Father of Sandy Hook Victim Wasn't Heckled at Connecticut Gun Control Hearing

Deceptive edits from MSNBC


doesn't seem like he thinks he was heckled either

A public hearing was held in Hartford, Connecticut this week on guncontrol and among the witnesses was the father of one of the victims of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook elementary. Some media outlets, most prominently MSNBC, reported he was heckled, even offering video to corroborate.  However, the clip was highly edited and the full video of the testimony shows that the father actually asked the audience "why anybody in this room needs to have one of these assault-style weapons or military weapons* or high-capacity clips." When no one answered, he used the silence as a rhetorical tool, saying "not one person can answer that question." That's when he got an answer from the audience.

MSNBC previously got into hot water for deceptively editing the 911 call George Zimmerman placed when he was following Trayvon Martin and is now "reviewing" the video.

The edited clip:

*Jacob Sullum on what is an assault weapon