Opinion: Private Medicine is the Pleasant, Affordable Option in Hong Kong

Multiple options, fewer mandates and a real market


Rather than go through the red tape and long queues associated with the public hospital system, I headed to the swifter private hospital route. It was a risky move that would most certainly mean a hefty bill if I were back at home, but here in Hong Kong I made the right decision. The visits—which occurred over a month—weren't cheap (in the end I paid close to US$2,000), but I got what I paid for, and more.

The customer service was excellent, and the waiting rooms had the feel of an upscale shopping mall. Most importantly, the doctors were top-notch not only in their knowledge and experience, but also in their attitude. In the US, physicians—overworked and overbooked—are increasingly known to have the bedside manner of a gorilla, and the average consultation is around 10 minutes.