’ll take a yard.

  5. Of course they’re going to use drones. I could use a drone to spy on the Reason L.A. office if I wanted to.

  6. Yeah, I’m not hot on domestic drones but there is a difference between using drones for surveillance (and I highly highly doubt this is the first time for that) and using drones to bomb people, which I don’t think they are doing here. One can certainly argue against surveillance drones but they shouldn’t be conflated with murderdrones.

    1. “One can certainly argue against surveillance drones but they shouldn’t be conflated with murderdrones.”

      Pretty sure there’s a demarcation in the comments, and yes, there’s plenty to argue about s-drones.
      Let’s say they find the guy (and don’t kill him) and they also sort of just find some folks growing some dope.
      Sorry, no taker here. Do not allow the government to use them, period.

      1. I don’t mind surveillance drones (court approved and operating within parameters) looking for an armed killer hiding in the wilderness.

        A widespread manhunt in the mountains would discover some unlicensed pot farm anyways. And it would be expensive, time consuming, and more risky. Can you actually grow pot in this weather, deep in the heart of Big Bear?

  7. Doesn’t this seem like exactly the type of situation where the LAPD would be more than happy to pursue any plan that leaves the target unable to testify and throw mud at them? Shouldn’t that finally scare some people on the left?

    1. Proggies like the idea of the LAPD summarily killing scary black guys now.

    2. This is actually the fascinating thing about this case.

      People in the left seem to agree with this guy’s actions.

      While people on the right are saying “See, see, the left loves violence!”. Even though he seems to have the politics of David Frum, Peggy Noonan, and David Brooks. That is, likes Republican moderates and finds Obama dreamy.

      1. Indeed, conservatives are anti-government except when it comes to the military. Yet they love the police seemingly even more than the military.

        Even though the love isn’t reciprocated. It’s puzzling.

  8. My prediction: Dorner’s already dead. Probably shot himself and they’ll find his body next week.

    1. Hmmm. Could be. But he already shot himself accidentally when he was a recruit in the police academy, so he knows how bad it hurts to get shot….
      Pills maybe?

  9. Details on the other attempted execution of a pickup truck driver:…..hristopher
    Apparently, the Torrance Police couldn’t tell if the driver was black or white because his airbag deployed after they rammed him. They shot anyway.

  10. I commented two days ago:
    “How long will it be before we see drone assassinations on American soil?”

    Well, if you include the “Americans” I imagine it will start by taking out a “narcoterrorist” because anybody who doesn’t want to blow a commie fascist pedophile iran loving drug dealing scum into a billion bits hates ‘Merica.

    Than its a pretty simple matter to get the drug guys who actually have crossed the border.

    Than the SPLC will point out a few klu klux klanners, and what right thinking person would prevent them from being taken out?

    And viola – government extra judicial killing santioned by the US gubermint, and endorsed by the NYT.

    Limited government – we hardly knew ye…

    WELL, I was wrong. What a clever plan to introduce drones – use a “rogue” cop – why, he is sooo dangerous that we just have to take him out from the air.

    Anyone else notice how the two latina women who got shot by the police for being in a blue pickup truck is not newsworthy???? And maybe the police should be able to distinguish between men and women, two and one, small and big…I wonder if they checked the license plate before opening fire.

  11. So is it too soon to mention that Grand Theft Auto V San Andreas is coming out sometime soon? And would this be a 4 or 5 star situation. I don’t know if APCs equate to full blown tanks

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