Zero Tolerance

School May Punish Boy for Building Gun Out of Legos

But Lego swords fall apart too easily!


A mother says her 5-year-old boy was threatened with suspension after he made a gun out of Legos during an after school program.

Sheila Cruz received a written warning recently about her son from the after school staff at the Hyannis West Elementary School because he had been using toys inappropriately.

While Cruz thought her son Joseph Cardosa was just being a kid, she said school administrators called his actions a threat.

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  1. If Lego Guns are outlawed, only Outlaws will have LEGO GUNS!

  2. Remember: This boy did NOT make a gun.

    Two things that perpetuate the problem.
    1. This site’s own headline says the boy made a gun. But, he did NOT.
    2. People writing regulations put things like “appears to be a firearm” or “resembles a gun” and school officials and transportation personnel twist it to mean anything that is “merely reminiscent of a gun”, instead of something that appears to ACTUALLY BE a gun.
    Brian Curtis MD

  3. They can’t care about a lego representation about an object viewed daily on TV. The purpose is indoctrination, to teach that guns are bad and to be feared. If this whahoo group doesn’t disarm the populance, the upcoming generation shall.

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